5 Reasons to Build Your Next Website Using Sitejet


The world of Content Management Systems (CMS) has long been under the control of well-known platforms like WordPress and Joomla. However, their widespread recognition doesn’t automatically guarantee flawless performance. Consequently, inventive web developers persist in creating alternative software that could potentially revolutionize the process of web construction.

One such example of this is Sitejet. Designed by a group of German web designers, the CMS offers a new take on how to build a website in the most efficient way possible.

Their inspiration came from their experiences of juggling website design alongside project management and client communication. Rather than using different tools for jobs that all fall under the same umbrella, the men decided to come up with a CMS where all elements of the design process could be completed under one roof.

The culmination of their work is a CMS that’s designed for web designers by web designers. Whether it’s through automation or its beginner-friendly interface, the four men have managed to create a CMS that ticks all the boxes. We’re going to run through five reasons you should try out the software to build your next website, below:

1) Faster Site Design

Faster Site Design

Source: Sitejet

Designing a website typically involves a lot of time-consuming repetitive tasks such as entering colour codes and checking everything is optimised for mobile devices.

Sitejet recognises this and goes about solving such problems through automation. For starters, the CMS can create a site colour scheme based purely from an uploaded company logo. It can even create a site’s framework from keywords taken from a client’s briefing notes.

Every drag-and-drop element from the site’s designing interface, such as headers and menus, are mobile-optimised, so you never have to worry about how a site will look on a smaller screen.

Client information only has to be entered into the system once and then can be populated around the different sections of a site through the click of a button.

There are also keyboard shortcuts that you can use to select popular design tools that help you to complete design work more efficiently.

All these features are complemented by dozens of editable pre-built templates. These templates cover a wide range of industries and purposes, so it’s easy to find one that matches your needs.

2) More Custom Code Options

Unlike other CMS, Sitejet combines a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface alongside complete control over coding.

As a result, you can enter or upload custom HTML, (S)CSS and Javascript and see its effects on the visual skin of your website instantly.

The interface also allows you to preview how your site will look across different device types and screen sizes through its browser emulator.

3) Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management

Source: Sitejet

The majority of CMS are primarily design platforms. Sitejet, however, is an end-to-end hub where you can build websites, message clients and manage tasks seamlessly.

Its integrated project management software allows you to view every project you or your team are working from one central dashboard. From this dashboard, you assign tasks and to-do lists for each individual project.

You can also set up tracking so that you will be alerted whenever a team member completes a certain task. Using this tracking, you can decide whether your team member is falling behind on a project, and subsequently, can move more resources around to ensure it’s completed on time.

4) Easier Client Communication

Another unique part of Sitejet’s software is its client portal. From here, you can message and send files to clients in much the same way you would from a normal webmail service.

The portal itself is only a click away from the main designing interface, so you can quickly click through and send or respond to a message from a client in a matter of seconds. A pop-up notification will also alert you whenever you receive an email from a client.

One way Sitejet stands head and shoulders above other CMS is the way in which it lets you gather client feedback. It has a feature that allows clients to leave written feedback on top of the skin of the website. This makes it much easier to interpret where the client wants changes and means you no longer have to waste time gaining feedback over the phone or in person.

5) All-In-One Hosting

Building a website is one thing. Sorting out hosting, a domain name and a unique client email address are usually another. Not with Sitejet. It’s top-tier packages all include the above features, making it easier to shift from designing a website to managing one than ever before.

Sitejet also guarantees regular updates and bug fixes which automatically install, so you never have to take any action to keep your client’s website up and running.

You can even choose which sections of a site a client has access to, giving them the flexibility to choose how much or how little they get involved in the day-to-day management of their site.

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