40 Remarkable Brochure Designs

Every time when we walk through the streets, or when we visit an event we see them; in fact we even find them in our mailbox as well. But we never gave them much thought, after all they were practically stuff into our hands, without taking so much as a glance we would probably stuff those brochures or flyers into our bags or toss them into the nearest trash can. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that we do not appreciate the work of others, but more likely because we received these brochures on a daily basis. By the end of the day all these brochure designs look pretty much the same, plain, boring and full of facts.

However, a brochure is meant to do more than just reaching the hands of the audience, it is actually a key component when it comes to promoting, advertising and marketing an event, campaign or products. Which is why, designers will have to put more effort to hold the interest of the public by putting in more effort on the brochure designs. A normal brochure design could come in a variety of sizes or colors. They could be folded or bound or perhaps just act as a simple one-page leaflet; but they have one thing in common they contain details or information on a certain event, campaign or products. No matter how they were designed, brochures were meant to act as a guide or manual; passing on the message and details to the public; which is why the brochure design act as an important element to attract the attention and pique the curiosity of the public.

A great brochure design will make people notice it at first glance leading the person the read or find out more about the contents printed on the brochure. Not only that the brochure design could also act as advertising product giving a small preview to let the audience know what they are about to expect. Besides looking attractive to attract the intended audience, great brochure designs should also convey the right message, information printed on the brochure should be a summary and it should be easy to understand. Most of all, a great brochure design should stand out from the crowd and just screams to be picked-up and read!

Perhaps instead of talking we should just show you the brochure design examples that we found when we browse through some of them. These brochure design examples were simply amazing and just plain creative. It is a wonder how these designers could come up with such inspiring and unique designs. We hope to share these unusual brochure design examples and hope you find inspiration from them too!

Repertory Season & Nutcracker Brochures

The designs employs innovative, custom die-cuts and vibrant imagery, color and messaging.

Paniq Hang Tag

A round-shape brochure is sure to attract attention.

Banksy Typography in Motion/Print

The booklet consist of several panels measuring at 4×4 and folds in an accordion style that spans out to over 10 feet long.

VERTO Booklet

Booklet designed by VERTO landshaft design company.

Booklet for Contemporary Slovenian Writers

A booklet originally created as a give-away promotion on the Frankfurt book fair.


Brochure designed for IamExpat; the five color pallete was inspired by different skin colours and used in random order to create mosaics effect.

Best Brochure

A card sized brochure with different design on each leaf.

2010 Epic Awards

he foldings of this brochure resembles origami, unfold to reveal hidden pages…


A brochure designed to look like a passport inside and out.

Anchure Brochure

Brochure design for a camcorder.


A unqiue brochure to help promote a music festival.


A fold-out front combined with gray and orange colors creates a highly original design for this brochure.

Hollywood Cooks

A pop up brochure for a comedy/reality television show.

California Academy of Sciences

Designed to closely resemble a restaurant menu.

Kung Fusion Brochure

A colourful and animated brochure for Kung Fu.


A brochure designed by a student for their college project.

Triangular Folding Brochure

The triangular folding matches the logo of TVNZ 7.

Cantine Russo

A brochure with a clean and classic design.

Jennifer James Wright: Creative Marketing Folder

A brochure designed to resemble a folder.

Brochure Cultural Events 2009

A brochure with intricate graphic design for a cultural event in 2009.

Nick Cave

The main attraction of this brochure lies in the texture and quality of the materials that it is printed on.

Alaris Brochure

Hexagon shaped trifold brochure with high gloss spot UV.


Brochure for an independent mountain sports shop.

MDIS Open House

Brochure for MDIS Open House 2008.

Vespa brochure

This is a brochure for a Vespa veteran show in Norway.


The Wire brochure designs mixes different shaped and colors with a unique pull-out design.

Harvey Nichols New Brands

Brochure designed for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

Heavenly Creatures Brochure

Check out the wings that comes out of the brochure!

Inspiration Brochure

Brochure designed to answer the theme based of a person’s inspirational process with at least one di-cut.


A simple and minimal design for South False Creek-Habitat.

Twombly Photography

A custom brochure/direct mail piece with custom photography samples sent out in a hand sealed envelope.


Brochure desiged for Cecac 2008.

WWF Climate Change Publication

A brochure that can unfold into a poster.

Metronet Sales Brochure

The front cover is uncoloured with only embossed words to give it a minimal design.

BAM Next Wave Festival

Brochure for NEXT Wave Festival events presented by Brooklyn Academy of Music.


The main attraction on this brochure lies in its graphical design.

Gusso Flores

A simple and creative designed for a florist.

Tipping Street Development Brochure/Booklet

A bounded brochure that provided detailed design information about the redevelopment project of Tipping Street.

Invitation Booklets

A beautifully designed invitation booklet suitable for wedding occasions.

Absolute Vodka Booklets

A booklet that takes the shape of a vodka bottle.

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