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30+ Easy To Follow Photoshop Layout Design Tutorials

Photoshop is an excellent application for web designers. No matter you are beginner of expert of Photoshop, you can easily get tutorials and resources by using the search engine.

Most of the theme developers/designers will done their web site design using Photoshop and then slice and convert them into CSS/HTML template. Here, i had collected 30+ easy to follow Photoshop layout design tutorials. You can follow them step by step to learn how to create a website layout design by using Photoshop.

1. Carbon Fiber Layout

Carbon Fiber Layout

2. Business WordPress PSD Layout

Business WordPress PSD

3. Watercolored Background Web Portfolio Design

Watercolored Background Portfolio Design

4. Clean and Colorful Web Layout

Clean And Colorful Web Layout

5. Creative Studio Web Page

Creative Studio Web Page

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

6. Dark Portfolio Pixel Layout

Dark Portfolio Pixel Layout

7. Awesome Portfolio Layout

Awesome Portfolio Layout

8. Create A Clean Blog Theme In Photoshop

Clean Blog Theme

9. Design A Creative Unusual Layout

Creative Unusual Layout

10. Design a Layout for a Non-Profit Organization in Photoshop

Design a Layout for a Non-Profit Organization

11. Professional Looking Design Studio Web Page Layout

Professional Looking Design Studio Layout

12. Graphic Design Studio Web Layout

Graphic Design Studio Web Layout

13. Design a premium WordPress blog with Photoshop

Premium WordPress Blog With Photoshop

14. Website Gallery Layout Design

Website Gallery Layout Design

15. How to Create a “Worn Paper” Web Layout Using Photoshop


16. Design an awesome colorful layout

Awesome Colorful Layout

17. Design Studio Layout

Design Studio Layout

18. Freelance Portfolio Design

Freelancer Portfolio Design

19. Design a trendy business & finance layout

Trendy Business Finance Layout

20. GreenPress WordPress Theme Design


21. Design a Web Template using the “960 Grid System”


22. Design a realistic website layout in photoshop

Realistic Website Layout

23. Create a Vibrant Modern Blog Design in Photoshop


24. Create a Sleek, High-End Web Design from Scratch


25. How to Create an Illustrative Web Design in Photoshop

Illustrative Web Design

26. How to Create a Stunning Grunge Portfolio


27. How to Design a Web 2.0 Website Template-Seller Photoshop Mockup


28. Chocolate Pro WordPress Style Layout

Chocolate Pro WordPress Style Layout

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

29. Web 2.0 photoshop layout tutorial

Web 2.0 Photoshop Layout Tutorial

30. Portfolio Gallery Layout

Portfolio Gallery Layout

31. Photoshop tutorial to design a clean business layout

Clean Business Layout

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