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8 Ways on How to Use MailChimp with Shopify

I created the 8 ways on how to use MailChimp with Shopify to help you maximize the benefits of both MailChimp and Shopify.

If you know how you can make use of this integration, there will be a great possibility to grow your sales.

The integration can also help you save time because all the necessary data are organized, and you have the available tools to make use of these data.

Learn How to Integrate Your MailChimp With Shopify

First of all, you should learn how you can integrate and segment your MailChimp account with Shopify.

Segmenting is also important so you can identify your customers and target market. You can group your customers as well as your non-customers.

Shopify List

Here is how to connect your MailChimp With Shopify:

  1. Choose “Connected Sites” in one of the menus after clicking your profile name on MailChimp.
  2. You will be directed to the page where you should see the lists of all the available sites where you can integrate your MailChimp account. Look for Shopify and click it.
  3. Go to the installation screen of Shopify; you should see the “Add App” button and click it.
  4. If prompted for a URL, enter the URL of your store before clicking the “Log in” button. Enter all the necessary input for logging in.
  5. You should see “Connect existing account” or “Create new account.”
  6. You may now choose a MailChimp e-mail list. Click “Connect List.”

You may also connect your MailChimp account through the Shopify store.

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After connecting your Shopify with MailChimp, you are now capable of doing a lot of things to your customers’ data.

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8 Things That You Can Do After Connecting MailChimp With Shopify

Integrate MailChimp With Shopify


1. Segment Your Customers and Target Market


Here are the ways to segment your e-mail lists on Shopify.

  • Go to your MailChimp Lists page.
  • Click which list you want to create a new segment and Click “New Segment.”
  • You may set the drop-down menus in these selections: Source Was, MailChimp for Shopify, or Signup Source.
  • Select “Preview Segment.”
  • Review and save the segment
  • A pop-up will appear which will prompt the new name for the new segment. Type the name of the new segment and click Save.

With proper segmentation, you can easily send automated emails to a lot of people without sending them one by one.


2. You Can Reach Your Audience Even if You Are Busy.


MailChimp has the automation tools that you can use to reach your audience while focusing on your business. Through proper segmentation of the people on your mailing lists, you can send the right automated message. You can send your new subscriber with a welcome, update your customers with your new products, or even greet them on their birthdays.

You may even remind your customers about their abandoned cart, recommend new products, and notify them about their orders. All these features are automated.


3. You Can Sell Your Products


You can use MailChimp to suggest new products to your customers. You can help your customers find the product that they need based on what you think will suit their tastes. By finding your store in MailChimp’s integrations directory, you can easily see the data of your store’s sales.

You can use these data to learn about your customers. MailChimp will even rank the most favorited product of your customers.  


4. Notify Your Customers


MailChimp understands the importance of notifications. They believe that these small messages should not be taken for granted. For them, notifications are extensions of the brand and not just proofs of receipts.

Therefore, MailChimp provided the necessary tools that will let you customize the order notifications. You can add your brand’s identity to it through fonts, colors, and logo. It is important because notification is a sign of professionalism.


5. Expand Your Business


With data at hand that MailChimp has provided for you, you may now use it as a basis for your next ad. You can use Facebook or Instagram ads that you can also integrate on your MailChimp’s account.

For this reason, you can reach new audiences, acquire more potential customers, strengthen your brand, and sell.


6. Grow the Number of Your Customer Lists


You can collect your potential customer’s data through pop-up forms. Although pop-ups are the most hated form of advertising, it is still effective especially if you use them well. Thankfully, with MailChimp’s pop-up forms you can customize the design, placement, and the timing of your pop-ups.

You can also add a customizable from anywhere on your page.


7. Study Your Store’s Data


MailChimp is not just an ordinary tool that you can use to manage your customers’ emails. It is a marketing tool too. For this reason, you can expect that they can provide you with important data that tells about your customers.

It helps you to find your audience, know your customer’s buying behavior, and also the analytics of your sale. With these data, you can improve your marketing strategy to strengthen your business and brand.


8. Increase the Number of Your Sales


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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

MailChimp has a feature that can send emails to your customers who left items in their cart. You may also add product recommendation in addition to the item that they left in their cart. The email is specific to the customers, so you do not have to worry if your customers receive the right message for them.

MailChimp is a powerful marketing tool that you can use along with Shopify. If you integrate your MailChimp account with Shopify, expect that there will be an improvement in your business and marketing flow.

With this integration, you can do a lot more things. In fact, sending e-mails to your customers will now be easier. You can already send automated e-mails to your Shopify customers and notify them about your new products or services. MailChimp can also provide you with clear data about your customers’ buying behavior which you can use to plan your marketing and business functions.

Now that you know the 8 ways on how to use MailChimp with Shopify, you can maximize these tools to grow your customers.


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