35+ Beautiful iPhone 4S Wallpapers

Similar as desktop wallpaper, iPhone 4s wallpapers can be changed to bring a little extraordinary to your life. This post will be going to be your favorite soon as it recommends to you some beautiful iPhone 4s wallpapers. Sure, you have to be the tech-savvy person who owns an iPhone and wishes to have some hands-on retina display wallpapers to make changes whenever you want and whatever your mood.

iPhone 4s launched in October 2011 with faster dual-core A5 chip, 8MP camera, 1080p HD video. It is really the most amazing iPhone before iPhone 5 in this year. Such a high-tech smartphone should match with high-definition retina display wallpapers too. It just can be called as the perfect match, in order to make your iPhone retina display more beautiful to look at.

Accessorizing and personalizing your own belongings is the representation of your personality. Besides, when all people are holding iPhones on their palms, it prompts you to do something special to differentiate and stand out from the rest. Doubtless to say, changing wallpaper is one of the easiest methods to customize your phone device. Your mobile gadget is waiting you to decorate it, enhance its look, make it more stylish and not look like being abandoned aside.

You should not download the previous version of iPhone wallpapers which will not look good on it. Yet, there is no difference between iPhone 4s wallpapers and iPhone 4 wallpapers. They are similarly gorgeous and suitable to fit on your either iPhone type. As long as they are retina display wallpapers with better resolution, they are just right for you. The appropriate resolution for your iPhone should be 640×960 pixel. Do take note and remember the figure. It is particularly important for you to enjoy the nice screen view.

Furthermore, you should not waste it – the best display screen iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s offers to you. The retina display screen is the best to combine resolution, color and size for presenting your iPhone 4s wallpapers or iPhone 4 wallpapers. It also changes the reading experience on mobile. Later, when you are browsing the wallpaper collection, give them a mouse click to view in full size and then save them for future use.

Either iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 wallpapers, they can be for your “Lock Screen” or work behind your Home Screen. To make it comfortable, the retina display wallpapers that are put behind your Home Screen should be clear and minimal. Nowadays, people provide a wide range of wallpaper categories to let you choose, from abstract, anime, celebrities, festivals, movies to many others that you can think of. You can even create your personalized retina display wallpapers or put your self-captured photo as the wallpaper.

Apple Circuit Board
Now you can know what is inside your Apple.

Mountain Lake
Landscape photography is always one of the beautiful wallpapers.

Black And White Bridge
Pick up your masterpiece to become your wallpaper. If don’t have, then save this one!

Bridge To Island
Looking at an island on your phone will tempt you to have a vacation.

Abstract Lines
Some people will prefer to look at some abstract images.

Amazon Box Robot
Danbo could be on your iPhone too.

Despicable Me Minions
Anything could be the wallpaper, including those cute yellow creatures.

Paradise Island
When you want to relax, unlock your iPhone and look at this.

City Bridge
Dark wallpaper is a good choice, either man or woman.

Tea Cup
This kind of simple wallpaper is suitable to put on your Home Screen.

Tron Bike
Famous movies will sooner or later become wallpapers for your iPhone.

Blue Abstract Swirls
Abstract wallpaper is another good choice for your Home Screen.

Super Mario
Putting those cute characters as your wallpaper will make you happy when you see them.

Panda Bear
Will you like to have animal pictures as the wallpaper such as this panda bear?

Street In Japan
Wherever you travel to, do capture down the place and immediately make it as the wallpaper.

Girl With Gun
This sexy and strong girl is supposed to be the favorite one for men.

White Apple Logo
Let the Apple logo be its wallpaper.

Bumble Bee Transformer
Other than transformer, what hero do you like to see everyday?

Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset
It really will prompt you to book a flight ticket.

Unreal Tournament 2003
This type of wallpaper will be downloaded mostly by guys, rather than girls.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots
This scene is pretty cool to be the wallpaper.

Ridge Racer Unbounded
This wallpaper also makes people feel cool and energetic.

Battlefield 1942
It is so amazing, no matter it is a wallpaper or photo.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
If you like the Warcraft, you must have this wallpaper.

Modern Warfare 3
Allow a handsome guy in front of you everyday, through your iPhone wallpaper.

Flowers and Butterfly
Depth of field creates a serene wallpaper.

Android Magic
Black iPhone wallpaper matches with your black iPhone or makes a contrast with your white iPhone.

Final Fantasy xiii
Are you a fans of Final Fantasy?

Amazing Fantasy
It seems like drawing on your iPhone screen.

Day After Tomorrow
Feel the coolness.

Abstract Garbage
Without a purpose, simply mix and match will produce a nice wallpaper too.

Without the sun ray, this can only said as better but not the best.

Abstract Shapes
Artistic wallpaper is simple and nice.

Fire Plant
The fire and the smoke make you feel the heat.

Energy Tiger
It is so unique and artistic in drawing a tiger.

A super close-up portrait of a cat.

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