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7 Steps to the Office Environment of Your Dreams



A major part of a person’s life is spent at work and in their office, and offices are usually considered a person’s home away from home. This means that the type of environment that he or she works in will have an enormous impact on their life, job satisfaction, and stress level. There are a few basic changes that can be done in any office to make a better environment for all employees. Apply these seven tips to your own office and bear the fruits of the improved environs of your workspace.

1. Boost employee morale: Employees will be happier in their jobs and more satisfied when management takes an initiative to boost morale and create a positive environment. Good behavior and productivity should be rewarded. All employees like recognition for their work and a job well done, and this will show them that they are appreciated. Even something small like bringing in bagels or donuts in the morning will show subordinates or other coworkers that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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2. Create a comfortable work space: Offices come in many different shapes and sizes. A worker should take time to arrange the furniture in their office to make the best use of their space, regardless of how large or small it might be. A person’s office chair should be comfortable and provide for proper posture. An office should also have adequate lighting, so the employee can see well when working. Decorations and things from home could also be brought in to make a more comfortable space. This could include pictures of loved ones or pets to remind the worker of home, but they should not include corny motivational posters. All of these comforts could help to reduce some stress in the daily lives of workers.

Go Green

Go Green

3. Go green: Living green will make people feel a sense of satisfaction in that they are helping the environment. Some basic steps to conserve energy in the office are to turn off lights when not in use, shut off computers every night, unplug unused items, and to turn the heating and air conditioning down when no one is in the office. These steps will also cause utility bills to be lower, which will create less financial stress on the boss of the company.

Bigger green projects are also an option to make an office environment more comfortable. Recycling bins can be placed at key locations for employees to use, and posters can be placed by the receptacles to explain which items can and cannot be recycled. Employers can also be sure to stock their kitchen with silverware, plates, and glasses for lunch breaks. This will cut down on the number of paper cups, plates, water bottles, and plastic ware that are used.

4. Get organized: Employees should organize their office in a way that they understand regardless of how other workers may organize their work. This will help them to become more comfortable in their space. It will also reduce unneeded stress that comes with not knowing where things are and searching for them.

5. Update technology: Employees may feel frustrated by slow computers and outdated software. Employers need to ensure that their employees are using high-quality products. If employees work from home, the proper technology must also support these virtual locations. It is also beneficial for systems to allow access to files anytime and anywhere, as this creates a sense of flexibility in the workplace.

Add Plants

Add Plants

6. Add plants: Plants have many benefits for an office setting. First, they brighten up dull spaces and given them life. They also release oxygen which can clean the air in the office and reduce the amount of dust pollution. Plants are also essential for an office because they alleviate allergies to toxic fumes that are common in the work place, such as office cleaning products. This helps to lower sickness rates, which can lower rates of absenteeism at work. Plants are also practical because they can help to reduce noise, provide shade, and act as partitions or barriers.

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7. Make the office look welcoming: This requires the office to be opened up a bit so that the reception area does not look daunting. A small, lower desk for the receptionist will look more personable and approachable. Chairs in the reception area should also be scattered in informal groups so as to not look too cold. Additionally, partitions that divide desks that are not entirely necessary should be removed. Many studies have shown that dividing all employees into cubes does not increase work productivity. A work area that is open and those that have clear views of the others help to encourage performance.

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