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25 Unusual and Bizarre Surreal Paintings

Surreal art is growing its popularity as the very familiar medium of art. Those objects inside surreal paintings are common and usual to be seen but they appears extraordinary with the surreal art technique. It gives our artists much more room to dream, think and convey his expressions and thoughts to his audiences. Undeniably, some might not accept the idea of surreal art. Yet, it is so fantastic for me.

If this is your first time to learn this word, “Surreal”, I should put you back on its history. Surrealism is a cultural movement which was roughly happening in the early 1920s. Now, you know that surreal is being termed as a culture. To be more exact, it is an art culture based on visualization such as paintings and writings.

Some famous artists has been involved in surrealism, like Andre Bretton, Salvador Dali, Miro and Magritte. Andre Bretton was the beginner. Usually, they feel that it is an expression of philosophical movement. Where did they get motivated and enthused to start their surreal paintings? It is due to the Dada activities during World War I. From the city of Paris, it has crossed the country borders and affected visual arts, literature, films, musics as well as political and social theories.

Of course, the cultural movement stopped for a long time. Yet, many artists prefer to refer back to their art works which are related to surreal paintings and drawings. Dali, who was one of the surrealist group, could be praised as genius. He could look at his surroundings in different perspectives and interpret those personal meanings to reach his artistic accomplishments. You will realize how skillful a person can be when you have seen his every piece of masterpiece.

Overall to say, surreal paintings are abstract paintings. They try to create unusual meanings out of the ordinary forms and objects to evoke psychological emotions from their viewers. Everyone will look at this kind of abstract paintings with various insights. Those adjectives that you can hear or read are likely from odd, weird and unusual to amazing, creative and fantastic. Of course, art is one thing which much more depends on our personal preference and taste. Similar goes to surreal art or other abstract paintings.

Hope you all will enjoy this post with a collection of 25 very momentous and incredible surreal paintings (or abstract paintings). If you have your own thought about this post, feel free to share in the comment box below.

the SURREAL room

Can you see how different it is with our rooms?

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Surreal sunrise

Notice the usage of color palette in this series of surreal paintings.


Sometimes, it is quite hard for you to get the message inside their paintings.

linoleum – a painting study

It tells the exploration of our societal attitude towards food and wildlife.

surreal painting by ~DREAMandDIFFER

Surrealism, for example this, depicts real object juxtaposed with the artist’s unusual thought.

Painting Surreal by *Yaro42

The painting context is not as normal as what we will think of.

Painting is Surreal by ~fuzzjp

Surreal paintings are fantasy-based works.

Surreal painting by ~iceland-hell

Surreal painting can be done by oil, watercolor, collage, pastel and so on.

The Book

The things are recognizable in abnormal manner.

Surreal Painting by ~ookamidemon13

In the first glance, the painting shows real objects but the situation depicted seems as weird.

The Fruit Merchants

For example, is this painting about objects inside or outside a house?

surreal painting close up 2 by ~DREAMandDIFFER

Looking at them in close-up angle, you will start to think what is this.

Moon Shadow

Surreal painting is a mystery to keep the audiences guessing.

A whole new world

“What if” is a good question to start with, for instance this piece of art work.

Catalytic Weave Nickel

No matter how unrealistic a surreal painting is, you have to paint somewhat realistically.

The sound of air

They put all things together in strange ways but still have a story to tell.

Mother and Child

Surreal painting stretches their boundaries of creativity.

The dream v2

The combination of images is random in surreal paintings.

Surreal Lies

Surreal painting is the artist’s own language.

Thoughts about the Future

Symbolism should be understood when coming to a piece of abstract painting.

Gone too far

The left side has a pregnant woman. Do you notice it?

I wasnt in

It is quite straightforward with the title, “I wasn’t in”.

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Watermelon Heels

The idea is “Fruit Shoes”.


The ancient astrology – sacred cow as the Taurus.

Surreal Darkness – Summoner

Darkness reveals the deepest part of our souls.

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