10 Of The Best WordPress Hosting for 2019 – Choose The Right Provider

Having a list of recommended WordPress hosting companies is ideal for entrepreneurs, advertisers, and bloggers. Google provides recommendations regarding the best host sites for blogs, the best place to host websites, and the best web host for a personal site.

Plenty of these recommended hosting service providers can host WordPress and other platforms. As a financial blogger, I have chosen to employ the best wordpress hosting firm to manage my site.

best wordpress hosting

First of all, I have selected WordPress to share my insights with my global audience. When I set up my site for search engine optimization, I encountered minimal to zero problems.

Being an open source content management system, WordPress has been employed by global users since 2003. It is certainly user-friendly, and it is commonplace to find cloud-based professionals recommend WordPress.

More than that, it offers thousands of choices for templates. It search engine-friendly and effortless to install and maintain. I personally created my own WordPress blog, and I do not have any complaints with its speed, ease of use, and its wondrous functionality and flexibility.

WordPress opens vast possibilities for cloud-based ventures. I like the different themes to design my website with like magazine style, personal blog layout, shopping store, news website, e-Commerce website, and plenty of others.

a multiple network of cloud wordpress hostingThe superb security features of WordPress is also the reason why I chose it over others. I do not have to worry about getting hacked and be concerned about other security-related troubles.

WordPress can be used for small and large business ventures, personal blogs, startups and if you want to create a site with the highest paying affiliate programs list then you are in the right place to know what host you should be in.

It offers premium products like themes and plug-ins which could be free of charge. Being a regular WordPress blogger, I would like to share with you the best host sites for blogs that are highly compatible and have been rated as excellent as WordPress hosts.

Let me first walk you through the basic concepts so you would best understand these featured WordPress-recommended hosts.


Our Top 10 Web Hosting Company – Table Review

Here is our latest “best place to host websites” that really works well for 2019




cloudways Logo

1. Cloudways

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2. Kinsta

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siteground logo

3. Siteground

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4. KnownHost

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5. Flywheel

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6. Bluehost

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a2 hosting

7. A2 Hosting

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8. DreamHost

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liquid web

9. Liquid Web

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Concepts of “Web Hosting” and “Managed Web Hosting” Explained

Networking Concept

When I was just starting as a finance blogger, my friends told me that my website certainly needed massive audiences to validate and establish my reputation as a credible source.

They recommended that I avail the services of the best web host for personal websites. As a loyal friend, I trusted their suggestion and performed my personal research.

I discovered that web hosting refers to the service of enabling people and organizations to make their websites accessible through the Internet.

Web hosting firms serve as data centers that offer space or Internet servers which their clients lease or own. Similar to laptops or desktop computers, web hosting companies manage information that is stored online and enable them to be accessible worldwide.

In addition, web hosting companies possess and provide high-speed Internet servers, high power sources, Internet connectivity, and alternative power supplies.

Although I am a digitally savvy and techie individual, I have decided to employ the services of web hosting firms due to my very busy schedule. I desired for a WordPress host that offers “managed web hosting” services. They would perform nearly every site management-related task for me.

In this manner, I can focus more on what I love the most – writing about money and personal finance. WordPress-recommended hosts employ professionals who have the technical expertise that can help in effectively and fully managing my WordPress blog site.

Through the paid service, the web hosting firm imported the WordPress blog containing pre-installed plug-ins and themes that I have already setup previously.

World map with hot points of connections network and servers loc

The web hosting team’s genuine knowledge of WordPress has provided me with 24/7 technical support. They take care of server optimization, managing my site’s server, website updating, and security services. They optimized my site’s performance, delivering great speeds internationally by offering content delivery network.

Hence, I do not need to depend on the WordPress cache plug-ins to keep my server well optimized. Technical problems relating to hosting are kept at bay, and my website loads very quickly.

Huge companies with substantial budgets for web hosting usually employ managed WordPress hosting platforms for their business WordPress blog, huge WordPress websites, and as assistance to non-technical individuals.

As a client, I also find WordPress hosts useful, considering my preferences and hectic lifestyle.

6 Benefits of Availing Managed Web Hosting Services

Hardware in the server room and Diagnostics.

Since I availed managed WordPress hosting services, I would like to help you better understand this service so you could make the optimal decision. When we speak of “managed WordPress hosting,” this pertains to the daily management of a WordPress site by the web host.

This kind of service is comprehensive or all-inclusive. It is beneficial for the owner of the website because they help save their time.  Also, clients of managed WordPress hosting firms can have more time on dealing with other pressing matters instead of maintaining their sites all by themselves.

Let me share with you the particular duties of WordPress hosting professionals:

1) Website Updates

website updatesCompanies that host WordPress employ professionals who ensure that the crucial updates relating to the WordPress platform, plug-ins, and other matters relating to the website are installed right away by the time that they become available.

WordPress hosting companies also handle backup, WordPress enhancement tools, and speed optimization.


2) Security

website SecurityRecommended hosts guarantee that their clients’ WordPress website is secure by giving more protection and managing the firewalls that they make.

Hence, I get to be safeguarded against cyber-felons’ detrimental acts like hacking and viruses.


3) Customer Support

website Customer SupportBeing a meticulous customer, I avail the help of customer service representatives to clarify matters that I need to understand more of.

I am pleased to have selected a WordPress host that provides excellent customer support. This is the primary benefit of managed WordPress hosting companies as compared to those which may be affordable and free of charge.

In addition, I like the technical expertise that they possess. These customer support professionals certainly know and understand everything about the services they are offering me.

Thus, I not only enjoy the internet space that I paid for, but I also get the immediate help that I need.


4) Automatic Backups Offered Daily

website automatic backups offered dailyThere was a time when a power outage suddenly interrupted me while writing a very significant blog post.

Unfortunately, I did not have any backup for the data I was typing. From this experience, I learned that I need to be proactive.

This is because petrifying things can happen like power interruptions, my website gets hacked, all the information I have on my site disappearing, or the database suddenly crashes.

Companies that are the best hosting for developers offer automated backup. They will support my website daily, guaranteeing that my information is constantly in a safe condition. Plus, they have the feature similar to the “System Restore” property of Windows. For instance, I encounter data trouble.

In this case, the web hosting firm can effortlessly restore my information from the previous day when everything was working out perfectly.


5) Caching at the Server Level to Speed Up the Website

website CachingThe best-managed WordPress hosting firms offer the most effective kind of caching such as server-level ones. This service no longer requires plug-in installations to make the web blog as quickly as possible.

In this manner, I do not have any troubles with my webpage’s loading speed. Visitors can immediately access my blog posts without the hassle of downtimes and slow loading.


6) Offers Staging Areas to Preserve the Website

website Offers StagingStaging areas enable bloggers or website owners to try the modifications to their websites before making them live on their sites.

When I was unsure of a new plug-in or just wanted to see how a new theme looked like, I performed all the set-up in the staging site of the company which WordPress recommended.

Through consultations with my WordPress hosting provider, I was able to determine whether I like the new applications or otherwise.

9 Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Place to Host Websites

Cloud Services

Before I followed my friends’ recommendations of optimizing my WordPress blog through availing a recommended host for WordPress Site, I studied how to carry out their suggestions effectively.

I read guidelines about the factors to consider before availing a web hosting service. Among them are the following:


1) Determine Your Particular Website Requirements.

Website RequirementsBefore availing the service of a WordPress hosting company, I first thought about what I wanted to happen for my finance blog.

I asked myself: Do I need just one site or more? Surely, I would want to enjoy the benefits offered by one of the top 10 web hosting services, but how much budget do I need to allocate for their premium service?

Would I want a free domain name? I certainly need backup services, but how would these features benefit me? Would I prefer a web host that supports unlimited add-ons, domains, or sub-domains?

I wanted the best for my site. Contemplation certainly helped me in my journey towards developing my blog site.


2) Read the Customer Reviews about These Web Hosting Firms.

Customer ReviewsI felt woozy to encounter myriads of web hosting providers. At first, I did not know how and which among them are the best firm for me.

Then, I narrowed down my search, focusing on the top 10 web hosting company. I learned that it is best to learn about what the past customers of these companies think about their services.

I read the opinions of digital marketers and bloggers. These cloud-based clients usually share their insights about the web-hosting firms whose services they employ.

Hence, besides the website of the companies, I was able to evaluate the users of their services, and I was able to determine which one is the best for me.


3) Learn More about the Webpage Loading Speeds Offered by the Firms.

Webpage Loading SpeedsI learned that it is quite important that a webpage loads fast and is accessible for visitors. This feature is paramount to the success of the website or the blog.

Besides the web hosting service, webpage loading speed relies on website optimization, the templates, and the modules used by the website’s owner.

Visitors would be eager to visit blogs or websites that have blazingly speedy page loading. These people are potential paying customers and important leads.


4) Pay Attention to the Ratio of Downtimes and Uptimes.

Downtimes and Uptimes.Web hosting services must provide the maximum server uptime of 99.99 or even 100 percent.

 Effective web hosting companies preserve a blog or website’s reputation by offering 100 percent guaranteed uptime.

Constant downtimes can certainly be damaging to a blog or website’s reputation in search engines.


5) Check for the Responsiveness of Customer Support Agents.

Customer Support AgentsCustomer service representatives of recommended WordPress hosting firms are strategic in the success of a blog. I put a premium on the support system and customer interaction.

Quick responses help me troubleshoot any concern that pertains to my website. I learned that customer support should be courteous and eager in handling clients’ problems. They should understand every aspect of the web hosting service they are serving their clients.

It is highly recommended to choose companies that offer live chat and phone support. They can easily be contacted for 24/7 technical assistance aside from ticket and e-mail help.


6) Be Aware of the Capacity and Features of the Internet Server.

Internet ServerI learned that it is extremely significant to learn what the Internet server has to offer me.

Every web server possesses various power and technology to handle the internet traffic load.  Moreover, it certainly depends on the software and hardware of the web hosting server.

In the website of the recommended hosting company, I read their features and the key elements of the web servers such as their capacity, performance, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) drives, and speediness.

I get to enjoy unlimited e-mail addresses and efficient databases, file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts, and add-on domain feature as well.


7) Evaluate the Costing and Affordability of the Web Hosting Service.

Costing and AffordabilityCustomers would typically take a look at the hosting plan prices of a WordPress hosting service. It is undoubtedly more expensive to avail high-quality and worthy products.

I initially conducted a costing(cost per month) survey before making a decision which WordPress host to employ. Various hosting firms offer plans at different rates. It is best not to be lured by huge packages and always consider one’s needs and personal references.

Affordable hosting services may entail wasting time and loss of productivity due to the Internet server and downtime issues.

To secure my investment, I verified first if the company I chose has a money-back guarantee for at least a month. My research helped me find the best firm to manage my blog site. More than that, it certainly helped me save more money.


8) Know about the Space and Bandwidth Offered in the Account.

Space and BandwidthThe disk space and the bandwidth are technical terms which customers of the best web host for a personal website should also be aware of.

Bandwidth refers to the Internet server resources which customers’ websites use within a month.

Meanwhile, the disk space is the limit or quota that clients receive in their web hosting account on the Internet server. By possessing ample disk spaces and adequate bandwidth, I find it advantageous that I get to attract more visitors to read my blog posts within a month.


9) Ensure that the Company Meets the WordPress Server Requirements.

WordPress Server

I learned that the WordPress platform has a configuration requirement for the web hosting server where it will be installed.

Before availing a good wordpress hosting service, I first checked if the company met these key pre-requisites:

  • MariaDB version 10.0 or greater or MySQL database version 5.6 or higher;
  • Apache module mod_rewrite;
  • Hosting server with PHP version 7 or higher;
  • HTTPs Support;
  • NGINX and Apache; and
  • A good control panel.

Selecting one provider from the WordPress recommended hosts or the best host sites for blogs is central to the plain-sailing running of a blog or a site.

If the WordPress hosting service fulfills all of these requirements, then the blog would certainly operate smoothly and get all the audiences it deserves.

10 Recommended WordPress Hosting Firms Reviewed

Here are the ten best WordPress Hosting companies for 2019. I focused on the Internet server capacity and features, the disk space, bandwidth, webpage loading speed, security, and customer support.

In addition, I included my observations of these WordPress recommendations’ disadvantages. Without further ado here are the 10 best!




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Internet Server Capacity and Features

Cloudways offers server management that is a one-stop remedy to all my website’s operation-related requirements.

Its high-end functionality features 1TB of bandwidth, 1GB RAM, one core, and 25 GB storage. When I tried this service, I think I did not have any troubles with the server features.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

The auto-scalability feature of the Cloudways platform scales resources like storage, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, meeting the needs of the hardware.

When there is heavy Internet traffic, Cloudways enables the users to scale up without crashing the system automatically. Being a multiple data storage-friendly stack, my website’s performance, user interface, and speed are optimized.

When I conducted a web host speed comparison, I think Cloudways did not disappoint. It helped me manage my WordPress blog, and it loaded instantaneously.


I have encountered security issues like bugs, and Cloudways was able to improve my WordPress site’s performance by offering real-time strict security monitoring.

Being one of the top 10 web hosting services, Cloudways provides Internet patching which guarantees that all the precious data on my blog are highly safeguarded.  

The servers are also routinely checked against foul play. Moreover, the company’s reliably secured virtual local area networks (VLANs) and firewalls certainly enhanced data security even during the recovery and backup process.

Cloudways also provides selections like restart services and generating free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates by just one click.

Websites are now mandatory to have “HTTPS” on their addresses and Cloudways does not charge extra for this upgrade.

Customer Support

Cloudways makes things easy for me. But there are times that I need to ask questions from their customer service representatives.

Cloudways offers 24/7 live chat assistance, ticket support, and phone aid from professional software engineers. Moreover, an extraordinary Cloudways AI robot is available for assistance.


I think I got overwhelmed by the various options provided by Cloudways. Thus, I decided to try other web hosting companies and to see the difference myself.

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

Kinsta has data centers located in diverse continents.  Since I am from the US, I can easily select the location that would best serve me.

What I like about Kinsta is its motivation to make heavy-duty WordPress blogs load up quickly. Automated backups are provided daily and on request.

Kinsta’s staging area is actually easy to use.  I was able to test the changes prior to making them live on my site.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

Kinsta employs all the best technologies. Among them are Redis, NGINX, Memcache, and PHP7 which guarantee fast loading of websites.

My WordPress blog could load faster than one second through Kinsta’s WordPress hosting service. With the fast speed, Kinsta guarantees unlimited visits from Internet users.


Being one of the top 10 web hosting company, Kinsta offers security scans and multiple firewalls. They understand that, as a paying customer, keeping my WordPress site safe is paramount.

Customer Support

Customer support by Kinsta is superb. I contacted them through e-mail when one of the old plug-ins stopped working with PHP7, and I got a quick response.


Plenty of Kinsta’s customers are pleased with their service and have voted it as a well-managed WordPress hosting company.

Nevertheless, I think Kinsta is a bit expensive as compared to other WordPress hosting services.

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

SiteGround offers top-notch hosting packages and employs different technologies to guarantee quality uptime, security, and speed.

It employs a one-click installer to its customers, making WordPress installation easy. As one of the recommended hosts, SiteGround offers 10 GB storage.

It is popular for being the fastest WordPress hosting provider. They offer built-in, optimized content delivery network (CDN), so I did not need any CDN service.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

When I performed web host speed comparison, I discovered that my WordPress blog loads very rapidly with SiteGround.

Thanks to this recommended host’s employment of in-house mechanisms like SuperCacher, Solid State Drive (SSD) drives, and CloudFlare.

I am also guaranteed to have plenty of visitors because SiteGround never disappoints me with its proactive server monitoring and account isolation.

SiteGround guarantees 99.99 percent uptime. I no longer need to worry about frequent downtimes which are certainly detrimental to my website’s reputation and could lead to visitor loss.


SiteGround employs an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other power sources to support all of its data centers. I feel secure that my website is always available online.

Moreover, SiteGround offers free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and real-time Internet server monitoring.

Its built-in backup tool protects my WordPress blog against loss of important content.

Customer Support

When I needed some help, SiteGround helped me through its 24/7 customer support service. I was able to get help by phone, ticketing assistance, and live chat quickly.

Their customer service staff members are also knowledgeable. I did not have to call again to verify whether the help they gave me was valid or not.


The limitation and disadvantage of availing the service of SiteGround is that it offers a visitor-based bandwidth limit.

Thus, I do not think I can get thousands of visitors that I need for my WordPress finance blog.

Besides, I will not get to educate the world’s people on how to be on top of their personal finance life. How can I establish my credibility as a finance guru then?

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

WPEngine is the best in the class of offering dependable and very rapid WordPress hosting.

As one of the WordPress hosting recommendations, they are highly endorsed for bloggers who get a huge amount of Internet traffic.

WPEngine pacified me for they took charge of my WordPress concerns like speed, updates, security, and backups.

I am amazed by their automatic daily support system.  I no longer have to be bothered by plenty of manual backups.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

In order to make the websites load fast, WPEngine employs their in-house technology called Evercache and content delivery network (CDN).

I was surprised that these mechanisms boosted my webpage loading speed ten times faster!


WPEngine also employs backups and one-click restore points. There was a time when I encountered some bugs on my WordPress page, and I did not know how to go any further.

I contacted WPEngine’s expert support team, and they assisted me on getting my webpage back to when it was on the correct working order.

That trouble did not happen again through WPEngine’s rigorous security scanning functionalities.

WPEngine offers security with its proactive detection and elimination system of malware problems.

Plus, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is enabled on my WordPress blog with just one click. I felt safeguarded with the multiple powerful firewalls which protect my data from hackers as well.

Customer Support

I did not have any trouble when contacting WPEngine’s customer assistance department by e-mail.

They have global offices in the US, the UK, and Australia. I like the help offered to me by WPEngine’s expert customer support team.  

They are available to assist customers 24/7 by phone, e-mail, or chat.


WPEngine is only ideal for hosting blogs that get below 25,000 visitors monthly.  It is due to the fact that it does not allow unlimited visits.

I got charged for every visitor which made me frown on their hosting package and decide to terminate it.



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Internet Server Capacity and Features

I give KnownHost a five out of five for their amazing server optimization.  As you can see, KnownHost offers a completely managed Internet server.

It enabled me to migrate my previous WordPress blog site into a new one. I also did not have to worry about manually backing up my previous data because the web hosting service included that feature.

KnownHost is ideal for bloggers with limited technical knowledge. It offers instant provisioning alongside its fully managed and dedicated Internet servers.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

KnownHost provides one-click installers for effortless setup.  It has 1 TB disk storage, 12 TB bandwidth, and transfer, 192 GB RAM, and 1 Gbps port speed.

KnownHost guarantees a 99.99 percent proven uptime ratio. When I accessed my blog, this WordPress host loaded my page with superior speed, thanks to OpenStack which is the latest technology the firm uses for speed optimization.

Moreover, OpenVZ is KnownHost’s mechanism for its backup and free migration services. It ensures zero downtimes.


KnownHost offers Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is free of charge. They provide secure encryption instead of plain text which customers may be vulnerable with, especially when inputting sensitive details.

Moreover, being one of the WordPress recommended hosts, the company employs ConfigServer Security and Firewall (CSF) with Login Failure Daemon (LFD).

This security application is found through the control panel and detects possible intrusion that has to be curtailed.

Customer Support

I did not have any problems with their support team.  They effectively walked me through as I registered my name server. Their instant e-mail response is very quick and detailed.  

Their technicians also demonstrated their expertise in managing the fully managed KnownHost Internet servers. Besides, they are quite friendly and helpful.


KnownHost’s customer support is still incomplete.  There is no phone aid or live chat assistance available at the moment.

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

I find Flywheel easy to use. This web hosting service enables the fast creation of website blueprints with particular plug-ins, themes, and website settings.

It is advantageous for both business and personal websites. I do not have any complaints on its user-friendly dashboard and awesome control panel as well.

I can manage my WordPress website well. It also allows the installation of any plug-in, unlike in most managed WordPress hosting services.

I tried the free demo website which is their staging area. I was able to affect the changes that I wanted prior to finally applying them.

Flywheel also allows the creation of a blueprint for an already existing blog, making it easier to create websites in the future.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

Flywheel does provide “flying” Internet speed! 99.999 percent uptime is guaranteed.

The company understands the significance of webpage loading speed affecting search engine optimization and conversion rates.

Hence, through its pre-installed cache service and content delivery network (CDN), my website loaded very quickly.

Flywheel has also provided a list of plug-ins that are banned for installation to guarantee fast loading speed.

It eases my worries regarding my blog getting downtimes because they resolve this problem right away.


My data is secure through the regular nightly backup feature of Flywheel.  In addition, I do not have to worry about hackers because of its 24/7 strict, real-time security monitoring.

Flywheel assures me that I do not need to worry about losing my data because they offer one-click backup and restoration benefits.

Moreover, Flywheel’s automated malware scanning is advantageous for it automatically eliminates the vulnerable plug-ins.

Customer Support

This web hosting provider employs knowledgeable and amiable customer support. I like the fact that when I needed help, their agent connected with me in as fast as less than one minute.

I was able to call, chat, and submit a ticket for solutions to my temporary WordPress blog concerns.


Flywheel does not feature e-mail accounts.  Moreover, I found it inconvenient to learn that some of the developer tools on the staging website are absent, specifically on the primary package.

Flywheel also has more limited bandwidth and storage as compared to other web hosting service providers.

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

I tried using This as a web hosting service. It is one of the popular WordPress hosting recommendations.

Furthermore, it is also preferred by small businesses and medium-ranged Internet traffic websites.

This uses NGINX, a custom PHP-FPM setup which makes it highly compatible with WordPress.

As a recommended hosting provider, the company has developed its own virtual private server-based (VPS) platform to provide optimum WordPress performance as well.

Through KVM hypervisor, This has allocated resources, enhancing low-level setups and standard configurations.

Like other recommended WordPress hosting services, I was able to easily perform WordPress installation through its one-click installer that is very easy to use.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

Being one of the WordPress recommendations, This is recognized for its provision of unlimited storage and disk space and enhanced control panel.

As a customer, these features are allocated to me only and not shared with other clients. The WordPress Standard package offers 1TB bandwidth, 30 GB storage, and important resources like a 2GB RAM and two CPU cores.

Its basic plan offers 50 GB storage and unmetered or unlimited bandwidth. This top-of-the-line Ultimate package offers a gigantic 4 TB bandwidth, 240 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, and four CPU cores.

The free built-in CloudFlare content delivery network (CDN) is the resource protection technology employed by It guarantees blazing speed.

My WordPress blogsite’s speed has been boosted twofold and loads in as fast as two to three seconds! Can you imagine how lightning-fast that is?


As for the premium plan, This offers SiteLock Pro which safeguards my WordPress blog against malware.

SiteLock content delivery network (CDN) optimizes my blog’s performance.  My CDN and security needs are all taken care of by SiteLock Enterprise as well as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Customer Support

BlueHost’s customer service support is available 24/7. I was able to get quick technical assistance through ticketing, phone, and live chat.


Considering that This offers premium web hosting services, it is very expensive as compared to the other WordPress recommended hosts.

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a2 hosting

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

A2 Hosting is complete with the WordPress features. They permit easy and fast setup through the one-click installation.

They are able to optimize my WordPress blog through the installation of the A2 plug-in. A2Optimizer allows shared hosting type, and it can be activated with just one click.  

The website migration feature enabled me to transfer my content from my previous WordPress blog to a new one.

A2 Hosting has a control panel that is easy to install and to maintain. I was able to avail their high-quality server with the most efficient speed optimization.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

A2 Hosting offers the premium Turbo package that provides “turbo servers” and an enhanced website accelerator, making my webpage loading speed 20 times faster.

This is not bad when I did some web host speed comparison. Moreover, another advantage that I like about A2 Hosting is that it guarantees 99.99 percent uptime.

A2 Hosting’s Lite package offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. It also provides free Solid State Drives (SSD) hosting.

This feature facilitates optimized WordPress hosting and the fastest storage solution. Each hosting package is composed of SSD drive storage to give unparalleled webpage loading speed.

Caching feature also allows boosted speed.


I like the intensified security features of A2 Hosting. I do not need to worry about intruders who may compromise my WordPress blog’s security.

This includes protection like Brute Force, virus scanning, dual firewall, automatic backup, and various security tools.

Customer Support

I find A2 Hosting’s 24/7 customer service reliable.  Yes, they are quick to respond through live chat, e-mail, and phone call and they provide accurate answers to my queries.


The back-end website interface of A2 Hosting where customers manage their accounts is busier than BlueHost’s bare-bones style. Neophyte users may find this confusing.

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

DreamHost offers a one-click WordPress installer which I find easy to use.  In addition, it offers its own customized, Internet-based control panel.

Users may find this confusing at first. Nevertheless, this feature becomes user-friendly and quite easy to navigate as users get accustomed to it.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

I also do not have any complaints in terms of website loading speed because the firm provides 100 percent guaranteed uptime.

DreamHost possesses Internet servers that are equipped with Solid State Drives (SSD) instead of traditional drives.

This SSD-powered, high-speed WordPress hosting makes my blogsite load 200 percent faster than other providers!

Furthermore, the basic plan of DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.


DreamHost offers strict security for web pages like e-Commerce websites. I am guaranteed with a secure hosting service then.

Being one of the best places to host websites, this firm provides free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, multiple authentication procedures, and automatic malware scanning.

Customer Support

In 2016, DreamHost bagged the Business Choice Award for Best Web Hosting Service for three consecutive years.

I think the company deserves this accolade because they supply 24/7 live chat, Twitter, and e-mail support.


DreamHost does not offer customer assistance on the phone at the moment.

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liquid web

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Internet Server Capacity and Features

Liquid Web provides full management of websites. They allowed me to choose between the Plesk control panel and the Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel.

As one of the most famous content delivery network (CDN), Liquid Web offers full website management via CloudFlare CDN without additional fees.

Liquid Web provides built-in local website backups for every Internet server. Cloud backups can be added for every layer of backup protection.

This feature allows automatic, full-server snapshots that offer unparalleled data recovery and protection from my server.

Together with visual comparisons, Liquid Web automatically updates all my plug-ins in a separate environment, preventing conflicts which are to my convenience.

Disk Space and Bandwidth / Webpage Loading Speed

Liquid Web’s platform is created with the newest technologies like NGINX, PHP7, and SSL to enhance WordPress speed. They certainly expedite the loading my WordPress blog site.

Developer tools like WP-CLI, SSH, and Git are also accessible. Liquid Web’s built-in image compression guarantees fast website loading speeds, validating its reputation as one of the WordPress recommended hosts.


Liquid Web offers security against small, volumetric Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) Attacks for each server. This basic protection is free of charge and is constantly activated.

Moreover, Liquid Web provides comprehensive mitigation and protection more extensive and sophisticated attacks.

My server is safeguarded by a robust suite of proprietary security features. This recommended host help boost my blogsite’s security through ServerSecure.

This feature is included in each Internet server, and it blocks unauthorized access to my WordPress blog.

Furthermore, Liquid Web owns the data centers which directly manage and safeguard customer data.

Hence, this WordPress hosting company can guarantee that my data is secure. Liquid Web automatically takes backups daily as well.

They store them offsite for a month. If I want to download or restore them, I can just click the button.

Customer Support

Liquid Web is one of the best hosting for web designers services in terms of customer support. I was able to avail their excellent live chat, e-mail, phone, and ticket assistance.

I do not get locked into a ticket system.  Instead, I get instant e-mail, phone, and live chat technical support around the clock.


Liquid Web offers only 5 TB bandwidth by default. I think this is quite low as compared to other hosting services.

Also, it has no basic shared hosting packages. Liquid Web also does not have a data center in Asia, making it difficult for people in that region to avail their service.

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The Verdict: The Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress for 2019

There are indeed plenty of recommendations to host WordPress websites or blogs. If you asked me which one I would recommend, I would tell you that I choose Cloudways.

Do not get me wrong. All of the WordPress recommended hosts that I reviewed here are certainly the best host sites for blogs. In terms of web host speed comparison, all of these featured WordPress hosting firms guarantee 99.9 to 100 percent uptime.

FlyWheel, Cloudways, A2 Hosting, and DreamHost specifically guarantee lightning-fast webpage loading speeds.

For most of these hosting companies categorized under WordPress hosting recommendations, they offer customer support in various forms like phone, e-mail, live chat, and ticket assistance, except for DreamHost and KnownHost which still lacks phone assistance.

KnownHost is still also to work on offering live chat help. The best WordPress hosting companies are also compatible with plenty of other websites besides WordPress.

But my personal favorite among these top 10 web hosting services is Cloudways. Although it is quite expensive, especially its premium package, I like that it offers comprehensive website management benefits.

Like I mentioned, my work life is very hectic, and I intend to focus more on being a financial blogger – writing, doing my research, and studying the latest developments in the world of finance.

Hence, I intend to have my WordPress blog’s technical features completely managed by the experts. I may seem to be a stickler here, but I trust the reviewers’ commendations for Cloudways.

These positive feedbacks reflect the solid and established reputation of this WordPress host. I recommend Cloudways as one of the best web hosts for a personal website. I am not saying that it is the best and that you should not try the other recommended hosts. You have the option to see for yourself.

Again, it all boils down to a customer’s preferences, likes, dislikes, and particular needs. Hence, it is a case-to-case scenario. I hope you enjoyed reading my insights about the WordPress hosts ideal for today’s bloggers and entrepreneurs. Happy blogging in 2019!

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