Pink is the color combination of white and red; it is seen as one of the official colors for Valentine’s Day and mostly perceived to be a feminine color. Pink is always associated with things that are fluffy, cute and sweet, take Hello Kitty as a fine example. This is also one of the possible reasons that web designers tend to be very careful when they are selecting pink as one of the main colors for their web design. This is because if they are not careful with this color it might turn against their design and make it appear too feminine and cute. Pink websites also tend to appear less serious and more cheerful, which is another reason why web designers need to be careful when using this particular color as the main color themed for their design.

On the other hand, besides being a feminine color pink is also a vibrant, eye catching and exciting color. Designers who manage to use this color wisely might find that a little dash of pink can change the outlook of a web design. However, while pink websites tend to draw more attention from female viewers, creative web designers could also use this color to bring about a different kind of atmospheres and awareness with pink websites. Contrary to common connotations coined for pink websites, certain designers took the initiative to use the color to bring about different messages and to set a different mood for the web design. One of these examples are breast cancer websites, seeing that pink is the official color for the worldwide breast cancer campaign; this pink website will tend raise an awareness message to the viewer instead of just appear to be too cheerful.

We have here a collection of pink websites that we find absolutely inspiring, these pink websites were designed for various purposes. Some of the web designers used pink as the main color themed for their designs, where as there are others who used the color on a subtler approach adopting the particular only in fonts, menu bars, buttons or headers. There are other more creative ways to used pink on web designs, seeing that few designers used a more unique blend of pink in different shades in their design.

From some of the designs we have collected here, one will realize that having pink color in your websites will also give some edge and excitement to your design; the color can also create vivid contrast when used on darker backgrounds to spice up to look of the web. We hope you enjoy the collection we have and we encourage and hope our resources can aid our viewers to experiment more with pink websites.

Make Mine Pink

For an online shop, using subtle touches of light pink and graphic.


A darker shade of pink as the background spells a whole new level for classy.


How about using colors to segment or categorise your webpage?


For those who prefer a more low profile of pink by using them only as text colors.

Good Bytes

A good use of vibrant and dark colors gives of sophistication to the web design.


Just because pink is the best color when it comes to expressing cute stuffs!


How about an unusual shade of pink for your website.


Using pink shades in a different manner for decorations gives of a different impression to the design.


Using pink to give edge to the web’s design.

Pink Mitten

Using pink as the official and dominant color for this design.

Totally Home

Using pink for the web’s element as a balance.

Dale Harris

A funky and sophisticated website with a blend of pink.