You probably already know that keywords are important for SEO. Also, you probably already know that not all keywords are the same as there are some that have to a buying intent while others are more general.

What about long tail keywords, though?

Long tail keywords are keywords that are four or more words long (you can classify some three-word keywords as long tail too).

They are also the secret to success for many online businesses. While other companies fight over the important keywords, savvy SEO marketers & website design experts spend their time on long tail keywords and reap the rewards for doing so.

Here are the main reasons why long tail keywords are necessary for your content.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords Have Minimal Competition

People use long tail keywords on Google when they are narrowing their search. This means long tail keywords generate fewer searchers. That puts some website owners off, but there are benefits to this too.

Individually, you face less competition when you target long tail keywords. In fact, with some keywords, you won’t have any competition at all.

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Long Tail Keywords Can Instantly Rank in Google

As many people don’t know about the power of long tail keywords, they don’t create optimized content targeting them.

This means Google must show the next best thing on its search results pages, i.e., website pages that are strictly related to the long tail keyword search.

However, if you create highly optimized content for the keyword, it is likely to rank well and quickly as your page can instantly become the best page on the internet on that specific topic.

Long Tail Keywords Are Very Relevant to Google Searchers

We are now getting to the bottom line benefits of long tail keywords, one of which being they are relevant to Google searchers. Take the following as an example:

• Monitors – this page may return results for all types of computer monitor
• Gaming monitor – this is now getting more specific as the searcher narrows in on what they are looking for
• 4k gaming monitor – the searcher is now entering long tail keyword territory
• Samsung 4k gaming monitor in Auckland – this is now a long tail keyword, and the searcher is ready to buy

In the above example, any content optimized for the long tail keyword “Samsung 4k gaming monitor in Auckland” will be highly relevant to that searcher.

long tail is packed with searches

Long Tail Keywords Deliver Low Traffic but High Conversion Rates

As you can see in the above example, the long tail keyword is the one most likely to be the last touchpoint for the Google user before they make a decision.

This is the one you want to get the click from.

1. Finding Long Tail Keywords

One of the best ways to find long tail keywords is to use the LongTail Pro tool. It is a long tail keyword generator that you can use with any base keyword. It even has the option to generate long tail keywords based on Kiwi Google users and the search terms they use.

2. LTK Content Optimisation

Once you have long tail keywords to target, the next step is to create content based on those keywords. This involves starting with the best long tail keyword on the list and creating a page fully optimized for it. You then repeat this process for other long tail keywords you think are worthwhile targeting.

3. The Secret to SEO Success

It is worthwhile pointing out in closing that long tail keyword targeting is a strategy used by some of the internet’s leading SEO and digital marketing experts. Long tail keywords have helped them build their brands and their business.

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This includes Neil Patel of Quicksprout and Brain Dean of Backlinko.

If it works for them, it can work for you too.

Start including long tail keywords in your content today.


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