Nature is amazing. Merely three words in a short sentence is not sufficient to describe it until you see it. That is exactly when camera comes in. Besides, we should not left the nature scenery in our minds but share it out with people through the vivid photography.

Water photography is one of the examples of using an object to describe another object. We all knows the water substance. It is very essential because of the hydration function. Despite the biological knowledge, it is similar too in photography term. Water photography brings out the most fascinating characteristic of water itself. Its fluid motion or movement is definitely what a photographer wants to take it down in pictures of water nature. Therefore, it can be concluded as its motion is the most advantageous nature of water.

Water photos is the production of a liquid-based photography. Under this post, we are mostly sharing the slow speed water photography. You can also try the another high speed water photography. It is different and totally opposite. The only similar thing is you can be able to capture a moment in time that we as humans would otherwise be unable to see. They requires you to have technical skill set and thus match with your artistic sense to “draw” beautiful pictures of water.

Pictures of water are always attractive and attentive. From the huge sea to the tiny stream, it blanks your mind and makes people feel refreshing. Furthermore, pictures really worth thousand words. I guess, it is better than hiring the best copywriter. Thus, photographers always sharpen their photographic skills. For this post, water photography is a fun gateway. Let’s enjoy taking pictures of water!

Usually, nature is one of the best channel to look for new inspiration. It is the majesty of our nature. Water photos are amazingly powerful and beautiful. You can take pictures of water where the river peacefully meets the low hills or when the waves are dancing during a storm. It all depends on how you are going to shoot the particular moment. Each second, with the brilliant techniques and right gears, can be any remarkable moment. Of course, it is also truly applied to water photography. You will see how true the statement is when browsing through the breathtaking water photos sooner or later.

Sea Benghazi

Water is moving but still in a photo.


Summer – Wave – Sea

Orange sky tells you that it is summer now.

Ocean Baths

Is this a sea? It is the first question in mind.


Find something extraordinary to be the focal point in your photo.

Just above surface

Only capture the blue without any other objects.

Seneca lake

The lake is so peaceful.

Freshwater lakes

It is creepy at night, isn’t it?

The Lower Falls – Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

Waterfall with rocks is a good spot for water photography.

Exposed – Isla Mujeres Mexico

Your water picture can be matched with the romantic sky.

Shores of Time – Big Sur, California

Rocks and stones are where you capture down the water movement.

El Capitan Spring – Yosemite National Park, California

It somehow looks like a road in the first glance.

Point Lobos – Pinnacle Rock

When the water hits the huge stone is when you press down your shutter button.

Sitting In Stillness

Yes, it is so white and so still.


Cloud is the best companion of water.

sun spot

Everything in blue, you cannot differentiate the sky and the sea.

River Llugwy

Greenery will act as a freshener for your photos.

pixies:distance equals rate times time

From high angle, you capture the sea.

wham:a different corner

Water photo is not only about water.

Jetty – Cropped

Insert the jetty to your water photography.

Arctic city

Water in front of the city can be a good medium of light reflection.

Autumn leaf on still water

Is it really on water?

High above

Low angle brings another perspective rather than high angle.

Every day is Sunday on the lake

A little boat is flowing to somewhere.

Stone with long exposure

Longer exposure you do, more amazing your photos will be.

Kola Peninsula – Stone in Blue

Greenery, stones, mountains and the sky are all here.

White sea silence

From far away, you can record down the silent moment of the scenery.

Sunset fisherman

Sunset is one of the best timings to shoot photos.

Water by ~acukur

It is how the color of the sky being reflected on water surface.

Forever Dreaming

Purple and orange are, in fact, so matching.

Long Exposure Water

Try your long exposure near a waterfall!