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25 Of The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List of 2019 – Earn Now!

Almost everyone wants a slice of the considered the highest affiliate marketing pie. For new affiliates, they may not be able to maximize their earning potential because they are still learning.

If you are one of them, you’re in luck because I made a list of the highest paying affiliate programs list that you can sign up today!


A Table of the 11 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs This 2019

This is just a partial (highly recommended list) if you want to read the whole list. you can continue reading it below



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50% profit share of your referral's sale!



Earn 35% of our commission for the first year



$150.00 Per Sale



Earn a 22% commission on the activation charge paid


Kinsta Hosting

Earn $50 to $500 after every signup


Max Bounty

5% bounty on their earnings for the first 12 months



$50/sale to 500$ per Sale



Refer 10 people and those 10 people make 100 sales each



you will earn 5% commission on everything they earn for the life of their account


BeRush Affiliate Program

Earn 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales


Shopify Affiliate Program

On the average, I earn US$58 if my referral subscribes to a standard plan. If it is a Shopify-plus account, I can even make as much as US$2,000 as commission. The affiliate program is for the recruitment of merchants who want to sell on Shopify and not for the recruitment of fellow affiliates.


What Does Being an Affiliate Mean?

Man Hand writing Get Paid To Share with black marker on visual s

An affiliate is a person or company who is a partner of a merchant or business website through its highest paying affiliate programs list.

Like me, he promotes the products or services of the said business through different promotion tools or visual elements that the merchant provides. He receives his biggest payment if his referrals become customers.

As an affiliate, I can take advantage of its various benefits:

  • Maximize my earning potential with little or no effort and cost
  • The free and quick registration process to join an affiliate program
  • Place ads to my website that does not require advanced HTML skills
  • Does not require specialization or expertise on the merchant’s products and services
  • Very low or no risk for earning additional revenue
  • Excellent merchant support regarding ads updates and promotions


How Do Online Affiliate Programs Work?

When I decided that I want to be an affiliate, I searched for some highest paying affiliate programs list. affiliate marketing cycle illustration designI discovered some network of members and filled up the application form so that I can become a member. I entered some personal information as well as some information about my site.

Then, I agreed to a service agreement. I did not pay anything to become a member.

Once approved by an affiliate network, I picked some highest paying programs that I found interesting. I found out that some programs charge a fee, so I stayed away from them. Then, merchants of my chosen programs reviewed my website.

Once approved, the affiliate network walked me through the process of using the right links. Then, it established a payment arrangement with me. Usually, affiliate networks set a minimum payout amount, so I do not receive the money unless I earn enough. Then, I set up the links on my website to start making money.

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress


Payment Arrangement Types

  • Pay-per-sale or Cost-per-sale

It means that the merchant will not pay me unless I refer a customer who buys something. Often, in this type of payment arrangement, I receive either a fixed amount per sale or a percentage of the purchase.

  • Pay-per-click or Cost-per-click

The merchant pays me if my site visitors click on the link that directs them to the merchant’s site. Even if the visitors do not buy something, I still get paid.

  • Pay-per-lead or Cost-per-lead

In this kind of setup, I receive money for every visitor from my site that signs up as a lead. The visitor fills out a form at the merchant’s site, and he will be part of the sales lead.

  • Two-tier Program

This payment scheme is similar to a multilevel marketing strategy. In this plan, I receive my highest commission based on leads, clicks, or sales. I also receive money if I refer new affiliates to the merchant site.

  • Residual Program

In this scheme, I receive a commission every time a customer, who I referred, buys from the merchant’s site.

How To Make Money

How to Link to Merchant’s Site

  • Text-link

Sometimes, I include a text link within my content. Once clicked, it will direct my readers to the merchant site. I do this as a natural way to link to another website. It does not look like an advertisement, but I make sure that my content relates to the text link.

A banner link is a box that has an image and some texts. I often incorporate it to my website when I feel that the text link does not attract visitors to the merchant site.

  • Search box

This link is capable of searching an online database of another site. Then, the search results are links to pages on that other site. I do not use this strategy because I do not feel the need to add it to my site.


How Affiliate Programs Use Links

  • Link to Home Page

This strategy is the best when it comes to linking to a merchant site. A link from my site will direct my visitors to the home page of the merchant. I use this strategy when I want to introduce my visitors to the merchant site.

  • Product-specific Link

I use the product link if I want my readers to head to the merchant’s product page. This way, a customer can find the specific product easily. Also, the affiliate programs list process becomes simple with this strategy.

  • Storefronts

I use this strategy if I want my visitors to know the merchant’s various products. In this case, it is the responsibility of the merchant to change the product display as needed. Some merchants allow affiliates to customize the storefront page.

  • Co-branding

Some merchants will enable me to maintain my site identity through co-branding. In this strategy, the customer has the impression that he is still on my website. The only way he will know that he is in the merchant’s site is if he checks the URL on his browser.

  • Registration

If the merchant wants visitors to register, my link will direct them to a registration form on his site. This strategy saves time, especially if the merchant wants to maintain a leads database.


How Does a Merchant Determine if a Visitor Clicks From my Website?

Businessman point at sticky note

When I was starting as an affiliate, I was bewildered about the ways I could earn from the programs. But, as I began incorporating links to my content, I learned.

Each link that I posted on my content included my ID as an affiliate, the merchant ID, and the merchant site’s URL. Every time visitors click on the link, the merchant site records it as a visitor coming from my website content.

Through Internet cookies, the network monitors sales with my ID number and adds commission to my account. Whenever I reach the minimum payout amount, I can withdraw it.

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Advantages of Online Affiliate Programs (Top Paying Affiliate Programs)

As an affiliate, I can sell products and services to my website visitors without running a business. For merchants, they acquire customers from my referrals that they may not be able to get had I not referred these potential buyers.

For the customers, they can purchase products easily. Lastly, for the affiliate network, they gain commissions for setting up the whole system.


How to Earn More Money From Affiliate Programs

When I was starting with affiliate marketing, I did not earn much money. Then, I began focusing on affiliate programs that relate to my website and content. I learned to provide ads from merchants that my audience wants, and that supplement my content. This way, my readers click on links that best serve them.

For instance, if my website caters to voracious readers, I write reviews about books. Then, I provide the product link of the book I am reviewing. If my visitors want to buy the book, they can easily do so through the link that I provided on my content. I gain commission every time my readers purchase the book from my link.

Are There Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly?

Yes, there are. However, most of these programs take around 15 days to process the payments. Also, they have a minimum payout amount. So, affiliates who refer a significant number of customers to merchants can expect to receive payouts weekly on a regular basis.


25 of the Best Companies to be an Affiliate for

Flat line design website banner of saving money while shopping online


1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program (The #1 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs)


The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program allows me to earn a 40% commission for every person that I refer successfully. It has a boot camp program that everyone can join to learn how he or she can earn from ClickFunnels. I received excellent training from the boot camp on how to promote products that it offers. I learned how to build an online business and use Facebook Ads.

But, ClickFunnels is a paid membership program. A member can pay US$97 monthly for the basic package. For every successful referral, I receive 40% of the membership fee per month as long as the member keeps paying his dues.

For instance, if I can refer ten people to the program, I can receive as much as US$388 per month. If these people become regular members, I can get around US$4,656 a year. If I continue to promote ClickFunnels religiously, I can even leave my 8-hour job permanently and enjoy life.

Furthermore, I also earn a 5% commission from everything that my referral promotes.  So, if my referral promoted ClickFunnels and was able to sign up ten people in a month, I can receive US$48.50 from it. If I have ten people that were able to refer ten people each, I can receive US$485 from their efforts.

With ClickFunnels, the highest earning affiliate potential is endless. Think of the money that you can earn by promoting the merchant on your blog.


2. FlexOffers ( Among The Biggest Commision Earning Affiliate Programs)

FlexofferFlexOffers is one of the highest paying affiliate programs that I know. An affiliate network brings together advertisers and publishers by offering complete solutions. I can have access to different payment solutions and products with their growing list of vertical markets. I can choose from at least 10,000 advertisers that I can help promote.

What I like about this network is that I can receive higher payouts than being a direct affiliate of an advertiser because FlexOffers provide volume sales to their advertisers. As a publisher, I collect my payouts on a NET 30 basis. However, if you can generate a lot of volume in your promotions, you can receive your payments on a NET 7 basis. If you can make at least US$5,000 monthly revenues, you can earn your money in a week.

Another essential feature of FlexOffers is its FlexRev-$hare program. If I refer more affiliates to the network, I can receive at least a 50% profit share. What I also like is that I can choose a highest earning affiliate programs from various industries. Since I maintain different blogs, I can choose affiliate programs that relate to my blogs’ content.

As an affiliate, I did not spend anything to join the network. Commission rate, however, varies depending on the merchant/advertiser. So, I suggest that you choose merchants that pay higher commissions than the others.

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3. VigLink ( Among The Largest Affiliate Network Today)


One of the things I like about VigLink is that I do not need to worry about putting affiliate links to my content. Even if I forget to add the links, the affiliate network does it for me. If I put an unaffiliated hyperlink, VigLink changes it an affiliate link so that I can earn money.

For example, I finished writing a review about iPhone XS, and I put an unaffiliated link to the iPhone product. VigLink will convert it to an affiliate link so that when my readers click on it and buy, I earn money. Also, if I forget to put related links to my blog post, VigLink will search product mentions and insert an affiliate link so that I can monetize my article.

I can also opt to have an automatic FTC disclosure that VigLink provides on an affiliate link. Another feature that I like is that VigLink allows me to turn my social media posts to a moneymaker. It generates a shortened URL that I can post anywhere I want.

Like FlexOffers, VigLink does not have a standard commission rate. The advertiser/merchant determines how much commission an affiliate can get for every successful action of the referral. Thus, if you want to earn money through this network, you must ensure that you write quality content to attract more readers.

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4. ShareASale ( Has the List of the Best High Paying Affiliate Programs)

ShareasaleIn ShareASale, I earn commissions in two ways: pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. Some merchants offer to pay based on the number of leads that I bring to their websites. For instance, I direct my readers to a site that provides a newsletter when they sign up. The advertiser pays me an amount for every sign-up.

Some merchants also offer commissions on every sale. For example, my reader clicks the affiliated link and decides to buy the product. I receive a share of the profit from it. Although this type of affiliate program pays a higher commission than the pay-per-lead, it also has the lowest conversation rate.

The commission rate varies depending on the merchant. Thus, I only choose merchants that offer a high price. Another thing that I like about ShareASale is that I can edit the affiliated link. Sometimes, readers become wary if they see ugly links because they think they are spam. Thus, I can use plugins on my WordPress site to hide these links.

I have a strategy that I want to share with you. I only promote products with a high payout on a single sign up. Some of the products pay only a few cents per sale. It will take me forever to earn sizable revenue from them. Thus, I promote products that offer high commissions.

But, I only choose products that fit my blog content and niche because readers do not want bloggers who promote immaterial products.

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5. Rakuten Marketing (Best Paying Affiliate Programs)

Rakuten MarketingRakuten Marketing provides a user-friendly interface that I like. When I was starting with affiliate marketing, this network allows me to learn the ropes. Since it has at least 1,000 brands, I have the opportunity to choose products that offer high incentives. Like the other high paying affiliate programs, Rakuten does not have a fixed payout scheme. The commission rate depends on the amount that the merchant is willing to pay.

One thing that I like about Rakuten Marketing is that it offers customized deep linking and rotating banners. I can customize the ad unit depending on my requirements. But, if you are not a techie, you can use the standard ad unit provided by the affiliate network. Rakuten gets high scores when it comes to its tech implementation.

If you want to try Rakuten, you must first know that payment terms are not standard. You need to wait for the advertisers to pay the affiliate network before you receive your share of the commission. You may need to wait for at least a month before you get your payment. However, there is no minimum payout amount. It means that you can receive whatever you earn for the month without waiting for your amount to reach the minimum threshold.

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6. Clickbank (Highest Paid Affiliate Programs Today)

clickbankClickbank has at least 12,000 merchants and is famous for anyone selling digital products. It offers around 70% commission per sale. Therefore, if I promote a US$100 product on my blog, I can get US$70 commission if my reader clicks the link and buys the item. You may think that it’s too good to be true. But, the commission scheme is possible because the products that are in Clickbank are mostly digital.

Although most affiliate networks have a payout schedule of 30 days, Clickbank can pay bi-weekly or weekly. Also, it has no restrictions for new affiliates. Some systems may be cautious because of fraudulent members who can jeopardize their relationships with vendors and advertisers by utilizing shady techniques in promoting the products. Thankfully, Clickbank is newbie friendly.

So, how much can an affiliate earn from Clickbank? Although your earning potential depends on the kind of product you promote and the manner you promote it, you can gain sizeable revenues from it. For instance, if the average commission is US$30, you only need four people to buy it from your link daily to earn about US$3,600.

However, your earning potential also depends on the traffic your content generates. Thus, it is crucial that you provide material that has the potential to become viral. This way, you can capture an audience that can decide to purchase the digital product you are promoting.

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7. MoreNiche

morenicheMoreNiche is an affiliate network for the health and beauty industry. If you want to try the niche or is already supporting it, you can try MoreNiche. It pays large commissions; as such, internet marketers refer to it as one of the highest paying affiliate programs. Also, it only accepts brands that are ethical and exclusive in sports nutrition, general health and beauty, weight loss, and men’s health.

Since most brands are exclusive to MoreNiche, I get higher commissions than the other affiliate networks. Depending on the product, I can receive as much as 50% commission per sale. Moreover, most of the brands use lifetime cookies. It means that I receive a commission from repeat orders.

Some brands are popular, but they pay low commissions. Therefore, you may decide to promote both well-known and high paying brands. Aside from excellent commissions, merchants also offer generous incentives. For instance, I received close to US$1,000 for my top performance in promoting Evolution Slimming. Also, some merchants offer bonuses for advertising their new products.

What I like about MoreNiche is that I can receive payouts bi-weekly. The affiliate network can pay in EUR, GBP, and USD. Also, it can pay through Skrill, Wire, Payoneer, and Paypal.

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8. Max Bounty

MaxbountyIf you want to increase your return-on-investment and maximize your profit, you can try MaxBounty. As the name suggests, it pays the highest rates for affiliates and ensures to pay the maximum amount to members at any traffic type. It offers various affiliate payment schemes like cost-per-action, cost-per-lead, mobile, pay-per-call. As an affiliate, I have access to at least 1,500 campaigns in multiple categories every day.

What I like about MaxBounty is that it offers an incentive if a newbie makes US$1,000 each month for the next three months. The new affiliate will get a bonus of US$1,000 in the fourth month. Aside from the incentive, I find it easy to withdraw my earnings through Check, InterCheck, ACH, Bitcoin, PayPal, eCheck, or Wire.

Aside from the affiliate programs, MaxBounty also provides an innovative web hosting for affiliates. I have access to tech support 24/7 and top-level affiliate managers that I can consult to gain insights on how I can earn more from the network. However, compared with other cost-per-action affiliate networks, MaxBounty has fewer merchants on its roster. Thus, affiliates have fewer options.

However, for newbies, MaxBounty will allow them to learn more about affiliate marketing through its various easy-to-understand resources.

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9. AWeber Affiliate

aweberAWeber is an email automation tool for customers who want to collect email addresses and then send automated, broadcast, or even email campaigns to them. Some affiliates are also customers because it offers a valuable tool to them.

As an affiliate, I have access to email swipes, banners, custom links, video ads, and a free e-book that I can send to my email list. I get a 30% commission, not only the first sale but for every future payment of my referral if he or she remains a customer for a long time. Therefore, if he subscribes to the US$19 monthly package, I receive US$6 each month. If I have ten referrals, I earn US$60 monthly.

Regarding payout methods, AWeber can pay commissions through PayPay or by check. I get on the first day of each month. For instance, today is December 1. I can receive the money I earn from October 16th to November 15th. The minimum payout amount is US$30 for affiliates in the US. For non-US members, they need to make at least US$50.

As an affiliate, I earn from commissions. But, I can also be a customer. As an affiliate marketer, I need to improve my online presence. What I like about AWeber is that it can keep the cookie for a year. So, if a prospective customer decides to subscribe six months after he clicked the link on my content, I can still earn a commission from him.

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10. Peerfly

peerflyPeerfly is an affiliate network that focuses on the cost-per-action pricing model. It has at least 250,000 registered affiliates with about 75,000 active in different countries around the world. Therefore, for a newbie, you know how big your competitors are. However, you can get help from the network’s affiliate managers.

What I like about Peerfly is that it maintains a lean team. Therefore, it can provide better payouts to its affiliates. Plus, it guarantees to match or pay a higher rate if some affiliate networks pay above board. Moreover, it offers various payout options like Amazon gift cards, Wire, PayPal, Checks, Bitcoin, and Payoneer.

Newbies can receive free training and tools so that they can adjust to cost-per-action affiliate marketing. Using the right merchant match-ups and technology Peerfly helps affiliates to be on the right track to success. Since this is CPA-based, you have access to various marketing and conversion opportunities. Most people are not ready to buy, but they subscribe to mailing lists to receive offers. Thus, with cost-per-action marketing, you can achieve your earning potential easily.

If you decide to sign up with Peerfly as an affiliate, you must be ready with its rigorous application process. You need to provide as much information as possible when you apply as an affiliate. More importantly, you must prepare a marketing strategy and share it to Peerfly before you become an approved member.

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11. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify PartnersOn the average, I earn US$58 if my referral subscribes to a standard plan. If it is a Shopify-plus account, I can even make as much as US$2,000 as commission. The affiliate program is for the recruitment of merchants who want to sell on Shopify and not for the recruitment of fellow affiliates.

Merchants can take advantage of Shopify Lite for US$9; Shopify Basic for US$29; Shopify Simple for US$79; and Shopify Advanced for US$299. All prices are on a per month basis. Shopify also offers Shopify Plus where interested merchants can get preferential rates when they contact the sales team.

As an affiliate, I receive a 200% commission for the first payments for all the Shopify plans, except the Shopify Plus, which pays a fixed US$2,000 commission. I may have caught your attention with the 200% commission. It means that you get twice the monthly subscription amount, spread over two months after the merchant subscribed.

For example, your referral signed up for Shopify Advanced. You will receive a total of US$598 as commission, but you collect half of it after the first month, and the rest after the second month. You will not receive any recurring commission after the second month.

12. Binary Option Affiliates Affiliate ProgrammeBinary options are lucrative trading opportunities. As such, its affiliate programs are also profitable. Some programs offer revenue shares for long-term partnerships.

As an affiliate, I can promote the binary options broker and receive commissions either on a cost-per-action or revenue share. If the broker offers a cost-per-action payment scheme, I collect a one-time payment only. Usually, a broker can pay from US$200 to US$400 per conversions.

For revenue sharing, I receive a percentage of the broker’s profits. For instance, if a broker offers a 50% commission on a trader’s deposit, it means that I can receive as much as US$500 if the referral deposits US$1,000 to his trading account. The guaranteed profit share is not dependent on the trader’s winning or losing.

Being a binary options affiliate, you can receive consistent profit, especially if your website ranks high on Google or Bing, or your YouTube channel has a significant number of visitors who are willing to try binary options trading. If they click on the affiliate links and create an account with a broker, you earn the commission based on the amount of money that they deposit to it.

Since binary options’ trading is famous, why don’t you ride the wave of its popularity and become an affiliate?

13. GetResponse

getresponseGetResponse is similar to AWeber. They are both email responders that offer an affiliate program to promote their products.

As an affiliate, I can receive as much as 33% commission per subscription for life. I can opt to receive my payouts through PayPal or check. For instance, my referral signed up for the enterprise plan that costs US$799 per month. As long as he remains a subscriber, I can receive as much as US$263.67 monthly.

What I like about this affiliate program is its 120-day cookie life. If my referral clicks the affiliate link from my content, I still get the commission if he signs up within four months, provided he does not clear his cookies.

Concerning support, I have access to various marketing materials like infographics, web forms, text ads, email copy templates, and high converting banners to generate leads and sales. Support is also topnotch. I can consult with an experienced and dedicated affiliate manager for tips and strategies to promote the brand.

If you want to be an affiliate, you can choose to sign up with Commission Junction or through its website. You can also become a partner if you are a digital marketing agency that manages campaigns for your clients.

If you choose to sign up with Commission Junction, you can receive US$135 per sale. But, if you decide to go directly to GetResponse’s website, you can earn 33% recurring commission for every paid account. As long as your customer subscribes to the email-marketing tool and continue to pay the monthly dues, you can receive commissions for each payment.

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14. ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

ElegantThemes Affiliate ProgramElegant Themes is a merchant that sells various website themes and designs. Its affiliate program can generate as much as 50% of the sale from my referrals. I can promote its plugins and themes to my readers. In return, I get a commission every time my referrals buy from Elegant Themes. So, it is not a one-time transaction only. I also earn commissions from repeat customers.

The cookie is valid for six months from the time my reader clicked the affiliate link. If my referral buys within that period, I receive the 50% commission. So, if a referral pays the annual membership, I get US$44.50 from his payment. If I have five referrals, I receive US$222.50 yearly.

Joining the merchant’s affiliate program is simple. You need to enter your website address when you sign up. The company checks the quality of the blog before approving any affiliate applicant. If you want to sign up, you must know that it only pays commissions through PayPal.

To promote Elegant Themes, I use its banners, which come in various sizes. You can even create your images if you know how. Or, you can use the text link provided by the company.

To promote any of its plugins or themes, I write a review about it on my blog. Then, I incorporate the text link that my readers can click. I also put a banner at the side. I even use the banner image on my Facebook post with a hidden affiliate link.

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15. BeRush Affiliate Program

BeRush Affiliate ProgramWith BeRush, I can receive as much as US$159.98 monthly per referral to SEMRush, which is a service to improve the ranking of a website on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Through the service, a subscriber can also find out who his competitors are, what keywords they use for ranking, and what backlink profile they set up. He will also receive information on the websites that link to his content.

This way, the subscriber can get rid of those toxic backlinks that can cause Google to penalize his site. Also, he can receive ideas that he can use to improve his content for it to rank better than the others.

Since I am an affiliate, I can receive as much as 40% recurring commission for every sale. For example, my referral subscribed to a Guru plan and paid US$199.95 monthly. I receive US$79.98 per month from his subscription. Thus, if I have ten referrals to a Guru plan, I earn US$799.80 regularly from them.

BeRush uses the first cookie system. It means that if the visitor visits various BeRush affiliates, the company will pay the primary affiliate that he first inspected. Also, the cookie lasts for ten years, unless deleted by the user.

I receive payouts every 10th and 25th days of the month. BeRush pays through wire transfer or PayPal. However, if you opt for wire transfers, you must have a minimum payment amount of US$1,000. For PayPal payouts, you only need to accrue US$50 before BeRush pays you.

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16. CloudWays

CloudWaysCloudWays is famous among bloggers and affiliate marketers because of its high payout scheme. As a cloud-hosting platform, it is also one of the fastest growing in its field. Many affiliates and bloggers sign up to the affiliate program because of the high commission rates they receive for each sale. Also, they receive 10% recurring commission for every purchase.

For instance, I generate about 30 leads monthly for CloudWays. I earn US$25 first commission for every paid referral. Therefore, I earn US$750 for the 30 leads. If 20 of my leads subscribe to the US$100 monthly plan and the other ten leads subscribe to the US$50 plan monthly, I receive US$2,000 for my referrals accepted to the US$100 program, and US$500 for the ten leads.

If these 30 referrals become active users, I receive 10% recurring commission for each sale. Therefore, I receive US$250 monthly as recurring commission.

Joining the CloudWays Affiliate Program is easy if you have a blog or website. You need to sign up for it at the merchant’s site. Then, you can gain access to the dashboard after approval. You can use the various resources provided by Cloudways, like ads, links, and banners to promote the company through your content. If people click the affiliate link and sign up with CloudWays, you receive commissions.

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17. Kinsta Hosting

wordpress-hosting-affiliate-programKinsta pays as much as US$500 per referral. It is not only one of the highest, but it is the highest paying program in the web hosting field. Affiliates need to have a blog to promote the various services and products of the company. They can also use the affiliate link on their social media posts.

I signed up with the program by providing some basic info about myself plus my PayPal account for the payments. Then, I also offered my website URL and some information about its content. I had to wait for at most three days for the merchant’s approval or denial. Then, once approved, I started blogging about its products and services. I included my affiliate link on my reviews about Kinsta.

For instance, my referral signed up with Kinsta hosting for the Kinsta Starter Plan. I receive US$50 as commission. Then, I receive 10% recurring commissions from his subscription. I get US$100 if he gets the Pro Plan, US$150 for the Business Plan, and US$500 for the Enterprise Plan.

Therefore, if I have ten referrals for the Pro Plan, I can receive US$1,000 after they sign up. Then, I receive US$100 as recurring commissions from them. For new bloggers, it is best to gain traffic for your blog first before engaging in monetizing techniques.

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18. MaxCDN

maxcdnStackPath acquired MaxCDN recently, but it is still allowing the present set up for affiliates until such time that it can move the members to the new system. It has a strict process on affiliates’ approvals. Also, it ensures that each member includes CDNs on his blog or business.

MaxCDN offers a high payout for its affiliates. I get US$20 if my referral pays for the 100GB package. The highest payout that I can receive is US$12,500 per sign up to the 350TB package. So, if I have ten referrals for the 100GB plan, I can receive US$200 as commissions. In cases someone clicks the affiliate link from my blog and buys the 350TB plan, I earn US$12,500 as an affiliate.

The web hosting company does not have a minimum payout. Ergo, you can expect to receive payouts each month through Impact Radius, an affiliate network. Like the other merchants, you can use banners and text links in your blog, forum posts, and newsletters to promote MaxCDN. The affiliate program is perfect for tech bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. If you are one of the tech bloggers, you can take advantage of MaxCDNs affiliate program.

19. NameCheap

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free ForeverNameCheap is another web hosting company that has an affiliate program. If you are a tech blogger, then you can promote it on your blog posts.

As an affiliate, I can promote the company’s products and services, such as domain names, SSL certificates, and web hosting plains. In the old system, I get a 15% commission for my referrals who buy NameCheap’s products and services. It was a low commission compared to the web hosting affiliate standards. Now, I can earn as much as 30% commission for every sale. If my referral buys a domain name, I get a 20% commission. However, I receive a 30% commission for the other products and services.

If you want to take advantage of the earning potential from NameCheap, you need to sign up with Impact Radius, an affiliate network. After a promising sign-up process, you can start reviewing NameCheap and its products and services to start earning commissions. You can include the affiliate links to your content.

You only earn commissions if your referral signs up with NameCheap. If he used your affiliate link to buy a product, but he was already a member some years ago, you earn nothing from it. Thus, if you want to make money, you need to promote NameCheap and put its banner on your content.

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jvzooI like the affiliate cookie of JVZoo because if I use an affiliate link to one of its vendors, I can also earn commissions for other products that my referral buys from this merchant for life. For instance, my referral purchased a product from a JVZoo merchant through my affiliate link. Then, if he buys another product from the same vendor in the future, I can still earn a commission from it.

JVZoo pays commission for every sale. Also, you do not pay any fee to become an affiliate. You can take advantage of its various stats so that you’ll know which vendor has the best conversion and which ones have attractive offers. You will realize the stat’s worth when you see thousands of affiliate products that the network promotes.

If you want to become a JVZoo affiliate, you must understand that you can only promote products that relate to your content because your readers flock to your site for your niche. Thus, if they see an unrelated product on your blog, they will not buy it.

The affiliate network pays commission through PayPal. Therefore, if you do not have a PayPal account, you must first sign up for it. Like any other affiliate networks, you need to apply as an affiliate to your chosen vendors. You need to wait for their approvals because you can blog about their products and services.

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21. SkimLinks

SkimLinks is a tool that you can use to automate the process of affiliate marketing. If you create content and publish it to your website, it will generate the affiliate links automatically. Your visitors can click on the link to direct them to the merchant’s site. Even if you use an ordinary link, SkimLinks will change to an affiliate link. Also, if you forget to add the links, it can do it for you.

The affiliate network has at least 20,000 programs that can earn commissions for you. What I like about is that I do not have to manage the affiliate programs actively. Moreover, I gain access to data to have insights about popular products and merchants.

SkimLinks has a 25% cut from the commissions I earned. For example, I collected US$100 from referrals to a particular merchant. I get a 10% commission for it, and SkimLinks take 25% from my earning affiliate programs. Therefore, I only receive US$7.50 from the US$100 sale. If I have ten referrals to that vendor for the month, I will receive a US$75 commission from them.

Like the other affiliate networks, SkimLinks reviews your application for affiliate before you can start promoting a particular vendor’s products and services. You can install the add-on to your platform to start earning.

22. Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window provides various methods to monetize content. Instead of contacting every merchant or advertiser, affiliate marketers can apply through the network. They gain access to the network’s tracking and reporting tools that they can use to understand how they can influence their readers to buy from a vendor.

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Advertisers provide incentives so that affiliates can increase their promotions effectively. At the same time, the members earn money for their effort. I like Affiliate Window because it tracks a consumer’s actions on various devices. This information is crucial because I can come up with strategies to promote a vendor’s product to a gadget most commonly used by my visitors.

I can promote the vendor’s products and services through share links for the different social media platforms, and links to a particular product. I find it easy to advocate products because of these various methodologies. Moreover, some vendors offer discount codes that I can use in enticing readers to click my affiliate link.

Affiliate Window is the largest affiliate-marketing site in the United Kingdom. It has at least 2,100 merchants and 75,000 affiliates. Before it approves your application as an affiliate, you need to deposit £5 to its account. But, you don’t have to worry because Affiliate Window will add it to your balance. If you meet the minimum payment requirement, you can withdraw your earnings already.

23. Commission Junction

Commission JunctionCommission Junction uses traditional commission models for their affiliates. These models include pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead. But, CJ offers a two-tier commission plan. I earn US$2 referral commission upfront if I encourage other people to sign up with the affiliate network. So, if I can convince ten people to sign up using my affiliate link, I earn $20 instantly.

Also, I earn 5% commission for each commission earned by my referrals. But, this offer is only for new accounts. For instance, if those ten people become active members and each of them earns US$10 commission, I earn US$5 from the commissions they received. Thus, after a year, I can make as much as $60 from my referrals.

Aside from the two-tier commission plan for recruiting affiliates, I also earn commissions from merchants within the CJ network. The commission varies depending on the advertiser. I receive my payouts through check or direct deposit to my bank account. However, it takes 20 days for the whole payment process to get through. So, I can expect my previous month’s earnings to be in my account on the 20th day of the current month.

The minimum payout amount is US$50. Therefore, if I do not make US$50 for the current month, I need to wait for next month’s earnings for CJ to pay my commissions.

24. Avangate

AvangateAvangate is an affiliate network that started as a digital commerce company in 2006. But, it caters to the online services and software market. Therefore, tech bloggers are the primary target of Avangate. This affiliate network is also a perfect match for affiliates who work in B2B; finance; multimedia design and audio/video software; gaming software; and educational software industries.

As an Avangate affiliate, I can make my coupons. Most merchants do not want to give coupon codes to members even though they can boost sales and attract potential customers through it. Thus, Avangate allows affiliates to create coupons that are exclusive to them.

What does this strategy mean? Since I create my coupon, Avangate deducts the amount of the discount from my commission. Therefore, I can design the cut to generate more commissions from my referrals.

For instance, a particular vendor offers a 50% commission for every sale from my referrals. If I offer a 10% discount for my site visitors to boost their loyalty and sales, I will only receive 40% commission from the sale. However, if the sales increase because of the discount, I can still earn a sizeable amount.

I also like that Avangate includes PayPal as a payout mode, along with check and wire transfer. I get my commissions on a NET 20 basis each month. The minimum threshold for payouts is US$100. This amount is unusually high compared to other affiliate networks. But, I can receive my payouts either in EUR or USD.

25. LinkConnector

LC-Logo-with-PMN-TaglineIf Avangate caters to tech affiliates, LinkConnector provides to fashion, apparel, and home niches. It offers an excellent management team to ensure that members are happy. It suggests ways to grow the promotions of affiliates in various ways.

Like Avangate, it also has its coupon codes. But, instead of affiliates doing the dirty work, the affiliate management team does the heavy lifting to provide the codes. It also helps by applying members automatically to campaigns, if there is a match. Thus, affiliates need to define their criteria so that the team can use them to current campaigns automatically.

Each coupon is specific to the affiliate to prevent coupon hijacking. Also, members can use the coupon in other promotional platforms such as Pinterest. Moreover, instead of the traditional linking method, LinkConnector pioneers naked links that do not pass through the affiliate network.

Aside from cost-per-sale, LinkConnector also offers pay-per-call, pay-per-lead, pay-per-go, and pay-per-click.

Earnings can vary depending on the merchant; however, affiliates can expect to receive them on a monthly basis if the amount reaches at least US$25. Regarding payment mode, they can expect payouts through PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check.

As an affiliate, I earn US$2 commission for all my referrals who sign up with one of the highest paying affiliate programs, LinkConnector.

Furthermore, I get US$100 for each new vendor that I refer. Cookie duration for both earning schemes is 45 days. After the deadline, I do not receive any commission if my referral signs up with the affiliate network.

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