30 Remarkable Simple And Minimal Website Designs

As an old saying, “less is more” has applied to website design. It is so trendy that minimal websites earn higher popularity and loyalty as well. You can count all their elements by fingers but cannot deny that they are pretty awesome.

It is crowned as “minimalism” which emphasizes on clean, easy and light design. Designers for minimal websites are the greatest person in the world. It sounds cliche but somehow true to a certain extent. How does a website categorize under minimal design group? One of those minimalist websites could be a simple background with eye-catchy typography.

The designer incorporates uncomplicated features to make up the minimal design ensemble. He or she demonstrates the inspirational thoughts in a mannered way. Unexpectedly, this kind of minimalism demands a significant amount of efforts from designers. If you have ever considered this as effortless task, you should think in the opposite way now.

Not all can master it well though. For instance, a designer has to take note of the spacing and graphic proportion, in purpose to keep the layout on the minimalist track. Besides, he may wish not to choose the tile background image since he want to use a vibrant color scheme. Otherwise, it will not match with the minimal design theme although it could be another great site. Therefore, planning and crafting minimal websites indeed will take up substantial times, compared to other creative website designs.

For users, the faster loading time without flash or clutters is believed to be the most persuasive point. In addition, minimal websites are normally much easier to navigate, scroll and browse. Some view the clean and minimal design as professional symbol, while some will perceive that minimalist websites are so boring. Yet for an awe-inspiring minimal website, it is quite subjective.

Despite all its pros and cons, website is ultimately designed to cater your audiences’ needs. It is evident that pre-design stage is crucial for you to learn whether minimal websites are their appetite or not. Having said that, minimalist websites are a response to the users’ lifestyle. Many people are surfing for information via tablets and smart phones. Screen size has changed, and so the minimal design is more desirable nowadays. Obviously, your brand and products can be known seamlessly across various devices.

Here with a list of 30 remarkable simple and minimalist websites. They are only a little percentage out from all minimal websites. Enjoy their high-quality shows!


A monochromatic website with words and pictures.

Young Turks

Light grey background with black and grey lettering.

Claire Coullon

It copies sort of magazine layout to become a minimalist website.

kin Design

A disorderly but yet comfortable website.


On the black header, you will focus on Steve Jobs before The Mosquito.

Pierrick Calvez Studio Ltd

Grid-style is a systematic way to arrange contents.


Black, grey and white combination is purposely to highlight the pink “Arty”.


Another example of grid design for minimalism.

Arnaud Beelen

It’s not necessary to equal grid with square or rectangular.


A simple black and white design with red accents and unique typography.


Similarly, the contrast is how to attract people to read it.

Grow Interactive

A few colorful graphics on the plain white header ask you to watch this space.

Berit Somme

Cartoonist-style image is another interesting point.

Christopher Meeks

Simple and nice front design can lead people to surf further.

Corporate Risk Watch

Blue lines and big words will be extraordinary in black and white design.

David Hutton

A big header with the below three-column contents.

Decorated Playlists

Font size and style is also the key element for minimal website popularity.


Show it in picture, rather than write lengthy description.


As the above concept, Visualbox should all about visualization but not paragraph.

My favorite thing

Shadow with the shading effect perfects the minimalism.


Blurry effect focuses your eyes on a particular region.


Pictures change the whole black and white website into vivid and vivacity.

Gravity Framework

A black, blue and white website with an over-sized shadowed header.

Ben Hulse

Again, a simple white background is combined with grid-aligned images and black or grey words.


It is a special layout which keeps minimalism to a perfect level.

Jamie Gregory

A huge hello let you feel the welcome of this site.

David Gill

It has a big eye that is watching over you.

Stefan Kanchev

By choosing the categories above, you can easy to get what you want.

Enfant Terrible

Minimal website can offer a soft and comfortable feeling to people.

Onoma LLC, Identity & Media Design

Words in soft color palette will not overtake the importance of the content in the left column.

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