For all we know, Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is used for obtaining the right keywords when we search for something on the internet. But only few of us know is that SEO is used in obtaining rankings for a site under relevant keyword phrases.

SEO has several uses not only in business, but also in making research at school, or at work. Admit it, if this was not invented, you would really be having difficulties in searching and of course, a good SEO means, you won’t be having difficulties and the saves you time looking for what you want.

Following are some of SEO blogs that I consider in the top 15 of my list. And after you go through with them, the more you will appreciate about SEOs.


Seomoz is a website that offer tons of SEO tools and information. Some of the tools are free, and some of them require premium subscription. Their SEO blog is updated frequently and you will always find quality articles over there.


SEO Book is not only a blogging site, but also offers certain training programs, not only to web professionals, but also to marketing professors. It also offers exclusive community forum as a value added service. Try this out!

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Small Business Search Marketing

This Small Business Search Marketing site is designed for small businesses that want to compete with big businesses in terms of advertisements and promotions of their products and services at low costs. So if you’re one of those beginners, this is really helpful to you.

Bruce Clay Inc

Bruce Clay Inc., offers different kinds of SEO services such as trainings and consulting services. It caters not only to small and medium businesses, but also to large multi-national companies. You can check this one out to find out more about this site.


Top Rank Online Marketing Blog has introduced search engine marketing and optimization since December 2003, together with other digital marketing and public relations topics. This site has been promoting and giving tips for certain SEO topics that can help you in improving your own businesses and can compete with other competitors.


SEO chat has forums and chat tools, that will guide you for more information how to configure your websites and learn new ways in configuring your website. From this, you can also interact and join with the forums that you are interested in.


This site is not only in specializing SEOs, but is also relating it to other website-related informations that will optimize and improve your website. This is a very useful tool so check this out!

SEO by the sea

In SEO by the sea website, not only this offers Search Engine Optimization services, but also Internet Marketing, Consulting and Research services. If you want to improve and make your website look professional, this website is the one that you need! So try it!


This is one of the best Search Engine Optimization websites that will help you in improving your website. It offers articles, tips, and strategies of online marketing. You really have to see this!


Phoenixrealm is not only an SEO informative website but also a web design news for begginners and intermediate web designers. In this website, you will find informative and useful tips and informations for Search Engine Optimizations that will be very useful for you.


This is one unique website where not only does it talk about web marketing, but also about sciences, particularly brain research and ethical dilemmas. Check this out and see for yourself!

Best SEO Blog

Best SEO Blog is a latest search engine marketing website with new tactics and techniques in making your website marketable. This website has great authors who have been writing articles about Search Engine Optimizations. See it for yourself!

Quantum SEO Labs

Quantum SEO Labs is a simple website for Search Engine Optimization for serious webmasters and designers. When you open this website, you will notice that it talks more about business, and when we say business, that includes marketing your website and making profit out of it, right?

Search Engine Roundtable

With Search Engine Roundtable, you will find the most interesting topics about Search Engine Marketing that will help you save time in looking for what you really want to find. See for yourself and you would know that this is one of the best SEO blogs you’ll ever know of!

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Traffick’s first name was “PortalHub” and as it grew to reinvent, it changed its name to “Traffick”. This started as a hobby only and became a more useful website helping businesses to earn more profit and be competitive in the search engine market.


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