20 jQuery Calendar and Date Picker Plugins

It is always a good habit to keep a calendar lying around the house or keep one with you when you on the go. Not only does the calendar help you keep track of your date but also serve as a reminder to some events. With the technology improving, many of us are turning to mobile technology more and more and one might just prefer a similar version of an online calendar to keep track of things on the web.

Having a calendar incorporated to a web page have its own quirks, not only can one manage their calendar and keep track of the dates with ease, it also helps that one can share their different events, occasions with their viewers and also use the calendar as an archive to their daily updates.

Nowadays, more and more effort are put into allowing the Internet viewers get a better viewing pleasure when they are on the web, for this reasons web designers have also incorporated JQuery Calendar and Date Picker plugins into their web design. This is because the JQuery Calendar or the Date Picker plugins not only serve as an organizer, but it could also complement the web design by acting as part of a stylish element. Besides all these, JQuery Calendars can also help synchronize the date format of a particular website, it only takes up a small space, but it is also easy to handle and maintain.

As an introduction to this topic, we have done some research and compiled a short list of more beautiful JQuery Calendars and JQuery Date Picker here in the market. Some of these plugins are available for free while there are also some that requires a small fee.

Among the list each these JQuery calendars are not only stylishly designed but each of them also features different function from the other. One of the standard features for these plugins features an event calendar allowing the user to add their special occasion and events to the calendar and share them with the public.

Other featured functions of these plugins includes customizing features, allowing different views for different users (seeing that some prefer monthly, daily and yearly views of a calendar), some also support the drag-and-drop features while others allow their users to customize the language, format, navigations of their calendars.

These JQuery Calendars will not only look good on the web page, but it is also useful and practical. Here we provide you a few of our personal selection of different JQuery Calendars to help one spice up your web page.

jQuery Frontier Calendar

Full monthly JQuery plugin that looks like Google Calendar.

Timeline Calendar

A JavaScript calendar that is a horizontal representation of days in a month.


Allows user to share information with each other while managing their contents independently.

EvenTouch Calendar

A fantastic event calendar that comes with an event collision system.

AJAX Booking Calendar Pro

The ideal choice for those who want to manage bookings for their rental site.


A simple, customizable, lightweight date picker.

Simple Events Calendar JS

A Professional and Elegant Calendar suitable for modern web designs.


Special Features include internationalization, changing current date and supports mouse wheel.

jQuery Timeline XML

A perfect calendar to stand out in your blog.


Clock pick should make setting a time easier.

jQuery Time Picker

Design your own background and improve your forms with this jQuery Calendar.


An open source Web calendar application for posting and maintaining events and schedules online.


jCal is an innovative and sexy JQuery date picker plugin that offers multi-day, multi-month calender date picker options.

Date Range Picker

It has a quicker date selection from a list of preset dates/ranges and smooth transitions.

iCal-like Calendar

This is a clone after the in-Cal calendar system, built with HTML, CSS and JQuery.

Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget

A datePicker (query Calendar) that is accessible using the keyboard, requires no embedded JavaScript blocks.


oCalendar is a JQuery plugin that allows you to add an event calendar to your sites or projects easily.

Date / Time Picker

A picker that features and picks both time and date together.


A JQuery based google calendar clone that also covers most google calendar features.


JSCalendar is a Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements.

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20 jQuery Calendar and Date Picker Plugins

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