What are rack cards?

Rack cards are for marketing and promotion. It can be defined as a compact advertisement designed to be put in racks, in commercial purpose, to catch consumers’ attention as soon as they pay a look on it.

How to use rack card to attract people?

If you see a by-passer taking out a rack card from where they are, the rack card designer is at least making his first success. It is not another technology advancement but all about designs and ideas. To be impressive, rack cards should be striking and can be kept for the alternative usage such as bookmarks. Hence, it will remind the card owner about the promotion, the product and the company. Rack cards are kind of creative business cards.

What material and size do they made in?

Rack card design depends on company preferences. Often, they are printed on sturdy card stock in order to show quality and keep longer. Besides, rectangular size seems as more desirable and suitable for most businesses. It is convenient to hold, bring and keep to avoid from being thrown into trash bin.

What design elements should rack cards take note of?

To create a visually appealing rack card, you can either use pre-formatted templates or hire designers to borrow their creative brains.

“Visually appealing” refers to words, images, shapes and colors. The last element will make your rack cards stand out among all others in the first glance. Color should not only suit your company logo or product, but also contrast against what will be there in the particular rack. Be creative to cut unique pattern on the top half of rack cards, just as what will be shown out if using as a bookmark.

Other than that, images should be match with your business amenities or promotional event. Words must be legible and structured to form well-impressive sentences. Easy and simple is always the rule of thumb for not making a mistake. Since the rack card is different with a billboard or printed newspaper advertisement, one picture is worth a thousand words. Like mentioned above, the best example is a large, bold tagline with a few supporting short sentences.

Learn how to compress information is the necessary skill for designing rack cards. In addition, study your audiences is also essential to win in displaying rack cards to them. All in all, understanding “What are rack cards?” is the basic foundation to kick start from.

End with these 35 specially selected inspirational rack cards or so-called creative business cards. You yourself can effectively employ the popular elements to launch a successful rack card campaign.

Paradise Rack Card

“See back for details!”. You will reverse the card for more information, right?

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Rack Card with Tear Off Business Card

If you do not wish to keep the whole rack card, you can tear its business card off for your wallet.

Sociallita Rack Card

Colorful conversation bubbles printed on the grey background is appealing.

Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party Rack Card

The black and white effect does emphasize on his name, Abraham Lincoln.

POP Rack Cards – The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald

Your eyes will automatically focus on the little yellow box.

The Colonnade Hotel Rack Card

A picture showing the spacious hotel room is the big selling point in this rack card.

The Eugene Field House Rack Card

It is also important to attach with a map detailing your location.

Charity Function Design Packet

Putting words in center alignment, this idea is not bad to make you read it.

Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables

Similarly in rectangular size, the foldable style adds two more pages for images and words.

Main Street Station Brick Pavers

It is great to direct use rack card as a fill-up form.

Coal and Coke Music Festival

Not only visual image and color, but also the information given is understandable quicker.


Don’t forget to put “Find us on Facebook!” in your rack card, if you have any.

Art Party

Headlines are important to allow people just to read what they need to know.

Harrah’s Total Rewards Program

The earn and redeem part is illustrated by two photos.

Direct Mail and Rack Card Design

With an attached discount voucher, you will less likely see your rack card in dustbin.

Nacirema Society – show invite and rack card

Rack card can be an invitation card as well.

Philips Outdoor Center

Again, learn how to describe something in one paragraph.

Luxe Calistoga Rack Card

Contact details should comprise address, phone number, website and email address.

The Cookie Corner

Picking the delicious cookies photo to contrast with the background color will make the overall design eye-catchy.

Summerhouse Beach & Racquet Club

For hotels and clubs, choosing the right relaxing pictures is the primary task.


Square rack card is an unique style.


Price is important to tag along if the rack card is for certain promotions.

Zero-Sort Rack Cards

Diagrams are the effective way to summary a lengthy process.

Social Media Card

It is not a must for all rack cards to be designed in the same way, even for similar event.

Paint Rock Cabin

Other than showing accommodation facilities, places of interest can be put in the rack card too.

Bike Rental

Black and white will not be a loser, as long as you convey your ideas in an outstanding manner.

Wedding Planning Business

Wedding can be linked to black color too, in order to show off the pink hearts.

Main Street Station Rack Card

Print your information in horizontal layout!

Enchanted Springs Ranch Rack Card

Font styles can be a mix and match, provided that they are harmony to be read.

Mardi Gras 2011 Southwest Louisiana

More information on the backside must be complemented with simple and striking front design.

York County Heritage Trust

It could be a brochure to introduce whatever you want to introduce.

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Treefrog Cinegraphix Rack Card

If you are in designing field, your rack card will be shown as your portfolio.


It is simply illustrated by pictures and filled up with those necessary information.


Rack cards are creative business cards, no doubt.

2011 Corn Maze Creative Pack

Big words, big pictures are meant to attract you to take the card home.


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