LinkGraph vs. Fat Joe: 3 Main Differences

There are tons of SEO agencies on the market. If you happen to be on the market for SEO services for your website, you’ve probably heard of two of the most popular ones: LinkGraph and Fat Joe. While these two agencies provide many of the same services, the two companies differ greatly in how they create content and work with their clients.

First: what services do these agencies offer?

LinkGraph and Fat Joe are SEO content agencies that offer link building services as well as other various tools. Fat Joe is in the UK and mainly offers link building, but they also offer help with content creation and tools to help boost your SEO. Comparatively, LinkGraph is based out of New York and offers all those services and more. LinkGraph offers SEO, Paid Media, and Web Development services that include things such as link building, technical SEO, and PPC Management. Now, let’s dive into 3 main differences between LinkGraph and Fat Joe, and why LinkGraph is seen by many as the most reputable option between the two agencies.

What Are the Main Differences Between LinkGraph and Fat Joe?

When it comes to link building services, both LinkGraph and Fat Joe offer expertise. However, while LinkGraph provides comprehensive SEO solutions encompassing content creation, their services are distinct from Fat Joe’s focus on content distribution. When navigating the complexities of optimizing content for Youtube, a youtube monetization rules guide can prove invaluable to ensure compliance and maximize revenue potential.

What sets LinkGraph apart from Fat Joe in terms of their services?

When it comes to their services, LinkGraph and Fat Joe differ notably. While Fat Joe primarily focuses on link building and content creation, LinkGraph offers a wider range of digital marketing solutions. Additionally, LinkGraph stands out with their expertise in shock advertising. They provide cutting-edge shock advertising examples that will astonish both clients and their target audience.

How Does LinkGraph Differ from Fat Joe in Terms of SEO Services?

LinkGraph focuses on providing comprehensive SEO services while Fat Joe offers a more specialized approach. When it comes to building tabbed navigation tutorial using sprytabbedpanels, LinkGraph excels in creating relevant and engaging content that drives organic traffic, whereas Fat Joe prioritizes link building strategies to boost website authority and ranking.

1. Genuine Outreach

A vital component of link building is doing blogger outreach to secure high-quality links. While many SEO agencies such as Fat Joe offer outreach, they fail to include everything else that goes into building top-notch links, such as extensive research and communication with brands and similar platforms. On the other hand, LinkGraph’s editorial team writes industry-specific content and then pitches to relevant publications. LinkGraph considers key aspects like site traffic, the length of the content being linked, and social engagements when creating quality backlinks. LinkGraph’s prioritization of these crucial standards ensures that the links they create for their clients end up on relevant sites that have active user engagement and will boost your website’s reputation.

Which of the two services, LinkGraph or Fat Joe, is better for incorporating WordPress poll and rating plugins?

When it comes to incorporating WordPress poll rating plugins, both LinkGraph and Fat Joe offer excellent services. LinkGraph provides seamless integration of these plugins to help you engage with your audience. On the other hand, Fat Joe’s platform ensures easy implementation of these tools to enhance user interaction on your WordPress site.

2. Quality Backlinks

Domain Authority (or DA) is a key factor in SEO. DA is a search engine score that predicts how well a website will rank on any search engine’s results page. Therefore, the higher the DA, the higher the site’s ability to rank. In the comparison between LinkGraph vs. Fat Joe, you can see that Fat Joe consistently provides links with lower DA scores, many of which are below DA 50. On the other hand, LinkGraph promises backlinks up to DA 90+. Their content creation services team creates contextually relevant links in publications that are relative to your industry, all while maintaining high standards. LinkGraph also ensures that all links they create appear completely organic with relevant anchor text.

– What are the main differences between LinkGraph and Fat Joe in terms of logo design services?

LinkGraph offers diverse and artistic black and white logo inspiration, bringing a modern touch to your brand. On the other hand, Fat Joe focuses on clean and minimalist black and white logo inspiration, perfect for a sleek and professional look. Both services cater to unique design needs.

3. Original Content

Fat Joe claims they’re the top niche editing service out there. However, simple edits on existing content to insert links will not enhance your website and may harm your ranking instead. Google’s algorithms will notice if you add link placements to old content, and can penalize your website if you do so. Rather than edit old content like Fat Joe, LinkGraph promises original content for every link you need. Not only will new content help your backlink profile, but it will bring more traffic to your website without any potential risk of consequences from Google. LinkGraph also includes rich media like photos and gifs to ensure readers stay engaged. While Fat Joe is seen as a reputable SEO agency, there are better options on the market—one of the most arguably better alternatives being LinkGraph. Rather than editing old content to include links that won’t even have a high DA, LinkGraph creates original content the right way. By doing plenty of outreach and determining the best way to get results for your business, LinkGraph promises high-quality backlinks every time.

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