SlideDeck – Cool jQuery Plugin For Slideshow

SlideDeck is a very powerful jQuery plugin to present your content on mobile phones and browsers is a very simple and clean slideshow. This jQuery powered plugin is easy to customize, powerful and able to deliver a better user experience to your readers.

Still remember our tutorial about jQuery Content Slider? SlideDeck brings all these slideshow and content slider to you in no time!

SlideDeck - Powerful jQuery Slideshow plugin

SlideDeck is suitable for Product Tours, Service Descriptions, Explaining Complex Processes, How-to Tutorials, Feature Rich Slide Shows, Landing Pages, and etc. Currently, SlideDeck is available is 2 different versions:- Free and Pro version. While the Free version already offers you a bunch of features, the Pro version with just $99 gives you more controls and customization to your design.

It is easy to implement SlideDeck to your website. Simply add few lines of code and configuration to your website, and you will get the slideshow up. The lite version of SlideDeck gives you a simple and clean design, while the Pro version offers you option to customize the look and feel of your slideshow.

SlideDeck allows you to insert different type of content, including images, audio, video, animation, forms and more. The Pro version allows you to remove “powered by” branding and you will get mousewheel & keyboard support. This will greatly improve the user experience of your website.

Don’t worry about the future plan and support of SlideDeck Pro. Once you buy the Pro version, you will get free updates for lifetime. There are a few new features coming out in the next release, such as the 4-way navigation and Analytics which lets you analyze your visitors usage and viewing patterns.

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