Ice sculpting or ice carving may not be very popular in certain parts of the world but, it is simply undeniable that to produce fabulous ice sculptures is not an easy fit. An ice sculpture is in itself a standalone piece of art: ice sculptures aren’t as hard as rocks but its final product prove much more glorious and glisten in its own magnificent way; skills required in ice sculpting may not be as technique-sensitive as compared to that in wood carving, but time is no doubt an essential element as the slightest drag of time may result in a failed ice sculpture.

Having ice luges in parties doesn’t hurt in pushing you up several notches higher where the ‘hottest party list’ is concerned – who could ever say no to an endless flow of wine or champagne, straight from the ice berg, no less? Ice sculptures for weddings seem to be the chic thing to do as well. Future brides-to-be, imagine right in the middle of the dance floor of your special big day are two large swan ice sculptures, their slender necks forming the perfect heart shape, illuminated by a soft glow of cherry-pink light, no girls can say no to that!

Though having these wonderful pieces of art would be like a dream-come-true, it’s a no-brainier that having such ice sculptures completed from scratch would definitely cost a fortune. But fret not, certain countries participate in ice sculpting events actively, the list includes Canada, China, Ireland, France, Japan, Sweden and the United States. If ever, you feel the need to browse through an imaginary catalog for your very own wedding ice sculptures, these ice sculpting events would just be the place to do so.

The following are pictures of ice sculptures which just seem to captivate me. Each and every one of them seem to bear their very own story and it feels as if a single ice carving is capable to catapult oneself to a whole new dimension. Do enjoy.

m j c

An ice sculpture fit for a king – such a majestic presence.


It’ll be fun if red wine comes gushing out of the tip of the arrows – my personal army of ice luges.




mpc fairbanks

Henk-Jan van der Klis



Is that a playground I see? The icicles hovering just above the ground give it a whole picturesque touch.



Fancy travelling in a first class compartment? Oh, and did I mention air conditioning won’t be needed? The seats are iced.

Kaarin T

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the ice…


I’d like to have this as the front gate of my mansion please.


Who says that only a wedding is only for girlie stuff? Grooms-to-be, make this cool sports car one of your wedding ice sculptures.





Iced-sculpted bear for hugs should get listed into the must-have valentine’s gifts’ list.



I know the snail seems small and insignificant, but look at the intricate details throughout its body!



The sculptor must be extremely skilled to pull off such a brilliant piece. Let’s not forget the photographer who managed to snap at such a magnificent angle. The sparkles and rays of light just baffles me.

Peter van Rens


jacob earl


Kaarin T

jacob earl


Who needs Dumbledore’s giant chess set, let’s rock it with this fantastic frosty-iced one.


The ice sculpture of a geisha, boasting fluidity, elegance with a touch of detached coolness.


Somehow, this reminds me strongly of a creature in LOTR.


Really love the cool glow of blue and the tear-drop outline of the ice carving, throwing off a cooling and mysterious charm.


jacob earl (aka – Peety)

The proud three musketeers, well, with a melting sword, that is.


Who says that capturing an athlete’s moment can only be done by a click of the camera?

Asif A. Ali

Cossack Vodka

A widespread of ice sculptures for the scene, makes one yearn to have their very own icy mini bar.

Melting Men

Four-steps full of tiny ice sculptures depicting little people, melting away. Somehow, it got me thinking if this actually illustrates the cycle of life in fast-forward mode.