15 Beautiful E-commerce Stores Based On Shopify Platform

Online business or rather e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular and the demand for this market has only increased by each year. While some of the blogging platforms can double as an online shop; there are still users out there who opted for a convenient platform that could solve all their problems by supporting e-commerce and offers different customizing features in order for one to manage and design their online stores.

So, you are thinking of setting up an online store. After going through dozens of e-commerce or blogging platforms, perhaps we can introduce you to something that might just make your task a lot easier. For this topic, we will be introducing Shopify, an e-commerce platform that is slowly becoming popular. Shopify allows their user to set up and manage their online store; this platform offers plenty of user-friendly features, customizable settings, automatic updates and their work well with several popular payment gateway simply makes working on Shopify a lot easier as compared to setting up an online store from scratch in a different platform. In a sense, Shopify is rather similar to that of WordPress, however this platform mainly focused on e-commerce unlike WordPress that also provides blogging platform. It all these features have yet to convinced you, wait till you take a look at the Shopify themes that are offered as well. For this, we have especially prepared a list of beautiful Shopify examples of themes for different stores and hope you enjoy them.

One should know that in order to attract attention to your shop, the design of a store is just as important as marketing and promotions. This is why one will have to pay extra attention when you are designing your store’s template because the template or theme that you have designed and selected could be seen as your store’s front. A beautiful theme could help attract customers and give them a good browsing experience. Some of the shopify themes we have provided here will fit the different stores that you are going to set up, with each theme designed different to anther. While Shopify offers free templates to their users there are also some premium themes that are designed for this platform. Each of the themes could be customize to the users’ liking.

We hope that our small collection here can help you start your quest to online business and perhaps finally have you convinced to start your journey on this platform.

Cuba Gallery

Suitable for those selling their art projects or photography.

Lady Bugs Picnic

An online shop that is based in UK selling apparels for the little ones.

One + Only Custom Headboards

A site that helps you bring out your personality using the space of the headboard.

Lacma Shop

An online book store with a clean and simple design for its template.

10 Recipes To Get You Laid

A site that provides a visual cookbook for the modern man.

Camila Prada

A site that features adorable and cute tableware.


Founded in 2008 this site features South Sea’s finest pearl selection.


A different kind of shops that sells you temporary tattoos.

Quad Lock

This electronic accessories shop does a great job of showcasing the product’s functionality.

Play Button

A swanky and fun shop template.

Twelve Saturday

A stylish website that sells stylish clothing for every game of the college football season.


A store that specialises in the art of book binding as well as adapting to the world of e-readers on the latest tablets.

Noon Copenhagen

Online store to a unique watch brand which is founded in 2006.

Mammoth & Company

A simple design for a web that is filled with different art designs.

Pop Chart Lab

A special lab filled with poster designs from different artists.

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