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Chrome OS vs. Other Laptops: Which is Better?

If you had to choose, would you select a Windows, Mac or Chrome OS? Before making a decision, you first need to inquire about the apps and software they run, not to mention the specs each device has to offer.

In the end, it may undoubtedly be Chromebook. Unravel the mystery as to what makes Chromebooks an excellent companion regardless of whether one is a professional or a student.

What is a Chromebook?

Even though most people view Chromebook as a more affordable laptop model, some people find it weird to call them a laptop, seeing as these cheap minicomputers used only to run Android apps. In other words, Chromebooks were regarded as a sophisticated version of Android devices.

However, due to technological advancement, these Chromebooks are now capable of running Google web apps as well. The latest version of Chromebook OS can already support Microsoft applications.

This is fantastic news for anyone looking for a handy and affordable laptop. However, if you plan on using Chromebook, there is a severe need for an Internet connection since most of the running apps on the said device can only operate using the web.

In the meanwhile, because the latest developments have made Chromebook so much like the traditional laptop, one can already download and install offline apps.

What Led to the Invention of the Chromebook?

The development of the Chromebook came to be because of the netbook’s defeat. One of the significant problems in the past was the lavish price of laptops, not to mention its heaviness.

You can also add the slow speed of Windows to the list. Since Windows is an operating system commonly used by the elite and mediocre alike, it was more prone to Trojans and viruses, resulting in a slower functionality.

Manufacturers figured they could recreate a different version of the typical laptop, but this time a smaller one seeing as people were expecting them to be more affordable.

The solution was to replace Windows with a more reliable operating system: Linux. Unfortunately, the plan only remained to be a promise until the netbook was eventually phased out.

In the end, manufacturers chose Windows over Linux because of the apparent reason: everyone knew Windows while the Linux was far off when it comes to market demand.
Windows could not support fast functionality for a device as small as a netbook, especially since they had low-functioning memory chips. Netbooks were envisioned to be a grand evolution for the laptop. However, the outcome did not turn out as good as people first thought.

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Since Chromebooks operated through an Internet connection, specs was never a problem; thus people finally got the affordable, fast and reliable laptop they always wanted.

However, evolution did not stop there. Before people knew, it then became possible to download offline software to Chromebook just like you would an ordinary laptop.

Difference Between Chromebooks and Other Laptops


• You Are the Master of Your Data

Most laptops require you to download and install software before usage. However, with the Chrome OS, you are given full control. The system was initially created for online uses. It goes without saying one can begin to operate certain apps without using up your laptop’s storage memory.

On the other hand, you may also opt to install and download offline apps to your laptop. However, you may need to perform a different set up for offline apps.

• Updates Are Done Automatically

Most users would complain about the waiting period regarding the downloading and installing of updates, not to mention the number of booting times required.

With Chrome OS, the system automatically updates your OS, drivers, apps, and software altogether in the background as you perform your tasks.

• Chromebook is Cloud-Based

Since other laptops are mostly hardware-based, the amount of software installed makes the computer lag. In contrast, because using Chrome OS means that everything is done online, the performance of tasks are accomplished at a much faster pace.


Advantages of Using Chromebook Over Any Other Laptop

Chromebook Pro

1. Battery Life

Lots of people find that the most sought-after laptops are the ones with longer battery life. The personal computer will always be above any laptop. It goes without saying, those seeking laptops are people who are still on the go. Thus it is imperative that they look for a computer that can last for more extended periods.

Chromebooks are an excellent choice for people who put a major on battery life seeing as, at the very least, these mini laptops can go on for a whole day. Of course, there are also Chromebooks with far better batteries.

You will undoubtedly find other laptops with long-lasting batteries. However, you will not find one as affordable as Chromebooks.

Some people who don’t put a premium on the cost. They place more significant an emphasis on the overall functionality of the batteries. If that is the case, Chromebooks remain to be a good choice seeing as people would still instead go for the best price. If there were two laptops for purchase, the first one being a Chromebook and other being an ordinary laptop, people would still avail Chromebooks if they both have the same battery life.

2. Portability

During the age of thick computers, traditional laptops were already considered as a portable computer. However, thanks to tech development, people realized how heavy these machines were for traveling. It goes without saying that the manufacturers eventually developed a slimmer version of these laptops. The problem with them is again the price. Since there is a high demand for compact and portable netbooks, their cost tends to be higher compared to full laptops.

Chromebooks are not as slim as most of the new model laptops out there, but they are thin and compact enough to be comfortably brought with you during your personal or business ventures.

Not all who purchase laptops put a premium on portability since some people would rather leave their computers at home. However, if you can find a laptop that’s cheap and portable enough to be hand carried or hidden in your backpack for your adventures, most people would not want to miss out on a chance to make the purchase.

3. Security

Due to the popularity of the Windows OS, they also happen to be the one prone to most viruses and malware. Apart from risking the safety of user’s data, it also slows down the functionality of the laptop.

Since Chromebooks run the Chrome OS, it is considered as an extremely secure operating system. The problem with the standard OS is that most hackers already had a decent time experimenting with them to create programs that can track and steal the data of users.
Essentially, the Chrome OS is just an Internet operating system. Apparent in the name, the system is being operated by Google itself. Without further ado, the Chrome OS is as secured as the Google website is.

Because the Internet is basically running the OS, you can expect updates to be done automatically. There is no need to be troubled about whether your software and system are all up-to-date.

Of course, that does not imply that the Windows OS is all that bad. Despite its susceptibility to viruses, the system is perfectly capable of providing software that prevents virus invasion from occurring. It is also capable of delivering automatic updates just like Chrome OS. However, you do have to customize the settings.

Chrome OS’ smart lock feature is yet another perk that shouldn’t be dismissed. The role of the smart lock feature is to allow you to just click on your login image whenever you want to turn your laptop on. Before you can take advantage of this feature, you need to sync your laptop with your mobile phone. This is done to ensure that the owner is the only one who can manipulate your laptop’s security features.

Of course, the smart lock features would not be so great if not for its ability to let its users turn the laptop off whenever they are on a trip or activity wherein they will not be using the Chromebook. Thus, no one will gain access to your computer until you customize your phone’s smart lock feature again to turn the computer on.

4. Quick Boot Time

Other operating systems have improved over the ages. However, the Chromebook is still considered as among the fastest booting devices, which is primarily due to Chrome OS and internet-based productivity.

Apart from the load time, performance is also impressive. Despite having a lightweight operating system, it features excellent performance being handled by the Google Company.
The speed is not limited to the booting time. The performance is just as quick. Most laptop users are in dire need of a device that can boot up quickly. Thus Chromebook would be an excellent choice for them.

A typical Windows OS features apps that have to be downloaded. Due to the numerous apps being installed on the laptop, the device tends to run a bit slower compared to the Chrome OS.

Some people assert that Windows is a far greater OS compared to Chrome, primarily due to specs. While it is true that the Chrome OS does not possess terrific specs, there is no need for them.

5. Price

Price is a huge factor for any person thinking of buying a laptop. Most people look for affordable computers, but at the same time, perfectly capable of satisfying their needs such as speed, performance, and many more.

In today’s age, one will hardly find a cheap laptop carrying all the features that a modern person wants. With higher specs comes a higher price.

Some people who don’t put a premium on price since they care more about the performance of their device. However, there are not many people who have the budget to spend on an expensive laptop.

If that is the case with you, then Chromebooks is an excellent choice to consider. Because they aren’t well-known for specs, they usually come at affordable prices while retaining high performance due to the Google-handled OS.

Prerequisites to Using a Chromebook

Chromebook tips

There isn’t a need to replace your current laptop if you want to switch to Chrome. Chrome OS is an open-source operating system that can be downloaded and installed by anyone. However, if you plan on making the switch, here are the minimum requirements to run the software.


Your computer will need at least 2GB of RAM to run Chrome OS. As of this moment, 2GB is the standard, but according to recent updates from Google, they are contemplating the possibility of changing it to 4GB.

• Storage Size

Before running Chrome OS on your computer, it is mandatory that you have at least 16GB storage capacity. The size is enough if you intend to use the system via the Internet. If not, it is recommended that your computer should have 32GB SSD so that your laptop will be given more significant capacity for offline apps.

• Processor

To run the Chrome OS on your computer, you will only need an entry-level processor at the minimum. If you intend to use the computer for more complicated processing such as gaming or movies, then you may go for bigger processors.

• Screen Size

The Chrome OS will need a standard screen size of 11.6-inch. However, the system is also good for 13 – 15-inch monitors.

Tips and Tricks for Chromebook

Tips and Tricks for Chromebook

If you value speed and performance, it may be a good idea to switch to Chrome OS. However, because this is your first time using the OS, you may need some getting used to with some of its features. Check out some of these tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your Chromebook experience.

• Begin Setting Up Your Shelf

The moment you open your laptop, you will see several web app icons on the home screen. In an ordinary notebook, this space is called “home,” but since you are using Chromebook, know that it is well-regarded as the shelf.

If you are someone who values a laptop’s speed, then you may want to start pinning apps that you most will be using a lot often so that you do not have to go through numerous clicks just to locate the app.

• Sync Your Laptop with Your Android Phone

Security is just as important as performance. Without further ado, you should connect your phone to your laptop since the smart lock feature that Chrome OS is currently boasting about can only be activated through this synchronization.

You will see a clock at the lower right section on your monitor. Click on the icon, and then a menu will pop out. Click on advanced settings as soon as it appears. Scroll further down, and you will see smart lock for Chrome Beta option. Click on it; then another window will appear along with further instructions.

• Make Sure that You Haven Internet Connection

Chrome OS was initially created for online-based work. However, due to recent updates, it is now capable of installing offline apps.

Even so, you will still need a stable Internet connection to take full advantage of your Chromebook since most of its functionality is cloud-based.

• Learn How to Use Cloud Print

Since Chromebooks were not created for high-specs, it does have enough properties to be eligible to print documents like people are used to.

However, it does come with the cloud print feature, meaning to say that you can print your documents using your cloud printer, Chromebook and internet connection.
Google has a list of cloud supporting printers on its website. You may want to check that out as you go further with your Chromebook.

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If you do not find your printer model in the list, you have the option to add the model to the list. However, it is mandatory that the printer you are using be also connected to a Mac or Windows device.

• Personalize The Laptop

You may download a photo from the internet, or you can save an already-present image to your flash drive. To use it as your wallpaper, you only have to touch the home screen with two fingers for a specific menu to pop up. Second, you click on “set wallpaper,” and then another window will pop up where you can select images for your wallpaper.

• Enable Offline Functionality

Most people are aware that Chromebooks are already capable of supporting offline apps. However, they have no idea how to operate it. Before you can indulge in the offline functionality of Chrome OS, you need to activate it first.

To enable it, you need to click on your apps one by one and then select settings. From there, you can then activate the offline feature of Chrome OS.

While Chromebooks are considered to be a decent type of mini-computer due to its Chrome OS functionality among other things, your decision still has to rely on your needs. If you are someone who is in dire need of a quick online-based production, then Chrome OS is a good deal to consider.

However, if you are hot for offline apps, then you may want to explore other options.

Chrome OS vs. Other Laptops: Which is Better?

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