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10 Best Free WordPress Theme to Start your Business Site

Getting a best WordPress theme for free is not easy. You have to do research and find the best one for you.

The main problem is most of the free WordPress themes are not good. This is the hard truth.


There are many free WordPress themes out there. They have awesome design and very responsive.

You have to spend a lot of time to find them on your own.

“Feeling dizzy?”

No worries. We have done the research for you and listed 20 of the best WordPress theme here.

You can simply read the descriptions for each of them to know which one is suitable for you.

These themes have many options like those premium themes.

Before going to this article, I have told one more thing. These themes are optimized for fast loading.


You should have best managed WordPress hosting to keep it fast.

Let us dive into the list.

1. Newsmag Lite (Suitable for bloggers)

Newsmag Lite

This is one of the best themes for people who want to use a theme for many purposes. But, it is most suitable for people who want to start a big blog with a lot of content.

The specialty of the theme is you can insert your ad banners in all areas of the blog in this theme. It will support the ad banners well.

If you are having Adsense, then it can work with this theme very well. All the Menus are customizable.

This theme comes with social media icons by default. It is available on the Home page as well as other pages.

These social media buttons are not available in many of the free themes.


2. Astrid (Best Free Theme for small-scale business)


This is the best looking theme which has premium theme look. If you are a business and want to have an attractive design, then go for this theme.

This theme has everything you need for your online presence. The best thing is that this itself has a design which has the ability to convert most of your visitors.

The theme gives you better space and position to showcase your business logo. It has a good space to showcase your service to all other people.

With these space, you can give a short intro about your service and add an icon on the top of that small description to represent your services visually.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

In that about us section, you can add a short intro about your business and you can show the abilities to of your company in various fields.

However, I recommend you to remove those self-evaluation bars and replace it with awesome images.

Here in the Fact section, you can showcase your achievements.

Initially, you should not add this section in the site. Because, in the initial stage, you will have nothing to showcase.

After some client acquisition, you can add this section. Numbers always works well. So, it will help you in getting more conversion.

Team section is another best thing. It will help you showcase who are all behind the company. People always more engaged in conversation when they know a little bit about whom they are talking with.

You can take advantage of it.

You can add the best short bio to introduce your team to the world.

You can have a look at the few other sections there. Filling them with appropriate detail and data will help you gain more trust and conversion for your business.


3) Talon


This theme can be used as an alternative theme for Astrid. If you are looking some extra space to showcase your company details, then you can use this theme instead of Astrid.

The theme will satisfy people who need more customization. You can do color and layout customization. The current design itself is perfect to use.

Talon has all the section same as Astrid but with the different name. The font style and spaces in the layout make the sites look more professional.

If you want to sell something online from the site, then you have to customize this design more and add few extra setup requirements to make it suitable for online purchase.

The theme has the separate page for the team. If you want to showcase many people working in your organization, you have to prioritize people and then list them.

By default, the theme gives the option to link to the social media profile of the employees. It makes way for people to follow the companies main person on social media.

This leads to the connection between the company and leads.

Another section is Latest Projects. Here you can categorize and list all of the latest projects you are working on.

If you list projects which are similar to the visitor’s expectation, then they likely to be converted.

In the recent news section, you can display all your latest blog posts.

There is a separate page for service is available. You can describe more about your service there on the page.


4) Zerif Lite (Online Store)

Zerif Lite
This is the best free theme available in the market for people who are looking to start an online store. It has all the option to setup a very good store.

The Zerif theme can be customized more. This theme has the best home page design which you can customize it anyway according to your requirement.

Generally, many online stores do not have a home page which is similar to some other company websites.

The Home page of Zerif has few sections like Features, about us, team, testimonials and featured post section at the bottom.

The theme comes with video tutorials which will explain how to setup the Zerif lite theme in WordPress and customize it for the further use.

You have customized the contact us section at the bottom. It is recommended to keep the contact us section separately from the home page.

You can setup the custom background. It is the responsive theme and it can be optimized for the SEO.

Just have a look at the theme, you will love it. The highlight is that you get this theme for free. It will have many options which are only available in premium themes.

Follow their tutorials to know more.

5) Parallax One

Parallax One

Parallax one is simple to customize a theme. It is the free and favorite theme for many people due to its simple design.

This theme has similar sections to the Zerif Lite theme. But, in design wise, both of them have high variation.

When you set up the theme, you have to upload an image to see the parallax effect.

The home page itself customized and can work like the landing page as well. You can change the color of theme and set it to match your logo or brand color.

The parallax theme has the very large space for the team, testimonials and features.

If you are selling services other than product, this theme also has an option for that.

The theme is responsive and has the blog section. You can add free materials and do content marketing for your blog itself.

This theme has the separate contact us page. This is appreciable and reduces your burdon.

6) Moesia


If you need a company website with a good design with some effects in appearance, then go for this theme.

This theme has same sections like those previous themes we have seen here.


This theme has a lot of space for adding content blocks inside the sections. This website may seem large to scroll down and see.

However, each of the section is entirely visible on a single screen. So, you don’t need to worry about it. Even if you want to reduce the space consumption, you can do it by yourself.

This theme is colorful and attractive. If you are selling any services related to art, you can use this theme to build your website.

You can add a page and customize the menu at your end. You can add blog also.

This theme is not suitable for all common service. But, you can customize to use it.

7) ShopIsle


This is yet another fantastic free shopping theme available for WordPress. This theme is suitable for fashion products.

If you selling clothes, watches and fashion related products, you can start building your site using this theme.

The theme home page features products, unlike the previous theme we have seen on the list. This is the big advantage for you.

If someone is landing your site, he can directly see those interesting featured products. You can directly take them to the sale page right away.

The theme comes with the contact page, about and contact pages. It also has the blog.

You can promote new offers on the home page by adding the images of the products with offers.

This will help you to showcase your hot deals to people and convert them asap.

Other than that, you can setup the widget to show latest products or hot selling products.

The blog is something that you have to customize.

The search options help people to find the specific product in the specific category. Also, the cart icon on the right top will show how many products have been added to the cart.

It will help the visitor to do the fast checkout.

8) Newspaper


Some aspiring authors always dream to start a magazine or review website.

If you are one of these bloggers then the WordPress has a wonderful theme for you.

Its name is Newspaper Theme.

The Newspaper theme allows you to build pages, and to add headers, menus without switching to the backend

You will love the unique demos, integrated translations and intelligent ads system which comes with this theme.

And guess what?

Again you don’t require any coding skills for this theme as well.

Now the latest version Newspaper 8 is available in the market which makes your experience even better with its unlimited design possibilities and high loading page speed.

When it comes to mobile-friendly ads the Newspaper theme is the best option you can go for.

9) Parlour


If you are looking for a WordPress theme which is mainly designed based on the needs of Women then You will be thrilled with this WordPress theme.

Parlour. Yes, you got it right.

It has the ability to attract each and every woman on this planet to make a visit to your website.

It is flexible, it is fast and it is efficient.

You may ask. What if you want a theme which is ready for business and helps you make money from your site.

Will Parlour fulfill your wishes?

The answer is yes.

An author always wants a user-friendly and instantaneous page builder.

You will get it with an intuitive-clean interface and its responsive layout makes it adaptable for any device.

The plus point is it will work as a smartphone app.

Being an owner of a business you want to build a strong relationship with your customers.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

You get a custom service and a custom assistant plugins which help you manage the services you offer to your customers.

10) Education WP

Education WP

The time has changed as the Education-System has seen a multi-layers revolution after computers took over the control of everything around us.

If you are creating a website to promote your school, university or want to provide online courses to millions of students across the world.

Your intention is to serve your people and play a role in a better future of the world.

Then Education WP will help you on your mission.

With this theme, you don’t need to pay to web designers and the content of your website will be easily accessible for students on their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Education WP uses the LearnPress which is the most suitable learning management system on WordPress.

With the help of modern search boxes your readers can find out their desires researches instantly and you can display various quizzes and courses easily.


We have listed the best free themes for business and shopping. The themes listed here are highly customizable and optimized for seo.

All these themes are available for free.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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