45+ Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop

When was the last time you changed desktop wallpaper? Desktop wallpaper is so cool to symbolize mood and feeling. Some often changes their desktop wallpaper, almost on a daily basis, while some will not change their desktop wallpaper. After introducing few rounds of wallpaper themes, this time we are going to bring you to dual screen wallpapers which will spice up your desktop.

Today, many people own their individual work spaces. Other than offices, dual monitors has been widely adopted in home. However, it is usually for web developers or designers. Dual monitors are really handy when you have to work on several projects or open a number of browsers. Furthermore, they let you to separate everything in more organized and efficient manner. That’s why those people opt for dual monitors instead of a single monitor screen.

You even can set up it until 3 or more monitors. One of the reasons is also the dropping price of LCD monitors. Therefore, go for a desktop monitor is an economical and effective way to achieve what you want. Of course, the popularity of graphic design and web development is increasing rapidly each year.

There are vast array of dual monitor wallpapers which can be searched and downloadable through net. It is not a problem if you want to change it too as the common wallpapers. Multi monitor wallpaper is mostly related to nature landscape, photography, or fantasy. It is pretty amazing and gorgeous. Cool-looking dual screen wallpapers are, in fact, how to make your personal desktop outstanding and different among others. You can capture someone’s mind when he or she is looking at your dual monitor wallpapers. Besides, multi monitor wallpaper can inspire and improve your creative ideas too if you are a designer from whatever sectors.

When using dual monitors, you might wonder how to make the most out of them. It is very easy. You can get yourself a few of dual monitor wallpapers which can allow you to change whenever you want to change your mood. It is not something cool when a normal wallpaper stretches across two monitor screens. Thus, pick up the dual monitor wallpapers of the right size is important.

End this post with a showcase of 45+ beautiful dual screen wallpapers. It will be something that really spice up your desktop sooner or later when you put the multi monitor wallpaper on your desktop. Feel free to save it when you see your favorite multi monitor wallpaper!

Futuristic city

Dual monitor wallpaper is similar as taking picture using wide lens.

The next morning

A sunrise starts your day with dual monitors.

Homeworld space scene

Planet world will also be quite cool on your monitors.

Mandolux lantern

Photography is the best medium to be your wallpaper.

Close up of lady bug on leaf

Lady bug on the green leaf is catching your mind.

Stream ending into the ocean

Nature landscape, nonetheless, is the best wallpaper.

City at night

A real city is pretty amazing too.

Dual Neurons

If you are related to biology or medical, it should be on your desktop.

Country waterfall

Pick up the best masterpiece to be wallpaper, among your photography works.

House built between the mountains

It is common if without the sky.

City of Light

From high angle, the city is well captured for your wallpaper.

Bridge Over Water

Bridge with light reflections is also a choice for wallpapers.

Mushrooms In The Morning

It looks as drawing, yet a photo too.

beauty and the beast

As the title, this scene is precious to make you think of putting it on dual monitors.

there is still hope

The little green is symbolizing a hope to start your working day.

serene lake afternoon

Reflection on a serene lake is superb.

sharp Matterhorn, Valais, Switzerland

Feel the chill and calm your mind.

me, alone

This wallpaper has a very unique composition.

stratosphere jelly fish

It is so unbelievable and only exists in wallpaper.

God’s peak

It tempts you to climb up to the snowy mountain.

rocky falls

When a photo can be so real, it is the best to be your wallpaper.

quiet evening

For me, I still like to have macro photography as this to be my wallpaper.

foggy mountains

Will you opt for nature scenery as your wallpaper, such as this?

nostromo -dual-screen version-

You should have different version of wallpapers for your dual monitors.


The light is so remarkable.

WotLK Dual Screen Wallpapers

It looks cool, doesn’t it?


This wallpaper is so nice to spread over two monitors.

Super Mario Galaxy Wallpaper

Super Mario is everyone’s childhood.

Flying Corn

Color plays an important role in a beautiful wallpaper.

Dead Space 2

I think, it is for who loves to enjoy playing games.

Arrow Explosion

Randomly, few errors make up a good composition with nice color palette.

Towers Flowers

Abstract without a particular theme is so random and incredible.

Moraine Lake

Wallpaper can be a breathtaking design too.

Planet Rings

If you love to explore the planet world, it is yours.

Face It

It, somehow, looks like the Stonehenge in England.


A deserted landscape is not bad though.

Fuji Choko

Who is the fans of this character, Fuji Choko?

Howl’s Moving Castle

Digital animation always turns itself to the wallpaper theme too.

A Dreamy World

How good if you were there when you stare at the wallpaper?

A Dreamy World 2

Stare at your dual monitors and feel the breathtaking.

A Dreamy World 3

With the clear blue sky and green in background, it gives you a new mind.

A Dreamy World 4

It is truly a dream world with a big moon.

Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

When it is on your dual monitors, you will feel like it is in front of you.

Magnolia blossoms, Princeton University

A flower picture gives you a break when you close your browser and look at your screen.

Prospect garden, Princeton University

Now you can relax in a “garden”.

Princeton woods, New Jersey

Green is good for eyes.

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