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How to Create a Website: 2 Hours Guide for Beginners

Hey there! If you have a couple of minutes, we’re offering you to invest them into something that will help you grow your business. Today we’ll speak about how you can create a website quickly and effortlessly – even if it’s your first attempt in building them. Interested? Then go ahead and absorb the tips we’re about to share with you.

But first thing is first. Let us introduce to you the all new MotoCMS HTML templates. Don’t worry – we’re not telling you to buy them (though not prohibiting either). What we’re going to be doing today is we’ll play with the free trial version of a business HTML template #40880 and will show you what awesome stuff you can do with it. That’s how it looks before we start editing it:

Business MotoCMS HTML Template

In case you’d like to test the system yourself you may do so by getting to the HTML templates section, choosing the design you like. Then click the ‘Try It Free’ button and get your free trial link to your email. Everything’s quite simple, so you can try to develop a fully functional website yourself.

Ok, back to our template. Here is the admin panel of the business HTML template. There are 3 toolbars to adjust theme settings ?they are placed on the left, right and at the top of the admin panel. By using them you can make changes to the template pages.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

The first thing everybody wants to see on a new website is their logo. Click it with the mouse pointer and choose another image to display as your company logo (upload your logo in PNG or JPG format). Adjust logo settings within the right toolbar.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

From the previous screen you can also see how easy it is to change the template’s header. Additionally we used the ‘Shape Object’ and filled it with light gray color, plus gradient. Select the ‘Object Placement’ to make it visible within the entire website/page layout/single page. Copy this ‘Shape object’ and place it as a theme’s footer as well.

Now, let’s proceed and customize the image gallery. Double click it and edit the slider properties (general settings, pagination, image description, image properties – all that kind of stuff). In our case all gallery images are aligned horizontally and we need to crop them. The ‘Image editor’ will do it within a few minutes without forcing you to use desktop graphic editors.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

When double clicking the ‘Main Menu’ we edit the menu tabs (the CMS allows to add or remove menu items, to check click actions and labels) and their settings (general settings, main menu style, submenu style, submenu area style). Now let抯 duplicate the menu and place the copy to the footer ?just like many business websites do.
Ok, we know that right now this may seem like too much info or that things are complicated. Well they’re not. This is very easy once you see it yourself and click around these admin panel tools.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

As you probably remember there were 3 info sections right under the image slider of the default website template. How about we drag and drop these sections and line them up vertically? It’s really fun to group all layers to replace them at once.

When working with MotoCMS HTML templates you’ll regularly need to customize colors of fonts, frames and other objects. We used the ‘Color Picker’ to apply the same shades of colors to different objects.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

By using these simple tips we edit other web pages (and you can do it too). When everything’s done we change Website title that will be displayed in browser tabs when people enter the site. Go to ‘Preferences’ => ‘Website Preferences’ and make these changes. By the way, there you can activate the ‘Under Construction’ mode, enter Google Analytics tracking code, protect pages and popups with the secure password, etc.

How to Create a Website If You Have HTML Template with CMS

At the end let us show you how to embed YouTube videos to the site. We’ll place the video on the ‘Solutions’ page, but you can choose whatever page that you want. Just click ‘Video’ => ‘YouTube’ within the left toolbar of the admin panel. Now you’re in the ‘Media library’ (the place where all media files are visible) ?there are several buttons of popular social websites that you can upload files from – like You Tube, Flickr, Picasa and others. So make a choice and type the subject of a video that you want into the search field. Click the ‘Add’ button and double click the video to enjoy it on your site. That’s how simple it is!

For now that be all that we wanted to show you in the HTML templates editing. The drag and drop layout builder from MotoCMS allows you to operate it like you do with any usual text or graphic editor. Perhaps it’s the best feature of MotoCMS HTML templates because even a teenager can work with it.

P.S.: Don’t forget to click the ‘Save Page’ button from time to time. Remember, this simple action has already saved a lot of projects from disappearing.

But enough of talking! Let’s now take a look at the website we’ve created!

Business Website Created with MotoCMS HTML Template

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

Nice, huh? You may always take a look at the complete set of features of the HTML web templates from MotoCMS yourself and test these templates – there are a lot of things to play with. In case you’ll face any troubles you can always come back and read this stuff once again. However, all the HTML templates are rather simple to use, so you’ll easily cope with them.

Good luck friends! Perhaps next time you will the one teaching someone how to create cool designs with MotoCMS HTML themes. Go for it, we wish you the best of luck!

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