12 Best E-commerce Websites Using Magento

Using the free Webspotter feature, you can see that 96,854 sites are using Magento at the moment. Based on this e-commerce system, brands create truly outstanding websites, which may have a good effect on sales. Today we look at 12 E-commerce Magento websites.

1. toom

toom toom is a popular German digital store selling products related to DIY and home improvement topics. Visiting the site, you immediately understand that toom is a huge digital market. At the top of the main page, you can find dozens of product categories of various types. The main color scheme of the site consists of white-gray colors, but it is mixed with bright colors, so the site doesn’t look boring.

2. mophie

mophie mophie sell external battery packs, battery phone cases and more. Visiting the site, you see a list of phone models to which you can buy batteries and accessories which is very convenient. Also, the website itself is quite minimalist – here you won’t find long paragraphs with text or lots of catchy colors. The site is based on a black and gray palette, which makes the site of such a technical orientation look stylish.

3. Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox Cox & Cox distribute home decorations, homeware, home gifts, and other accessories. As on other sites, on top of the page, you can review the list of product categories, and below you can see the same categories only in the form of blocks with pictures. Such design looks harmonious and makes the site look beautiful and stylish. The main colors of the website are gray, olive and white.

4. Boodles

Boodles Choosing Boodles, a famous British jewelry store, you can buy fine diamond jewelry of various types and sizes. At the top of the site, there is a section with product categories, and below you can see descriptions of current jewelry collections. The design of the site looks like the design of a jewelry company’s site should look – it is luxurious and stylish. White-pink-gold colors harmoniously complement the site’s look.

5. Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas Oliver Bonas is a UK-based design company and a digital store focusing on women’s clothing, furniture, and homewares. If you hover your mouse over the top of the page, you will see a large list with categories of products. Below you can find the latest offers and images with real goods. The main color of the site is white. It makes the site look cheerful and cute, but at the same time stylish.

6. The Irish Store

The Irish Store The Irish Store is a digital gift store specializing in authentic Irish goods, such as clothing, sweaters, linens, pewter, and more. Regarding its technical side, the site doesn’t stand out (it is a typical modern digital shop), but it looks very good. The site’s background is white, still, the most common color is green. Seems like green color helps the brand to create an atmosphere of authenticity and it fits well to images of Irish nature you can see on the site.

7. Paperchase

Paperchase Paperchase is a UK-based international chain of stationery stores which sell stationery supplies, art materials, gifts, and cards. All goods on the site are logically divided into categories, and you can also use the search feature, so you can easily find the right product. As befits a site associated with creativity, art, and decoration, its design looks very lively and bright. On the pages of the site, you can see a variety of colors, from white and gray to pink, yellow and green.

8. Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Harvey Nichols is a designer fashion, beauty, wine, and food store located in Knightsbridge, London. The company also sells products via the site. For convenience, the site design allows users to choose types of products using categories, but visitors also can scroll down the main page and find offers with real goods there. Regarding the appearance, the site looks classically – it combines white and black colors.

9. Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger Kurt Geiger is a British footwear retail company selling trainers, shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories. The structure of the site is not much different from other digital stores’ structure: there is a list of categories at the top, and below there is a link to current products. Still, the site looks very high quality and beautiful due to the bright colors and large text.

What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress Poll and Rating Plugins on Magento E-commerce Websites?

Using potent WordPress poll and rating plugins on Magento e-commerce websites gives rise to many benefits. To begin with, these plugins provide the capacity for site owners to collect essential feedback and opinions from patrons, thus shedding light on customer likes and dislikes. Moreover, these instruments enhance user interaction by letting visitors rate products and recount their personal experiences. This increases customer interactivity and satisfaction, which consequently improves sales and fosters business growth.

10. Missguided

Missguided Missguided is a large British retailing company which sells clothes for women aged 16–35. The structure of this site is quite unusual for a clothing retailer. At the top of the page, there is no block with categories, but there is a list of current discounts and special offers. For the rest, this is a typical modern site selling clothing: a lot of bright colors and photographs of models with languishing looks.

11. BrewShop

BrewShop Located in New Zealand, BrewShop sells beer and products for brewing, such as malts, grains, hops, kegging, and others. Categories with goods on this site are located on the left and not on the top of the page, which is not typical. The rest of the space is taken by a list of real goods with prices and images. The color scheme of the site is gray-beige, with splashes of bright colors.

12. Graze

Graze graze, a UK-based snack company, sell and deliver healthy snacks by mail. On this site, you can also see a list of categories (it is located at the top of the page), as well as get information about current products. The site looks stylish due to large images, as well as a combination of white, gray and bright colors.

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