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10 Killer Tips on How to Increase Pagerank of My Website

If you think search engines such as Google are biased when it comes to ranking websites, maybe you’re just emotional.

The internet is a broadly complicated thing, and one thing’s for sure, you can never really explore everything that it shows as its results.

If you think of checking out page by page, you’ll end up wasting your time, and much worst is you get the most outdated or irrelevant one.

Take this instance, for example, I searched Google for the “best blog sites,” and it gave me approximately 918,000,000 results.

I tried to open each page to see if I can manage to look through it thoroughly, but I ended up getting bored instead of being productive.

It may sound crazy, but out of curiosity, I jumped one page to another to see how far I can fetch relevant results and it’s not giving me any convenience at all.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

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Looking from Other Viewer’s Perspective on Choosing Results

If you’re a curious viewer who checks on everything that search engines show, just like me, you’ll appreciate wasting your time in navigating the long pages.

This is in hope to see if any good results belong in the mid-part or latter part of the result pages. Sometimes, you get a good one, but most of the time, you get outdated or unmaintained ones.

Looking from other viewer’s perspective, they are more curious to know which among these numerous results is the best. Most viewers will undoubtedly check the first three pages of the results, no more and no less.

They would prefer to save time and be productive; hence, the first three pages are enough for them to work on the results that they can get and this is how vital page ranking is for website publishers.

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Looking from Search Engines’ Perspective on Ranking Results

Search engines aren’t biased when it comes to ranking websites. Their people will not check all website thoroughly just to rank if this website deserves to be in the first page or somewhere else.

There are a lot of factors how a website is being ranked, and mostly, the highly recommended websites are put at the first three pages by viewers and not by the quality team.

Every day, tons of websites are being published, but every day, tons of these are not being updated or maintained correctly.

If your website is outdated and inactive for quite some time, expect your website to sink. If your website is updated, but it lacks excellent and relevant content, your website would still end up in the mid or latter part of the result pages.

Since a website’s ranking is based on how often viewers visit your site, you have to make sure your website is an overall worthy source.

You have to work on how you can improve your website content and links to get a broader market. Don’t worry; there are ways on how you can improve yours.


Some Ways on How to Increase Pagerank in Google

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The design of your website doesn’t solely boost your rank to the top. It may create an impact to keep your viewers interested, but it’s not how the engines find your website, especially Google.

There are other factors to consider and if you’re searching for ways on how to increase PageRank of my website,” I prepared a checklist to help you out further.

  • Improve the loading speed of your page – Who would want to access your site when it has a slow loading speed? Viewers may not recognize it at first but Google will and with a faster loading speed, you get a better chance of good ranking.
  • Publish high-quality contents – Contents are very crucial because the keywords used are also one way how viewers can track your website from Google. Updated contents are essential for a better ranking.
  • Include images and make sure to optimize these – Images are also helpful in being tracked. You have to make sure your published images are compressed to prevent lagging. Remember to put keywords on the caption part and the file name to boost your chance of getting more viewers.
  • Don’t just make it a textbook – Google can access your contents, but if you want to make your website viral, you have to add something more than texts. You should add compressed images and other multimedia features such as slideshows, audio, and videos. It gives viewers the ease to understand your content conveniently, and it can boost your ranking.
  • Fix your website’s broken links – Hyperlinks are one of the reasons why Google and viewers can reach your website. You have to make sure that the distributed hyperlinks all over your content have the correct link to avoid viewers from reaching an invalid website. Broken links are one of the pitfalls of websites.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly – People want convenience, and if they can access your website through their mobile phones, your website will get a better chance of being on top. Without an optimized website for mobile phones, your website will struggle on the mid-part or last part of the results page.
  • Don’t forget about sharing your website on social media – Google may be wide but social media accounts can still add more audience to your website. This will keep your website on the first three pages of the search engine, especially when people share your link on their feeds and to other users.
  • Keywords are very vital for ranking – Searching Google by common words is the easiest way to pull-up related results, and this is why keywords are essential. You have to make sure that essential keywords fit your content smoothly as this is how your website can be reached. Short but content-full phrases make the magic.
  • Consider adding contact information – While some people search by keywords, some viewers search by contact information because it’s easier to recall these necessary details. Moreover, it can give you a better chance to be in the first page because Google will show exact information as results.
  • Use header tags often – Viewers would prefer to read something that’s briefly organized and one way to keep your content organized is through headings. It can make your content look appealing, and it can boost your ranking at the same time.

Making and managing your website is indeed interesting, but you have to keep in mind that you have to maintain it by publishing up-to-date contents with useful keywords.

If you aspire to boost your website’s ranking, you have to work on how you can manage a competitive website.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

With this guide, you can start improving your rank little by little until you reach the top.

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