In a bid to boost up your website’s presence in the search engine result page you might as well be still adhering to conventional norms of keyword stuffing, link building within content etc. On the other hand your Social Media team is remaining blissfully segregated from the SEO team — both resorting to different ways for improving site ranking.

Social Media and SEO

However please remember that this is something that cannot be continued for long as the rightful integration of SEO and SM is the order of the day. There is no doubt that your Social Media team will be aware of the latest trends in search engine optimization but make sure that your SEO team is also equally aware of the latest changes in Social Media. The reason behind this is that your visibility on the SM platform plays a key role in determining the fate of your brand in the market. Your Social Media manager should have the kind of content that duly befits the quality of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

How does Social Media affect SEO?

As already mentioned, sites like Facebook, Google + and Twitter will leverage your sites in a major way by bringing it to the notice of bigwigs and regular users out there. Let us learn more on that:

Generation of inbound links:

It is something that can be properly leveraged by the proper utilization of your Social Media presence. As you are well on your way to consolidate your SM presence you should apply due techniques to induce third party websites to offer site visitors a link to your website. The entire phenomenon is based on a two way working process whereby you have to come up with impressive SEO friendly content ( here it means less keyword stuffing, perhaps the use of Latent Semantic Indexing as a substitute to keyword stuffing etc) that will actually catch the attention of third party website owners, who in turn will provide users with the link to your site thereby bringing in more traffic.

Can any of these two survive without each other?

The only answer to this question would be an emphatic “no”. The reasons for the same are listed below:

  • No matter howsoever the SM trends keep on changing with every passing year, one paradigm that will continue to act as the basis of all the changes is that “Content is King”—- so there are not many chances that it is going to change in the near future
  • On the other hand there are little chances of your brand etching out the desired niche in the market without you maintaining a proper Social Media profile, for the reasons already mentioned above.

Word of Advice

Social Media Management:

  • Make sure that the contents are properly endorsed on the platforms like Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, Facebook etc
  • Normally posting links in an automated manner without generating due engagement will not suffice
  • Step up your Social Media engagement levels
  • There should be thorough supervision of your profiles from time to time
  • Throw up questions, respond to questions without delay.
  • Work towards humanizing your brand in a major way. Try out innovative ways to promote content
  • If you make mistakes on these networking sites, make sure that you are apologizing for the same– it is really not wise to delete erroneous posts regarding your content and act snooty
  • Make sure you use more search friendly has tags (for Twitter).
  • Keyword stuffing is something that brand owners are steering clear of as it damages viral growth rate in Facebook in a major way
  • Create Social Media friendly content to boost search optimization

Educate yourself

It will be prudent on your part to educate yourself duly on the latest Social Media trends. Soon there will be a time when your content will be primarily driven by the SM demands. Make sure that both your teams are working at tandem to produce desired results for your website. Explore further possibilities of the blend of Social and Search. Thus you are set for a good deal ahead.