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8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers

Font plays a very important role in our blog. If your blog design’s uses special font type that doesn’t exist in most readers’ machine, then you are bringing trouble to yourself.

Back to few years ago, the only solution is replace the text with image. But this is not a good solution, as search engine can’t read image. Various solutions came out, such as sIFR and FLIR. In order to implement these techniques, you may need some programming skills. However, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that make implementing them easier.

Today, we are going to look into some WordPress font plugins that make implementing various image replacement techniques easier. We hope readers who don’t really familiar with programming will benefit from this series of font plugins.

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress


WP sIFR was created for easier embedding custom fonts to a wordpress site. What you need to do is upload the SWF font files to the correct location, activate and configure its style.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 1

Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR)

Facelift Image Replacement is an image replacement script that generates image representations of text. It is an alternative to sIFR. This plugin implements FLIR and configuration can be done from WordPress Admin Panel. Several fonts are included by default and adding fonts are allowed through uploading to the “/facelift/fonts” folder.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 2


Cufon is yet another image replacement technique and WP-Cufon makes implementing this technology into your blog absolutely breeze. To use this plugin, simply go to Cufon site and generate your font file, place it under “wp-content/plugins/fonts” directory and you are ready to go.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 3


TextImage is a really simple plugin to display your post text as a PNG image. Any text enclosed between and will be rendered as an image and cannot be read by most robots and filters. Some users use this technique to “hide” the content from search engine.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 4

Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit offers a service that allows you to select hundreds of high quality fonts for your website. The fonts are applied using the font-face standard, so they are standards compliant, fully licensed and accessible. This plugin allows users to use Typekit feature without modify the original theme. Signup with Typekit is required and this plugin works for both Wordpres and WordPress MU platform.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 5


Any truetype and opentype font is supported. The plugin supports both PHP4@GD or PHP5 & Imagick or GD. Before start using AnyFont plugin, please upload your font and create a new style for it. All these can be done through WordPress admin panel.

Font Burner Control Panel

With this plugin, you are able to add more than 1000 free fonts available on FontBurner website( This plugin is for users who want to have nice typography but are not familiar with Flash or image replacement techniques.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 6

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

All in One Cufon

This is an alternative plugin that implement Cufon technology into your WordPress blog. It is able to automatic detects uploaded font files and offers a preview for it.
8 Handy WordPress Plugins For Font Lovers 7

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