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Why Laravel Is An Optimal Choice For Fixing Core PHP Development Challenges

Since its inception in 2011 Laravel has evolved immensely and established as a framework which is ideal for building customized digital solutions and apps for varied industries. This framework has made the lives of programmers across the globe convenient.

The latest 5.5 version of Laravel was launched in August 2017 and it’s no surprise that it followed the footsteps of its predecessors and make the complex development tasks a breeze for PHP developers. Let’s try and understand why this framework is so much popular and how it helps professionals in fixing core development challenges.

What’s There In Laravel That Makes It Outshine Other PHP Development Frameworks?

PHP Development Frameworks

  1. Pre-designed Packages Than Can Be Tailored To Suit Specific Business Requirements

This PHP framework allows extensive customization which has the potential to transform a raw business idea into a fully functional digital solution. Its pre-designed packages can be customized in accordance with the specific needs of the entrepreneurs. Also, the engineering has great control over how things are structured and they can seamlessly integrate third parties in their apps.

Challenge It Solves

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

When developing digital solutions, developers have to perform several tedious and time-consuming tasks which are complex and boring. But with this framework, it has become much easier for the programmers to automate many complex tasks so that they don’t have to do them manually time and again.

For instance, Artisan is an exclusive tool provided by Laravel. It helps programmers by providing them with several helpful commands when building apps or digital solutions. Also, it acts as the core driving force behind handling and creating the framework for the project environment.

  1. Speeds Up The Entire Development Process

Being an integral member of the PHP family, Laravel is blessed with a considerable set of libraries and other supportive materials. This allows developers to build high-end apps quickly without putting many efforts.

Challenge It Solves

Programmers are always struggling to discover different ways to speed up the entire development process. Laravel provides them with many tools which can make the process much faster and easier.

  1. Completely Secure Authentication & Authorization Systems

Laravel is the best choice for organizing authorization logic and implementing authentication. Also, it provides the app owners with the power to control resources so that they won’t get stuck in the hands of unauthorized people with malicious purposes.

Challenge It Solves

This PHP framework solves one of the major problems of unauthorized access to web apps. It makes sure to configure almost everything out of the box which prevents hackers gain unauthorized access to paid or free resources.

  1. Model View Controller (MVC) Support & Comprehensive Documentation

This PHP framework has clean documentation which is well-organized and simple to grasp. Also, programmers can seamlessly integrate it with the MVC architecture that provides a wide range of built-in functions that can be incorporated to build complex apps.

Challenge It Solves

The MVC framework of Laravel comes handy for both beginners and experts as it’s extremely helpful in letting them build complex or small-scale apps. Also, it’s useful in managing needed dependencies.

In addition, the MVC comes up with a secure API building structure that is an ideal alternative for developing comprehensive hybrid apps. Its composer dependency manager facilitates seamless installations and integrations of third-party packages. Moreover, it provides developers with complete freedom to manage the packages in accordance with their specific needs.

  1. Seamless Integration With Mailing Services

Every business depends on a secure communication system so that to keep every associated person on the same page. Laravel can be used to create a reliable mailing service which can be either local or cloud-based.

Challenge It Solves

Its mandatory for programmers to build an app with robust email support for the users. To ensure the seamless flow of communication, Laravel comes with a clean and simple API which allows apps to send emails through local or cloud-based services. Also, it can provide users with the capacity to send notifications via different delivery channels like SMS or Slack.

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  1. A Pocket-Friendly Alternative

Laravel allow developers to use the modules that are already available and also offer high scalability and customization. This is why investing in this framework will definitely let you reap rich rewards. Also, the rates for hiring PHP programmers is much less in comparison to the ones who work on other major technologies.

Challenge It Solves

Majority of the development frameworks are highly expensive to work on. But this is not the case with Laravel. It’s because this PHP platform is open source and allow programmers to fix multiple technical vulnerabilities at low costs such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, etc.

Being blessed with a passionate community the code is always safeguarded by a team of experts and is updated frequently so that to let programmers build feature-rich apps in a hassle-free manner.

  1. Higher Scalability

Apps and digital solutions built with Laravel can be easily scaled up in the future to meet changing market scenarios and requirements. It’s flexible enough so that to adapt to the changing situations and trends.

Challenge It Solves

A digital solution has to be scalable so that it can be expanded in the future to meet specific requirements. Laravel’s exclusive unit testing tool ensures that developers create absolutely secure apps that do not break irrespective of any adverse situation.

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

These are the seven core PHP development challenges Laravel proposes to fix. No doubt, it’s a powerful framework with innovative features which is an ideal platform for launching scalable and high-end web apps.


Laravel Is An Optimal Choice For Fixing Core PHP Development Challenges

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