What Is The Longevity Of Your Computer Hard Drive?

hard drives actually Live

You may be aware of the rising trend of using cloud-based platforms for storing computer data. However, in a majority of cases, we still depend on hard disk drives to keep our essential personal or business information.

But, the quality of all these drives is not the same, and the main question that arises in the users’ mind is about the longevity of these hard drives.

How your drive gets crashed

The failure can occur in more than one way. For instance, if your HDD gets collapsed within one year, it may be because of the defects in manufacturing the drive.

However, you may face it only in few cases. Many users have also found random breakdowns within two to three years.

Reasons behind your HDD collapse

Hard Drives

We can never say about the actual time about the failure of your hard drive. Many professionals say that you need to be prepared after using the drive for almost 3 to 4 years.

For many cases, the drive may not fail in any way. You can also control its condition in various environments. Several factors may vary the outcome-

• The reason for using it- To store data, view at media and run apps
• Brand of the drive
• Number of times you run the PC
• Does the system get overheated

Thus, these potential reasons will cause your drive to get failed.

Traditional HDD, found in many PCs, may get failed within a short period as it has moving components. However, what you should do for safety is to back up the data. You may also check out SMART notifications or always consider the warranty of your drive.

HDD’s longevity in the unused condition-

Many users have a disk drive with data stored it, and they do not use it for several years. However, the question is whether the preserved data can remain intact before the declination. In many cases, it may take almost ten years if you do not access the drive.

While you have dropped a part of your hard drive data and then placed it in the safe storage box, you may not need to think of data deterioration. However, the environment of this storage room must be controlled.

Only the grease of the bearings can have an impact. You may better spin up them and consider backups. But, for SSDs, the life-span is much longer as it uses improved technology. Thus, if you like to assess life-span, then you may surely difference of HDD and SSD.

To conclude, we have to say that your recently bought HDD has only ninety percent possibility to stay undamaged for almost 3 years. However, there is also a twelve percent risk of the death of drive.

You may have a five percent chance of having a drive crash within one year. That is why data backup is the best idea to remain safe. You may also look for the hard drive of the most reputable brand.

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