What do all movies have in common? Well, one of them is their promotion methods. In this article, we will be presenting to you a series of promotional movie posters, or more specifically, minimalist movie posters for your enjoyment. Minimalism is a form of art which effort is set out to represent the bare ideas, identity or theme of a subject. This is done by removing all unnecessary forms, features and designs from the work of art.

There are many types and designs of movie posters in the cinemas nowadays. Poster designs range from being detailed and sophisticated to those which are just plain and simple. We are sure that you are similarly attracted to the wide ranges of movie posters as the designers have cleverly designed the posters to be striking and intriguing at the same time, no matter whether the posters are complicated or simple.

What makes simple minimalistic posters to attractive to the audience? Basically, minimalist movie posters aim to bring the movie’s core message and theme to the potential audience group, by utilizing the least complex design and words to do so. The resulting work aims to leave different impressions on the audience. Some might want to leave a clear theme in the audience’s mind, some might want to leave a question mark while other minimalist posters just aims to promote the movie’s title and producer.

Minimalist posters are especially useful in situations where the audience cannot get enough time to absorb an abstract movie poster. For example, while driving along the highway or surfing the Internet, it is essential that the movie poster gets the message across to the viewer in a short period of time and attract the audience to want to check out the movie. A person will not have to time to stop by the highway to see a beautiful but sophisticated movie poster on a billboard, right?

Do you recall any minimalist movie posters that managed to catch your attention in the past? If not, do not fret. We present to you a collection of minimalist movie posters which are simple, yet convey a strong message about the movie to the viewers. We bet that you have watched some of the movies below, and maybe, you might even remember some of the following posters! Have fun!

The Thing

What thing?

Blood Diamond

Death for diamonds

How To Train Your Dragon

For dragon riders only.

Home Alone

Lonely at home.


Heading towards?

Star Wars Trilogy

Of Lightsabers and Sith Lords.

Catch Me If You Can



Enter the digital world.


Zombies everywhere.

Inner Space

What’s inside?


Seven and a box?

Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs! Rawrrr!

A Clockwork Orange

Orange for orange.

The Help

Black and white.


Ready to get some ghosts.

Donnie Dark

Shoot me in the eye?.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Love and War.


Be careful.


Dangerous Fire.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Silent night, holy night.

We Wood

Girls stuff.

The Matrix

Battery and the real world?

The Exorcist

Be prepared for evil.

The Shining


Taxi Driver

Yellow for taxi.


Our superhero.

Back To The Future

Past and present.

District 9

Aliens and humans.


It’s in me!

Sucker Punch

Punching around.

The Emperor’s New Groove

Emperor goat?