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20+ Remarkable Dark Websites For Inspiration


When browsing different websites, how many of them do inspire or impress you and make you recommend them to others? Beautiful websites is created by its owner or designer for the sake of remembrance. It is particularly important to produce a good visualization that pulls the internet crowd.

Color is nonetheless the key aspect of web design. Always, it will appear in your mind first before reading the contents. That is the power of visualization. Color comes before image, while image comes before word.

In terms of color, we can simply categorize them into two: Colorful and Darkness. Instead of calling them as black websites, dark websites sound more classic and professional. Those dark web designs are using black as the dominant color. Firstly, some might think that it is boring compared to colorful mix and match. Yet, looking at the below showcase, you will start to realize that dark web designs turn out to be the attractive pages as well.

Besides, many adjectives can be associated with the black-color themed websites. It could be from edginess, elegance, modernity, mystery to whatever that you can match them. Actually, dark websites are not limited to black color. Dark blue, dark red and others are also them. However, this post will show out more black websites to inspire you. Remember that black is not merely a color. With different gradients, it can create a range of effects, provided that your creativity does not stuck in nowhere.

Now you are planning to give black color a try on your websites or projects. Wait a moment! You must be careful to pick up the right amount of dark color. Otherwise, the result might not up to your initial expectation. To make it really stunning, you must also carefully choose the colors for other smaller elements such as pictures, frames, words and so on. Therefore, getting dark web designs done is not an easy task.

Coloring the background in darker color, you focus your audiences’ concentration into words and pictures. That is the rule of color palette. Do make it as the contrast, for example the extreme black and white, and attract more internet traffic. Ironically, you will find the contradictory color in a harmonic way, as long as you employ them appropriately. Such a contrast can rather make up for those beautiful websites.

Hopefully that this post will boost your creative juices, and then you begin your beautiful websites in a perfect manner!

John Shammas

“I’m” in grey and “John” in white tell you which is more important.

Peter Lloyd

It is also kind of minimalism.


Like a key hole, black color focus your eyes into the hole.

Future Talent

Not necessarily only white font can be used in dark websites.


Dark web designs affect how you read a particular website.

Private Grave

You can choose any darker background. It is not restrained to the plain color.

Stjepan Tafra

Concentrate your sight to contents, rather than fancy backgrounds.


Blend your contents as part of the background, such as this hand-drawing site.

The Photo Argus

Using black color for a photography site can emphasis those photographs.

colmar brunton

Black web designs get you straight to the point also.

Jet Cooper

I believe, many cannot say no to a black website.

Lukas Mynus Kovac

Painting a little bit of white in black background is awesome!

Street Art from Bristol

Dark web designs can be out of black.

Pokki 1Up


Kyle Steed


Cleo Annex Salon

Gradient is particularly useful to present a beautiful website.

Mathieu Clauss

Choosing the right color for others in your website defines the success.

Music. Design. Inspiration

Font size is an extra effort to increase attention in a dark website.

Make your website photographs into black and white version too.


I love this idea, just as drawing your eyes into the orange and blue boxes.

iPairs HD

Without various adjectives, simple is the first word linked with dark websites.