30+ Impressive Blue Web Designs

You can see blue in everywhere, every little thing surrounding you. The sky is blue. The ocean is blue. The Monday is not blue. Colors connote different psychological meanings. And, blue is very emotional. Yet, it is not stereotyping about sadness or depression. Instead, it can calm someone down, set your mind to relaxing mode and eventually draw a smile on someone’s face.

If you do not own any blue-colored thing, start this with changing your desktop wallpaper to a blue one. Each time opening your desktop, you can gradually observe the effect of blue desktop wallpaper towards your mood. Nonetheless, it is always a great choice in crafting a blue web design. For sure, you can easily search a bunch of fantastic and good-looking blue websites out there.

It has various gradients which can be combined together, as different elements, to put into your blue web designs. Therefore, you can touch up your blue website with stylish or probably elegant feeling. You should realize that color is very imperative in judging how your website looks like. I wonder whether what does blue websites meant to you or what is your opinion for blue websites. For me, the ocean blue can be sleek and fashionable while the sky blue can be feminine and soft.

Blue web designs play an important role because it is a theme that you choose for your messages to communicate to your web visitors. Blue has been a popular color for designers from all different industries. Despite the blue web designs here, you could find that the blue always appears in brochures, corporate logos and so on. A bit of touch-up can allow you to see the difference in the whole blue web designs, such as a mere icon or typography.

Emotional implication is not the main reason. It should be the harmony friendship with almost any color in the palette. Try to match it with different colors. You can notice that they are amazingly matching with each other. Blue is a brilliant color. Besides, a professional designer can break the cliché link that people always link blue with negative emotions.

Believe it! A mankind’s creative and innovative ideas can bring one single thing to a vast array of better and extraordinary outcomes. You agree with this, don’t you? Later, we will end this post with a cool gallery of blue web designs to share with you. If you do have blue websites, you can drop the link to inspire us too!


Blue is unquestionably the most suitable color for pirate-themed website.
bones  pf cd7e4b12

Jar Design

A good Hello starts with the comfortable blue color.
jar design  pf 3a6d252e

AWP Express

Orange paper aeroplane is so striking to appear in the blue background.
awp express  pf cd7e4b12


Blue actually is quite symbolizing help and support.
givebeyond me  pf cd7e4b12

Luxus Creations

The island is like floating in the sky because of the blue background.
luxus creations  pf 3a6d252e


“Get Me Fast” is expressed well and clear with the little boat on the ocean-like website.
getmefast  pf cd7e4b12

Tympanus Web Development

Blue in both different gradients makes up a simple website.
tympanus web development  pf cd7e4b12


White sneaker with its colorful graphics is not a problem in blue site as well.
pumatalk  pf cd7e4b12

The Pixel

It is a sky, which is an obvious theme with a tree.
the pixel 1  pf cd7e4b12


Blue does look professional and formal.
alexswanson  pf 3a6d252e


Black, with a little blue, can be outstanding among all black pages.
blueray  pf cd7e4b12


It is so nice-viewing to eyes when looking at this web page.
owltastic  pf cd7e4b12

nude designs

It seems a spotlight hidden behind the black top toolbar.
nude designs  pf cd7e4b12

Artis School

The sun with clouds should be well-based on top of blue color.
artis school  pf cd7e4b12

Loewy Design

Different blue gradients in similar size of boxes is so fantastic.
loewy design  pf 3a6d252e

Creative Nights

Dark blue sometimes is used as a night theme but it is not representing pure black.
creative nights  pf cd7e4b12

Blackwave Creative Web Design & Development

Because of the word,”Wave”, blue is again a suitable candidate.
blackwave creative web design and development  pf cd7e4b12


Not only black and white, but also red can be the words too.
icelab  pf cd7e4b12

Birdie Web Design

Birdie website lives well under blue color.
birdie web design  pf 3a6d252e

Mochi Media

Blue website does not tell you to make the whole website in blue color only.
mochi media  pf cd7e4b12

Serj Kozlov

To make up the sky image, blue is still here to help.
serj kozlov  pf cd7e4b12


Blue is so tally with the cartoon graphics.
carbonmade  pf cd7e4b12


This webpage is a huge sea.
piipe 1  pf 3a6d252e


Words below is purposely written in blue color too.
mooty  pf cd7e4b12

Los Colores Olvidados

Can you imagine this is a sky with thick clouds?
los colores olvidados  pf cd7e4b12

Black Sea Fisheries

When you think of fisheries, blue is here to welcome you.
black sea fisheries  pf cd7e4b12

Custom Kitchens

Without gradient, blue can turn itself to a sleek color.
custom kitchens  pf 3a6d252e

The Great Bearded Reef

The website is cute, and the message is clear enough without more information.
the great bearded reef  pf cd7e4b12

The Alamo Basement

As above, you can see how this web designer put the blue inside the night theme.
the alamo basement  pf cd7e4b12


Blue toolbar is sufficient enough to be different.
deckpeck  pf cd7e4b12

Gradient App for OS X

Put any color, as the circle in the center, on blue base is just nice.
gradient app for os x  pf cd7e4b12

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