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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in 2019

Software application building is one of the fastest growing fields for over one decade now. The major mobile app stores like Google Play and Apple Store were started in 2008, and now they store millions of mobile apps there.

How much does it cost to put an app on the app store is one of the top trending questions in the software development domain.

Since last many years, every software company is striving hard to hire developers with the most suitable skill sets.

And many companies choose the different types of human resource outsourcing model for the development due to a higher cost to create an app. If interested in getting more information on app development and contemporary trends, you can find here.

Mobile App Marketplace

According to the Statista information, the total number of mobile apps on five major app stores is about 5.2 million apps ready for download in the first quarter of 2019. There are some other stores and private stores that have also a sizeable number of mobile apps. The total spending on only gaming apps is expected to cross the $105.2 billion mark by 2021.

The latest research conducted by the Allied Market Research predicts the total size of mobile app market to reach $311.25 billion by 2023 from $108.4 billion in 2016 with the phenomenal growth of over 19.2% CAGR.

There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world. This number is increasing very fast. According to the latest studies, the mobile app development industry is expected to record a gigantic growth of over 18% CAGR between 2019 and 2023. This huge growth rate will predictability double the total volume of the mobile app industry within the next four to five years.

With the increased demand for mobile apps to cater to an ever-increasing demand in the market, the mobile app developer salary has also increased substantially in the marketplace. As far as the demand for application developers is concerned, it is continuously increasing according to the Monster website information. This increase is also pushing the salaries of developers much higher than before.

Thoughtful programmer coding in the evening at home

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

How much does it cost to make an app? The answer is: it depends. It is one of the difficult questions asked by the enterprises to the project manager. The cost of building an app depends on the following factors.

  • Type of application
  • Selection of technology
  • Required features and capabilities
  • Type of platform
  • Number of pages
  • Type and size of database elements
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Integration of CRM, ERP, or other services and tools
  • Third party tools and features
  • And many others

According to the Clutch survey information, a small app for small businesses and professionals can range between $5K and $10K. But the average cost of a professional grade mobile from expert software development agencies is about $171,450. Similarly, the Business of App information suggests some median benchmarks of app development cost. According to that information, the average cost for iOS app development is $28K and Android app development $23K.

There are many software development agencies that offer the app development cost in the range of $5K to $10K. Some of the most expert software development agencies charge in the range of $20K to $100K.

The larger applications powered by numerous professional grade features and capabilities may cost you in the range of $100K to $350K or even more.

A good app cost calculator can help you estimate the cost for the features that you need. You can find many professional grade app cost calculators for a better idea about the cost of a software app that you want to have built.

Major Steps to Build an App

backend sourcecodes on computer monitor

Building a mobile app or web app is not an easy task. It requires ideas, sketching, planning, coding, testing, deployment, and other steps.

The application development task requires a team of experts including developers, product manager, project manager, tester, and others. The number of steps may vary from app to app as well as requirements to requirements. So, it is not easy to provide a standard procedure that is fit for all app development, but we can generalize the major steps, as mentioned below.

Step #1 Define goals and requirements

This is the most important step in which the product owner has to define the goals of the product with the help of the developers and consultants. If a proper definition of the app development goal is set, your project will go smoothly.

Step #2 Research and Write

In this step, you should research different types of competitor applications and select the most suitable ideas and enter those ideas into the sketches and other notes that will be used for the application coding.

Step #3 Designing App

Designing and wire-framing is the first step to real-world app development. You need to design a prototype and test it with limited features and capabilities to make sure it will generate what you look for. Also, make sure that the storyboard is created clearly to link the sequence of the pages and navigating options.

Step #4 Prototype Testing

A prototype should be developed and tested for different types of test with the collaboration of quality assurance engineer, tester and developers.

Step #5 Build Backend and App Skin

In this step, both the backend development should be completed, which includes databases, API, server and storage and the frontend application skin should be completed for a better look and finalized GUI design.

Step #6 Test and Correct

Testing and correction of the features, capabilities, and design of the app is a repetitive task. You need this many times to test and correct the code if the results are not as per requirements. Repeat this step continuously until you are satisfied.

Step #7 Post on Stores

This is the last step in which the fine-tuned app is stored on the mobile app stores for which the app was developed. If you want to develop a web app, you need to deploy it for real-world use.

Major Skills of an App Developer

The major skills of a good app developer may vary from the types of applications, platforms, and technologies to be used in the app development. But, the generalized skills of a good app developer are listed below:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Angular JS, React JS, Node JS
  • Java, C#, Python, PHP
  • API, Testing
  • UI/UX, Designing
  • Cloud computing, hosting, Cybersecurity, storage
  • MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • iOS, Android, Windows

Final Takeaway

The average cost of a mobile app development varies from project to project. The major factors that impact on the cost factors of a mobile application include size, features, API, database, third party features, payment gateways, platforms, and level of quality. The average cost of a small and basic app may be below $5K and the basic and medium size app may cost you between $10K and $20, and medium-size applications with extra features may cost you about $50K or so. The larger applications cost you hundreds of thousands depending on the complexity of the applications.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in 2019

Software application building is one of the fastest growing fields for over one decade now. The major mobile app stores like Google Play and...
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