35 Creative Resume Designs To Attract Potential Employer

The one thing that is of upmost important when you are applying for a new job or position will most definitely be your resume. Your resume that list you background and skill sets serve as an introduction to your future employer before they decide to meet you in person. Therefore, it is wise if you manage to create a good and strong impression on your employer and spend some time on your resume design, especially when you are going to work in a field that requires wit and creativity. Being able to make your resume stand out among the others will give you a good chance to score an interview which will ultimately help you obtain your future position.

In today’s competitive market, it is not easy to get the attention that you want. This is when you realize you have been sending out tons of resume but receiving little to no reply. Perhaps it has little to with your skill sets, it might be that the employer has went through so many sets of resume that every other one seems similar by the end of the day. Therefore, it might be wise when you try to spice up your resume design instead.

Some of the more creative resumes out there tend to implement heavy graphic use; using the graphics to tell a story or create a game flow turning it into a viewing pleasure. These creative resumes are also visually appealing using different colors and fonts to give it a more personal touch and also to allow the candidate’s personality shine through at the same time. Therefore, it is not surprise that these creative resumes will attract the attention of any potential employer.

However, one should bare in mind that despite creative resume designs, one should also make sure that your details and your contents listed on should be easy to understand and not confuse your employer. It is also important to take note of the industry that you are applying to, seeing that sectors that are more formal might not take your creative resume design well if they are only expecting a straightforward resume instead of a graphical and complicated one.

That said; we have a list of some of the more impressive and creative resume designs here for this topic and hope that our selections here can help you get started. Oh, and good luck for the upcoming interview!

Creative Resume I Designed for Class

How about using Google’s layout to make your resume look more impressive.

Creative Resume – Francis

Using your own figure head as a background to tell your story.

Creative Resume – Chuckdlay

An artistic resume for a designer.

Creative Resume – Sean Mcnolly

A resume with graphics and charts.

Creative Resume – Jolie Odell

Resume of a graphic designer with a record as its background.

Creative Resume – Mari Rybak

A resume written in Polish.

Creative Resume – Gregg Dizzia

Using a chart to describe their experience and work performance is another way to make your CV appear to be more interesting.

Creative Resume – Sofiane

A resume that uses a textured background of a crumpled paper.

Yingzhu Luqiu Resume

A resume presented in a non-traditional manner.

Resume Updated by twolapdesigns

A simple yet sophisticated resume designed with clever usage of colors and outlines.

icART resume by icasialnrdy

A sleek resume designed by using media images just makes this resume stand out.

Resume by Akashrine

A resume that incorporates a personal icon/ logo to it gives it more of a personal touch.

CV by Giemax

While not entirely easy to read.

Resume by ruSh.Me

A resume that resembles a brochure.

Wanted Resume 2008

A resume designed to resemble a Wanted poster.

Resume – Passport

A resume designed to resemble a passport.

Boardgame resume

A fun and interesting board game resume ready to spice things up.

Mini Resume Card Folded

All you need is a card to advertise all of your expertise.

Comic Resume

A great way for those who wish to introduce themselves with a great impression.

Booklet Resume

Instead of a boring sheet of paper, the designer compiled their work and turn their resume into a booklet-portfolio.

Matthew Weidner Resume

A clean and impressive resume that is appropriate for all occasion.

Creative Resume template

A resume with boldness in its design and a visual impact layout to match.

Box ad 2.1

A self-promo cut-out box as your very own resume.

Google Map Resume

Another creative take on a resume that resembles Google earth/Map.

CV by Uito2

How about using bars to show your expertise levels?

Resume W.I.P

An unusual resume design that uses the train lines.

Resume by Cheektocheek

Designed with polka dots with a take on an artsy persona.

Resume by heydani

Another resume sample that puts typography into good use.

Typographic Resume

A typographic resume using a tilting layout with the designer’s name as the centrepiece.

Resume by brazilnut

A simple resume with beautiful layout and striking colors.

Rei’s resume by Rei-pash

A classic black textured background is used for this classy resume.

Resume by xiruxiru

Designer uses different fruit and colors for each category.

A resume – duhkine

A resume that resembles a menu.

Cirriculum Vitae by mistis

Resume was designed with graphics from different sources.

Resume Confidential – 2008

The creator of this resume is honoured to be one of the top 45 Creative Resumes on the Internet.

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