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Designing with Black: Techniques on How to Create this Artwork


In science, black is not considered a color. Only black do not emit or reflect light from a spectrum, instead, it absorbs it. It sometimes describe as achromatic or hue less. However, in practice, people consider it a color, like a “black cat”. There are many connotations about black, some consider it as gloomy or wicked, but others look at it as sexy, elegant and powerful. Depending on the approach and interpretation, anything can be possible with black. In art, there is beauty in black. Art covers a diverse range of human activities and using black as an artwork often applies to visual art such as painting, fashion and photography.


Depending on the artist, one can make a masterpiece out of a black canvas. Applying paint to a canvas or graphite paper are most techniques done in drawings and paintings. However, for those artists who are interested in all types of art, considering starting on a solid black surface and removing bits and pieces of the coating might create an artwork. And then adding color to the removed pieces of the black background to create the image might as well interest. You can use any coloring materials depending on your desire. Make sure that the color you are using is emphasized and is not being overpowered by the dark background.

A black-colored pastel paper can also be useful. Both soft pastels and oil pastels can be use with the black-colored pastel paper. You can use the black-colored pastel paper as a background. You may also use an opaque water-based paint such as acrylic or gouache. Setting up a still life and then making a drawing of the setup with sticks of oil or soft pastels can also be done. To get the feel of the combination of dark paper and stick medium, you will need to do several drawings. In doing this, one should have a valuable experience in working with a dark background and learning how to build forms and shapes with the materials.

Scratch boards can also be use. It is a specially prepared art board wherein the paper is mounted on wood, and then covered with white clay and a black ink. Using a special scratching tool, a knife blade, drawings are made by removing the black ink to reveal the white clay beneath. Abstract designs are mostly created, however creating an image that is realistic and with excellent details are also possible.

Mono-typing is another technique. It is a printmaking process. A glass plate is first covered with black ink (any color ink can be used). The design or image is made on the plate by scratching or scraping away part of the black surface while the ink is still wet. A piece of white paper is then press in order for the ink to be transferred to create the final picture or design. It is termed mono-type because each piece or plate of glass will produce one final image. This process of creating a mono-type is just only one of many ways. The use of a black ink surface is still a challenging way to begin printmaking.


Black is sexy, elegant and powerful in Western countries. Black is always fashionable. The term “X is the new black” refers to the latest trend and fad. The value of a black fashion never fades in the fashion industry.

On a night out and parties, black clothes can be worn with accessories and closed heels of fine shoes or even black. Pair you dress with a stylish hairstyle. You are in a party thus it does not require a formal hairstyle.

In offices, just dress with accessories high-quality cardigan jacket or even a jacket. Wear a pair of pumps with low heels to convey the meaning of “work to look “. Use a superior set of earrings and ponytail hair.

In particular and formal occasions, a nice set of accessories of jewelry is better. Use a belt if you use a black dress tube for the promotion to the shape of your body. If wearing a tube dress, never use a necklace. To full the look, pair dresses with an elegant set of high heels. It is important to keep black clothes in the closet for you to use in the future because black fashion never fades. It can be easily mixed and matched with different accessories depending on your taste and the event.


Picture taking nowadays is very advance. Thanks to the technology, it became digital. However, there is something about black and white photography that is quite sexy. Black and white photos simply look stunning and very effective. For whatever reason, it does create some magic in it that we are drawn to them. The two elements why some photographers use black and white is for creative value and also, some ugly images somehow works well in black and white. It makes visuals stunning and put character on it.

In shooting black and white pictures, you should shoot in raw format. RAW format means that when you shoot, or take a picture, your camera has the most minimal digital processing. You will have the greatest flexibility in editing you photos when you are shooting in raw format.

Shoot in low ISO. It is recommended to shoot at the lowest ISO setting because higher ISO gives more grain in the photos. Pay attention to shades and shadows. Black and white photos have a limited color scheme because it’s monochromatic. So it’s important to pay attention to small details especially with lights, for you to have great photos.

The above mentioned techniques are just some of the many ways in designing with black. You can create many things out of a black canvas, black dress, or a black background. You can apply and create something out of it. Anything can be match with the color black. It does not limit you for it offers wide options. You can do anything with black. Black holds a unique beauty and it never fades.

Designing with Black: Techniques on How to Create this Artwork