CRE Loaded has come a long way since it first came out as an offspring of the osCommerce shopping cart software. It did make use of some of the key features in osCommerce, those that were reviewed as helpful and are efficient. Aside from this, it also incorporated much, much more thus making it way, way ahead than its predecessor.

The CRE loaded shopping cart software makes use of a language system that supports many languages. Thus, it is very friendly even to non-users of the English language. Most users are also very picky when it comes to the template system that a shopping cart system uses, and with CRE Loaded, you do not have to worry because their template systems are very graphic. The software is also very well-supported, so you  can expect for much updating for upgrades and a lot of support for troubleshooting when troubleshooting issues arise.

The shopping cart software, CRE Loaded, also has shopping cart migration services. It allows users to migrate products, product attributes, images and categories, orders, order status, customers and their images, currencies that can be used in the payment and manufacturers of the products.

The shopping cart software has earned a reputation of being stable and very usable for both medium scale and small scale online businesses. What makes CRE Loaded much efficient is the fact that it has been developed by many developers all over the world. That’s like thousands of ideas and experiences in using shopping cart software put together. All of the disappointments they got in various shopping cart software through time they used to make CRE Loaded software very stable and secure. Aside from this, they have also added all of the advantages they know that shopping cart software should have and this resulted to the development of features that are very useful to users.

More than this, CRE Loaded provides what most users need – quality and dependability. What users are looking for in shopping cart software solutions that makes shopping for the customers and admin easier? And that’s what CRE Loaded actually provides.