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10 Great Domain Tools To Help You In Domain Search

When you start a website, everyone talks about finding a domain name.  But, going straight to Godaddy or some domain buyer does not help if the name you want is taken.  Domain registrars are not very good at giving creative options to a particular word.  That is why we have listed 10 good domain tools to help you get the best domain for your site.

1. Domains Bot

Domains Bot searches all the big top domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us), lists those that are taken (with option to backorder), and gives you various suggestions on your typed in choice.  Takes a while to load the page, but is worth it.
domains bot

2. Squurl

Squurl is a simple domain searcher. It searches .com, .net and .org domain extensions.  The fun with it is that you can also create tiny urls (not helpful when finding a domain).

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

3a. Domain Tools

Domain Tools owns the popular whois database for researching the owner of a domain.  It also gives you a list of the taken names using the top extension but the options for various keyword combinations is a bit bizzare.  Don’t rely on them to give you great alternatives.
domain tools

3b. Domain Suggestions at DomainTools

This is a way better search tool from DT.  This gives you much better alternatives and keyword combinations for your name.   Okay some of the options for “San Francisco” were not so hot; ‘mein francisco, ‘alle francisco’?  It did not understand that San Francisco is a city noot random keywords, a flaw in their algorithm. But, otherwise good for standard searches.
domain suggestions from domain tools

4. Domai.nr

Yes, find a happy ending for your domain with Domainr.  They do a great job of giving domain hack variations for a given name.  I used my name and found not only were .org and .net available but also received various hacks: evavesp.er, eva.ve/sper.  I would not choose the latter since it will cause so much trouble managing folders and trying to get people to understand the domain spelling.

5. Namebio

Namebio is a place for domain names that are already on sale.  A good place to see if the name you want is affordable

6. Xona

Xona has nothing to with domain names but they did create another domain hack searcher.  You can see below some of the choices given when trying webhostingsearch.  A good place if you are interested in buying a domain hack but not good if you just want a .com, .net, or popular domain extension
xona.com domain hacks

7. Internet Archive

The Way Back Machine is the public internet archive.  While they have not captured every site in existence, you can always try finding out what your domain was before you bought it, if it ever existed.  It also takes six months to collect and then publish the page in the archives, hence why many pages are left out.
internet archive

8. Bust a Name

Bustaname is one of the best tools for searching by keywords.  I keep adding keywords into the list until domain variations popped up.  You can also sorts lists by length, number of syllabes, quality (readability), and alphabetically.  And you can save the list too.
bust a name

9. WHS Domain Search

With domains, most likely a hosting plan is needed.  The WHS domain searcher checks the top domain extension and also lists variations (some are great, others just plain weird).  It is displayed in a clean and friendly chart though.
domain search from webhistingsearch.com

10. Domain Search

A super 1999 looking site, Domain Search is an advanced search site as you can search for “popular” or choose your own country extensions.  You do not get keyword variations but this is another good starter site that goes through all extensions.
domain search

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

This list should get you on the roll with finding a good domain.  There is a lot more than just picking out a name, but here we presume you have already done some research on the name you want.  Now you just need to find some pretty combination.

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