What’s WordPress and How is It the Best Content Management System?

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Certainly, if you’ve been looking online for a website creator, you’ve heard of WordPress. If it is new to you, you will be wondering what WordPress is? What can you do with it? Does it have advantages that make it better than all the other options around? This detailed article will answer this question and much more here!

A Brief Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is one of the best and most used content management systems (CMS), and it operates 25% of the total Internet sites in the world – the core of WordPress is open source and under the GPL2 license, i.e. the GNU General Public License version 2, which is a widely used free software license. Basically put, you can edit, distribute, and use WordPress without any royalty fees. but what truly distinguishes WordPress and explains its control over the content management systems’ market is the huge amount of free and paid add-ons, plugins, and themes that are offered, many of which add important and crucial functionality to the platform. content management system

Can WordPress be used as a Ticket Management System for Help Desk Support?

Utilizing WordPress to handle Help Desk Support Tickets can result in significant efficiency. By integrating plugins such as help desk ticket management tips, WordPress effectively processes and correctly escalates support requests. The flexibility of this platform enables streamlined workflows, automatic responses, and thorough ticket tracking, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the help desk.

How Can WordPress Help Implement Efficient Web Design Tricks to Turn Visitors into Leads?

WordPress is a powerful platform for efficient web design tricks that can significantly enhance user experience and convert visitors into leads. With its user-friendly interface and vast collection of customizable themes and plugins, WordPress allows designers to create visually appealing and responsive websites. By implementing effective design elements, intuitive navigation, and enticing calls-to-action, WordPress can greatly assist in generating valuable leads for businesses.

A History of WordPress 

WordPress was created as a website management system, and its purpose was to make handling, updating, and  managing your website easier. It was built using PHP and MYSQL as  an open source platform. It was initially developed by some volunteers around the world. It was under development for a considerable time, and the first version of (WordPress) has the following version (0.70) – this version was released on 27/5/2003 through Matt Mulling. What attracted thousands of hobbyists and web developers to such a small piece of software is still partly an enigma. But its ease of use, simplicity of design, extendendability through plugins, and royalty free license all contributed significantly to WordPress getting popular.

What Makes WordPress Special? 

A Free and Open-Source System 

A powerful website creation tool and content management like WordPress being completely free and open source is rare. You are able to easily download the project files and see its source code and modify it as you see fit. Some people think the source code being out in the open is actually a disadvantage – it makes vulnerabilities easier to find. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the open source nature of the CMS allows a lot of Developers worldwide to get involved in its development and improvement – whether by contributing and providing translations in multiple languages, developing plugins that add new features and functionality to WordPress, the creation of custom templates, or even participating in the development of the core WordPress system i.e. basic development, bug fixing, and performance improvement. The open-source and highly collaborative nature of WordPress has allowed it to stay secure and stay abreast the market.

Easy Installation and Updates 

WordPress can be painlessly and easily installed – You don’t need any fancy tools and you won’t find it necessary to sift through manuals just to get the CMS up and running. not only that, most web hosts internationally give you the option of installing WordPress with one click due to the popularity of the platform. Updating WordPress is also as easy as installing it – you don’t need massive database migrations, you don’t need technical expertise – you just click on the update button on the pop up available in the dashboard when there is a new version of WordPress is out.

Easy to Use 

WordPress relies on simplicity in design and an intuitive dashboard, so you can quickly understand and adapt to it. It also provides, at the top of each page, control panel links to help you easily edit elements of the page on the fly without needing to go back to the dashboard. Not only this; WordPress provides you with a sophisticated visual editor that helps you format your article easily and use a graphical user interface to accurately control what the end-user will see. And if the default features of the editor and the dashboard are not enough for you, you can expand it further by using one of the available plugins.

A Friend to Search Engines 

WordPress provides you with control over the form of URLs for your articles via some settings that you find in the dashboard – permanent links – on the control panel. It also comes with several simple default templates that follow the latest web standards. This makes the website you create friendly to search engines and will help you rank higher for keywords on Google.


If you’ve been thinking about developing your website for a long time, but you didn’t know where to start, we hope this article gave you a simple idea. If you are not comfortable in your WordPress and programming skills and want a professional team to take care of it, on the other hand, you should think about using a PSD to WP professional service.

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