Are you familiar with Regular Expression? Regular Expression is very powerful for developers who always deal with string processing. For example, you can use Regular Expression to find matches email, validate email address, validate password, find URL within a string and much more.

Although Regular Expression is very powerful, but it is hard to learn, especially for beginner. Luckily, with an online tool called RegExr, you can test Regular Expression online, and visualize the result in real-time environment.

RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool

If you are new to Regular Expression, this online tool may be a good place for you to get started. The Samples tab at sidebar provides a lot of snippets with description. Furthermore, the Community tab listed down all Regular Expression samples and snippets created by developers around the world.

Although RegExr may not as powerful as your desktop Regular Expression tools, but RegExr is web based, which mean you can access this tool as long as you have internet connection. So i would recommend developers to bookmark this online tool and access it whenever you need.