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Some time ago I published a series of basic tips for a good optimization of WordPress. So I decided to go into that talking about a couple of very useful plugin for those who use WordPress, which go some way to act on PHP. Stratta of My SQL Profiler Plugin and WP Super Cache.

SEO and speed

The beauty of WordPress is the ability to be customized by anyone who uses even the less experienced. This customization, sometimes extreme, however, can lead to some technical problems and a cumbersome system, which is now a problem. In fact, as many know, the speedhas become a determining factor for placement. The speed has an impact on users who search engine, because the faster our blog pages will be many more Spider. That’s why the Big G has inserted in the SEO factors.

My SQL Profiler Plugin is a plugin designed to help us analyze, with special tools, the frequency and duration of the queries, which are precisely to affect the speed of our blog. With this tool, ideal for developers of themes and plugins, we are constantly checking and real-time data on the number and duration of the queries, which are made available at the bottom of the recommended plugins. In practice this is very useful for understand whether our WordPress theme, or some of our plugins, slow down the site.

Checking the data sent to us by this plugin, which filters out the problems for us, we will be able to modify the code is not optimized and therefore decrease the number of queries that slow down our blog.

Another useful plugin to improve the performance of our blog is WP Super Cache, designed to optimize the cache. Essential for all those who share the hosting, useful for everyone else, this plugin allows us not to process more PHP code when our pages are visited. In fact, with this tool are simple and light generated static HTML pages are parsed by the server and the browser much faster than PHP.

Yes, because when it comes to PHP, we think it is an interpreted language, the foundation of our WordPress site, which requires so much energy from the system, or much better CPU. In a nutshell many queries suck so much energy and then slow down the system. That’s why you need to install these two plugins and spin your wheels at our blog!

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