Since the global recession hit in 2008, everyone is much more focused on money and finances. Whether it’s trying to make ends meet for your family, or as a freelancer doing web design, we know money is crucial to staying afloat, especially when times get tough.

With this renewed focus, a lot of companies have started taking advantage of the social media marketing craze to create some exciting infographics that are focused on money.

Here are 30 fascinating infographic designs about money or finances.

Tips For Making Money

Groupon Coupons For Business

How Much Do TV Celebrities Make?

Online Donation By Americans

Google Facts

Advertising Revenue of Twitter

Horror Films Revenue

Cost of a Holiday

Finance and Accounting

F1 Technology Cost

Broadway Music Cost

Money, Music and Piracy

Most Expensive Cars

Healthcare Cost

Save Money

What’s Cheaper Now Than it was in 2000

Short Term Money Lending

Visualizing Money

Savings With Mortgage Rates

Three Trillion War

Pirated Movies Vs Bestselling Movies

Mutual Fund Fees

Tips For Saving Money

Recession Statistics UK Families

Search and Rescue Costs

World’s Gold Reserves Supply

Vicious Cycle of Rent

Holiday Tipping Guide

Christmas Spending

Highest Paying Jobs