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Home Insipiration Relaxing your mind: 30+ Awe-Inspiring Photos of Japanese Garden

Relaxing your mind: 30+ Awe-Inspiring Photos of Japanese Garden

Many city residents prefer to design their home gardens in Japanese style or otherwise remake a small piece of land to become a natural garden.

Usually, Japanese gardens will not miss out a few beautiful elements such as sand, rocks, water, and natural plants surrounding the area. You, as the home owner, can add in some ornaments too to have more feelings of a Japanese garden. For example, they are lanterns, water basins or tsukubai, bamboo fences and so on. Sometimes, you can find a sense of religious expression from Buddhism and Shinto beliefs. It is a unique experience to make up the whole beauty of a Japanese garden or natural garden.

Based on at least three basic rules, the design of the Japanese gardens is so awe-inspiring. If you want to make a natural garden, you should remember them: reduced scale, symbolization, and borrowed view. A Japanese garden is typically representing some wonderful and pretty scenes. Gardeners can use stones and sand to build a small mountain or rock grouping as an isolated island. Besides, you should match with your housing environment. Therefore, the Japanese garden would not be awkward, instead complementing the existing atmosphere.

You can take the below natural garden styles as your reference before creating one on your own:

  • Karesansui, is a popular Japanese garden such as Ryoanji in Kyoto. This type of garden includes some though limited plant life, mostly moss, raked gravel (streaming water), rocks and stones.
  • Cha Niwa or Roji, is the name for tea garden. However, no one does drink tea in this natural garden. With the following elements: Japanese lantern, water basin, stepping stones, and a waiting place, it is a small and serene Japanese garden. It is either stand-alone or part of a large Japanese gardens.
  • Tsubo Niwa is kind of courtyard garden. The characteristics of this particular natural garden are similar to the tea garden above. The difference lays in more shade tolerant plants which are put inside the garden.
  • Tsukiyama is a large landscape garden, compared to those small Japanese gardens. Normally, the existing landscape will be reproduced on a reduced scale, or the owner will choose to use an imaginary landscape. They are mostly for strolling purpose.

Japanese garden is the supreme artistic creation from a very inspiring culture. This thing does offer everyone a peaceful or refreshing mindset when walking, sitting, or just crossing over it. They are so deliberate. They seem as hiding some thoughtful meanings behind each and every decoration. Symbolism is the true and genuine value that a natural garden should appreciate.

Japanese garden and pavillion at Biddulph Grange

It is located in Staffordshire, England.

Japanese Garden at Royal Botanic Gardens

It is one of the world leading botanic gardens.

Japanese Garden, Normandale College, Bloomington MN

Inside the campus, the serenity is an ideal place to relieve stress.

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Japanese garden of The Hague

Now, it reopens to the public for visit.

Albuquerque’s Japanese Gardens

Strolling in a Japanese garden is better than shopping.

Japanese Gardens by edwademd

One word, breathtaking.

Japanese Gardens at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Visitors cannot stop their eyes from looking at surroundings while they are walking in the garden.

Koi pool in Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon

A small pool with some rocks and stones is a lovely spot.

Japanese Garden situated in Park Clingendae

Purple plants are so unique and extraordinary.

Japanese Garden, Butchart Gardens, Canada

The lushness and colors are nice captured.

Japanese Garden by DansPhotoArt

Sometimes, you might wonder that did they ever plan how to plant them altogether.

Autumn in the Japanese Garden of Contemplation

A red dot among all greens is so eye-catchy.

Japanese Garden at Garry Point

It is so fake and unbelievable to be true.

Japanese Garden section of the Butchart Gardens

You would not feel that it is messy. This is a real Japanese garden.

Small japanese garden on the side of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Stone bridge is also great, just as wooden bridge.

Japanese Garden reflections

Water is an important element to form a Japanese garden landscape.

Japanese Garden at Herman Park

Without any colorful elements, the Japanese garden smells like a cup of refreshing green tea.

Autumn at the Japanese Garden

You can even feel the peace and serenity from a mere photo.

Japanese garden in autumn

Under whichever seasons, Japanese garden still owns its beauty.

Japanese Garden Panorama

The red door reveals totally the so-called Japanese atmosphere.

Japanese Garden at Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, CA

All various plants are living together in a natural Japanese garden.

Japanese Garden, Clingendael

Clingendael Park is where a good vacation is situated in.

Japanese Garden by Paco_MUC

Another awesome Japanese garden that changes its face in line with the season.

Japanese Garden by PRS Photos

All in green, relaxing in here is truly relaxing.

Japanese Garden – Fort Worth

Leaves of different colors can produce the greatest composition for the garden.

Japanese Garden at Cranbrook – Red bridge

Bridge in red is so bright and striking.

The colours of Autumn at Japanese Garden by Antari Foster

You feel the coming of Autumn through those yellow and red leaves.

Japanese Garden – Fall 2008

The red tree assaults everyone’s sense.

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Tatton Japanese Garden

The small house is just blended into the natural settings.

Teahouse – Japanese Garden

It is where you and I could enjoy a tea ceremony.

The Japanese garden

The faded red leaves is combined perfectly with the water reflection.

Moon Bridge – Japanese Garden 2

It is a wonderful place with various plants and a bridge in the middle.

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