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Reasons Why We Give Importance to Visual Content

Take a look online and you’ll find it difficult to locate a web page that doesn’t have an image attached to it unless you’re looking at the results of a scientific study.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a website then you’ve probably thought about finding the best web design firm in Sydney to discuss which trends should be applied to your site. But, you’ve probably never even considered the visual side of your site.

The truth is that the visual content is just as important, if not more important, than the written words. Let’s take a look at why this is the case:

The Human Brain

90% of the information that your brain processes are visual. Even the words you read are transmitted as visual images. The simple fact is that the brain can process visual images 60,000 times faster than it can plan text images.

In short, a picture can tell more than a thousand words.

When people are simply skimming web pages a picture can share information with them that they may not otherwise pick up.

Conversion Rates

Videos are a form of visual content. It’s much nicer to watch a video than it is to read a long spiel. Research shows that average conversion rates can be increased by as much as 86% if you have images on your landing page!

This is partly due to the processing of image-related information and also time-related. People generally have little time or patience when searching the web. Making decisions is much easier if an image portrays everything you need to know.


There is no doubt we live in a digital world and social media has become the norm for many people. To maintain a social media profile you need to be able to share quickly and easily. Images are much easier to share than writing something online.

In short, you can boost your audience just by ensuring images are included in your web pages and other advertisements.

Hand presenting newspaper

It’s Fun!

Add an infographic to your page and instantly it becomes fun and easy to read about the history of a project or the development of space travel.

This doesn’t just boost information retention, it also improves how much your site is shared and will boost visitor numbers.

People are more likely to stop and look at your page if you have visual images. Research shows that photo albums on Facebook receive 180% more engagement than standard, text-based posts.

Images Are Authentic

If you’re looking for a product and see a website showing the product you’re going to feel more confident that they have it, and you’ll be able to visualize the product better. Both of these factors are more likely to convert you from a visitor to a customer.

To make the most of this tag your images with your business name, it will help the search engines connect the two and drive people to the right place!

Visual content is easier for humans to read, it’s essential if you want to run a successful business, and it can make any information more fun. If you’re not adding pictures yet, you need to start.

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