Nowadays, it’s really important to have a good tool to monitor your collections. It is also important to know of the aging of your receivables and send statements to your clients reminding them that they still have payables to you. Good thing that there are online invoice tools that help you make your jobs easier. No need to download, and cost less! You also don’t need to get software from a provider and having to pay a lot and only use the invoicing module.

Online invoice tools has a very big role for small and medium businesses and even to freelancers. These tools provide easy tracking of payments and even collect payments online from clients. The advantage of these online invoicing tools is that you no longer need to download them. All you have to do is create an account and log in. There are free online invoicing tools, and also some that you need to pay in order to use of the tool.

Below are some of the best online invoicing tools that you may find helpful to you. I choose them because it’s one of the best tools that can help you.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

The Invoice Machine

Invoice machine is an online invoicing tool that simplifies your work. This tool is ideal for freelancers and businesses. It has a professional looking design and has a built in timer while you work on it. You can even monitor your invoices whether it is already paid or not upon due. Invoice machine is also capable of sending invoices to your clients.And not only that, you can also customize your emails!


Cashboard is used for freelancers, small business and large organizations. This tool keeps track of your expenses and accepts online payments from your clients. You can also fully customize cashboard’s appearance. And you can even download the Cashboard Timer widget!

Bill My Clients

With Bill My Clients, you can create recurring invoices and can even control them. You can also calculate tax automatically, add shipping charges to your client’s invoices, track payments and even create reports! Bill My Clients is also integrated with Paypal, so no worries of delaying your receivables from your clients. There is also the feature call eFund and eCheck Payments where your clients pay online. Importing and exporting data? That’s not a problem with this tool because it is capable of doing so. These are just some of the exciting features of My Bill Clients. Check this out and see for yourself!


One of the best features of Invoiceplace is that it has a multi-currency support, meaning, you can have as many clients as you want all over the globe! You can even monitor your invoices if they already fall due, due to Aging of Receivable Schedule. Invoiceplace not only can monitor products, it can also monitor services that you are selling to your clients. It can also save time for you because you just email your clients for their remaining payables to you in a PDF or Word format, which makes it look more professional.

Simply Invoices

A simple yet easy to use invoicing tool. Simply Invoices can create templates and invoices. You can even preview and edit your invoices and see your recent invoices. It can also create a PDF invoice and download it! Simple isn’t it?

Invoice Quick

One of the best features of this tool is that it takes care of your data security and automatically creates backups. So no worries of loosing your data. I guess this is one of the most important things that we should bear in mind right? Because once a database is destroyed, and you have no backups, you will also loose your business because all your receivables are stored in the database. Invoice Quick allows installment payments to your clients, and has also a multi-currency feature. If you want to upgrade, you can upgrade it for free! You can even collect your payments online and auto send invoice reminders so you will know when to send your clients of their billings. There are still more features of this tool, so check this out.

Billing Boss

Billing Boss can share data to your accountant without sending files, more convenient, isn’t it? It also has backups so you won’t be worried about loosing your data. Simple and easy to use invoicing tool, and can send invoices easily in just a few seconds to your clients! And take note guys, this tool is one of the free online invoicing tools, so no cost is at stake in using this tool.


CurdBee has a feature that you can upload your logo into your invoice, making it distinguishable among your competitors. It can also accept payments online from your clients, so there’s no worries in collecting from them. Curdbee also has this feature of setting up recurring billing options to automatically send it to your clients. More great features of this invoicing tool, so guys, try this!

Invoice Journal

With Invoice Journal, you can easily track your invoices. You can also access your invoices anytime and anywhere. With this tool, your invoices will look professionally good. So try this!

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress


Fidesic can integrate with accounting systems, which monitors your payments and your receivables. You can also send fax or paper invoices. This tool is also capable of electronic sending and receiving payments, and also has an online statement of accounts for your clients. These are some of the great features, and more, when you try Fidesic.