10 Useful Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

Perhaps after surfing through so dozens of web pages, one might find to be a little repetitive, you might wish to look for a new manner to present your new website, but on the other hand you want it to be something different, creative but not too complicated. Perhaps, we could suggest you to build something more responsive. In fact, the popular solution to all these problems would to install an independent JavaScript library, otherwise known as jQuery for a responsive content, which is also known as the responsive jQuery slider. The jQuery slider enables your web to feature responsive sliding content to sliding images and not only that it is also something that is applicable to all websites, be it professional or personal.

By adopting the responsive jQuery slider into your web design, you will find that you can feature more contents even when you are dealing with a limited amount of space. Not only that the sliding contents or images not only look impressive but will help you grab attention from your viewers and add the elegance that one needs for their website. The responsive jQuery slider also gives a break from the usual web page designs and gives a breath of fresh air to a page and most of all for web moderators or designers who hated complication, the responsive jQuery sliders are easy to install and maintain.

Therefore, we have gathered a small collection on some of the more impressive jQuery sliders for your perusal. Most of these responsive jQuery sliders are free and each of these plugins has their own distinctive feature, each comes with a unique feature that distinguishes them from the others. Each of these jQuery plugins contain special effects to present their content and to produce an amazing and entertaining slideshows. Some of them also provide amazing visual effects, while there are those that also provide different transition effects. Some comes with keyboard and high-resolution support as well as zooming effects for the images. What’s more each of these responsive jQuery sliders also comes with great flexibility and is made to fit for different types of websites.

While we only provide a small selection for your perusal, there are plenty more jQuery sliders in the market than one can imagine and more of them being developed. However, do not be confused by all the choices out there, perhaps for starters one might wish to try one of these recommended ones. But, no matter which of these is your choice we are confident that they will look great on your website.


This slider has an awesome feature that resizes to fit the screen which it is displayed.


A nice looking javascript gallery with intuitive controls and flawless compatibility across all desktop and mobile browser.


A more unique manner of presenting your otherwise lifeless timelines, it also supports vertical layouts.


A lightweight and completely customisable image gallery that also supports 12 different transition effects and thumbnail navigation.

Nivo Slider

Coined as the world’s most awesome jQuery & WordPress Image Slider, offers up to 16 transition effects.


Elastislide uses the jQuery Touchwipe Plugin which allows you to obtain the wipe event on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Responsive jQuery Slideshow

A tiny jQuery plugin that automatically creates responsive slideshow using images inside a container.

Smooth Div Scroll

A jQuery plugin that scrolls content horizontally both left and right, it does not limit scrolling to distinct steps. It’s design is simple, allowing no buttons or links on outside the scroller.

jQuery Slider Crystal

An image slider with stunning visual effects.


The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for web and mobile devices.

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