With mobile technology and the internet, more and more people are running their own blog or websites. While most of them will be rather satisfied with the ready-made templates that are readily available, there are still some of us who might be a little adventurous and would like to try our hands in web design. But for a beginner with little knowledge on web design, HTML codes and CSS sheets might intimidate and confuse one. Therefore, one of the alternative methods to this is to start designing in a more familiar platform and then have the design converted into HTML or CSS codes.

The popular designing software that we will focus on will be Photoshop; in fact most of the professional designers are still using this particular software. Many designers still prefer to draft their designs in Photoshop (PSD) before encoding their designs to the web. Some of the reasons to this is because designing in PSD allows them to be more creative and allows them to try out more effects; it also helps them save time in the process. However, even some of the more professional designers tend to need help when they are converting PSD to HTML. This is because the conversion process from PSD to HTML can be complicated and create lots of hassle.

For this topic we have specially handpicked a selection of PSD to HTML tutorials, as guides to help our viewers to better understand the process to convert PSD to HTML. Some of these tutorials focused on the basic PSD to HTML conversion process; while some tutorials offer detailed step-by-step guide, intermediate to advance tutorial requires the user to have some knowledge on this subject before hand. Among these selections, there are also PSD to HTML tutorials that are specifically designed for specific themes, such as business, online portfolio or WordPress themes. Other tutorials include interesting tips and quick tips for more creative designs.

However, the conversion from PSD to HTML is not an easy process to understand, one should always have some understanding in the manner before hand. But with these tutorials, one might be able to better understand the process and gain enough knowledge on this subject. While professional web designers will need to more in-depth knowledge on this manner, amateur designers could very well start off with the help of some of the basic tutorials. Who knows, with enough practice and tries one might just realize you might not need to hire a web designer for your web after all!

From Photoshop to HTML

A guide to produce a generic business template using Photoshop and HTML coding.

CSS How To

Tutorial comes in four parts, offers step by step guide over the entire conversion process.

Build a Sleek Portfolio Site from Scratch

Perfect for those who plan to build a sleek online portfolio.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress


A friendly tutorial guide that is suitable for beginners to professionals.

Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

A video guide that guides you through the steps of the conversion.

How to build your own single page portfolio website

For those who like their web simple and keep things all in one page.

Coding The Creative Design Layout

For those who wanted to incorporate creative designs into ther web.

Coding a clean illustrative web design from scratch

A step by step tutorial that features an illustrative landscape header.

How to Code a Dark and Sleek Web Design

A guide to help you create that dark and sleek web using standard HTML and CSS.

Coding Corporate WordPress Style Layout

A tutorial to code a WordPress style layout.

Coding: Design Lab TV Styled Layout

For that special TV style layout on your web.

Converting a Photoshop Mockup

A tutorial that comes in three parts to convert PSD mockups into real live CSS base web.

Portfolio Layout: Learn to Code It

This tutorial explains the steps to take in slicing and coding the layout.

Slice and Dice that PSD

One of the most up to date tutorial on this topic.

How to Code up a Web Design from PSD to HTML

One tutorial that feats a snowboarding theme, tutorial covers from sketch to finish in PSD.

PSD/HTML Conversion: Code a clean business website design

A tutorial to construct a clean business website template.

Coding Up a Web Design Concept into HTML & CSS

A tutorial that consist of clean and valid code as well as some CSS3 touches.

Design School Coded, Free CSS Template with PSD to HTML tutorial

A post that describe how to convert PSD layout to HTML/CSS web-page, one of the basic tutorials out there.

72 Building a Website 2 of 3 HTML/CSS Conversion

The epic guide from PSD to HTML/CSS conversion.

How to Code s Grunge Web Design From Scratch

For that impressive grunge theme layout.

The Design Lad PSD Conversion

A useful tutorial to help you understand how to code design lab layout.

How To Create a Horizontally Scrolling Site

For those who wish to have something different by viewing their web horizontally.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

Coding A Clean Web 2.0 Style Web Design From Photoshop

Tips for one to create a Web 2.0 style website.

Blurry Background Effect

An interesting guide for one to create a blurry background effect on your web.

Coding a Layout

A quick tutorial showing the necessary steps to analyse PSD layout for CSS/HTML conversion.


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