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12 Useful Facebook WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. There are a lot of information exchanges happen daily through Facebook. So, some serious bloggers start paying their attention on Facebook and threat it as a medium to promote and share stuffs with their friends.

If you are a WordPress user and looking for WordPress plugin to connect, integrate or share stuffs with Facebook, then you had came to the right place. Today, we are going to look into 12 useful WordPress Plugins for you to work with your Facebook account.

1. Add To Facebook

Add To Facebook is a simple plugin which will add a link at the bottom of the current article, so that your readers can easily share the article with their friends on Facebook.


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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

2. Facebook Dashboard Widget

This powerful plugin uses WordPress widget function to pull and display your Facebook friends status, your posted items and notifications at your WordPress admin dashboard. By using this method, you can read these updates without logging to your Facebook accounts.

3. JanRain RPX

JanRain RPX WordPress plugin allows your site to accept logins via various methods, including Facebook Connect, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpaceID, AOL, Windows Live ID and OpenID. After installing this plugin, your users can sign-in and commenting to your blog through these providers and have the providers icons beside the commenters.

4. Facebook Posted Items

Facebook Posted Items plugin allows you to display posted items from Facebook on your blogs. The fetched post items are in unordered list and you can style them easily. The plugin page shows you how to get the link for your Facebook posted items.

5. Wordbook

Wordbook allows wordpress users to publish blog updates to their Facebook’s profile mini-feed. To use this plugin, you need to link your WordPress blog with your Facebook account.

6. Facebook/Twitter Status Updater

This plugin wil automatically updates the Facebook status/ Fan Page Wall/ Group Page Wall/ Twitter when you publish any new post.

7. Gigya Socialize

Gigya allows you to authenticate users through Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and AOL. Beside this, you can update your social networking sites within your blog and invite your friends to visit your blog through this plugin. Upon activation, just go to Gigya website and get your API and Scret Keys to use this plugin.

8. WP-FacebookConnect

WP-FacebookConnect adds Facebook functionality to WordPress using the Facebook Connect APIs. It allows single-signon with your Facebook account, publish comments to the newsfeed, and use Facebook profile pictures as comment avatars.

9. QuailPress

QuailPress allow you to add a button so that your readers can easily share your stories on their Facebook account.

10. Fotobook

Fotobook lets WordPress users to link to their Facebook accounts and import photos so that they can use these photos in their blog posts. With this plugin, users can import photos from multiple Facebook account and display these photo albums at the sidebar. It has an easy-to0use ajax photo albums management panel too. Note: This plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 2.8.

11. Facebook Fan box

This plugin lets Facebook users to add a Fan Box to their blog. The Fan Box will be displayed as a sidebar widget. To use this plugin, simply create a fan page at Facebook, get your unique API Key and Profile Id and you are done!

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

12. Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

This plugin will generate a separate feed for Facebook. If you don’t like how Facebook handles your blog feed, then you can use this plugin to generate excerpts only feed for Facebook.

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