10 Steps to Better Logos – A Guide You Must Read

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Giving life to a unique and engaging logo from scratch is no easy feat. Even seasoned graphic artists sometimes struggle to produce new and creative designs. However, executing these 10 steps can lead to the effortless creation of high-quality logos:

  1. Understand Visual Language

Competitive brands can be very particular with their visual identities. So, it’s a good idea to study the website and other online entities of your client’s brand to identify recurring visual patterns like content spacing, choice of fonts and colors, etc.

  1. Add Fine Details

Modern tools and technologies allow graphic designers to add fine details to their logos and create complex and elaborate designs without any problem. So, why shouldn’t you try the same?

You can try to design a logo with an advanced logo maker using technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to breathe life into a logo and take it to the next level.

  1. Use Negative Space

Sometimes, you need to look around for inspiration and ideas. So, if your logo looks dull and simple, then you can consider the negative space around the main icon. Many popular brands like FedEx and Toblerone have used this concept successfully and you can study them yourself to get a better understanding.

  1. Search Relevant Symbols

When you have a design brief on your table, then you can get the ideas flowing by trying to come up with symbols and objects that are relevant to the brand. For instance, if it’s a pizzeria, then some of the objects and shapes that you can get started with are a pizza, a slice of pizza, a chef, etc.

  1. Seek Inspiration

Studying the logos of other skilled designers is a great way to get some new and fresh ideas. You can check out some of the most interesting and creative logos on the web and note down the concepts and design elements that you find most interesting.

  1. Experiment with Different Colors

Sometimes, the foundation of a logo is good and only minor adjustments are required to make it work. For instance, you can replace the colors of a logo with completely different tones to see if that’s able to increase the appeal of the design.

  1. Drop the Clichés

Amateur logo designers often get so influenced by sample logos on the Internet that they borrow heavily from what they have to offer. So, you will see many logos for real estate using home icons made from a square and a triangle, or business logos using stick figures to represent employees, clients, etc. If your logo is using clichéd ideas like these, then it’s best to remove them immediately. Instead, try to be as creative as possible to create a company logo that truly reflects your brand.

  1. Go Colorless

An ideal logo would look as good in greyscale as it looks in colors click here to know more about it and So, one of the important tests that you should run on your logo is switching to a greyscale version and ensuring that it works.

  1. Scale-up and Down

Before you finalize the logo design, be sure to scale it up and down so that you are able to see how it would look on small objects like a pen and large objects like a banner or billboard.

  1. Get Feedback

Even if you are a gifted graphics designer, you can always use someone else’s opinion. A new person can provide you a fresh perspective on your design and share some ideas that can be implemented for the design’s overhaul.

So, there you have it- some of the most effective steps that you can take to improve your logo designs and reflect the brand that it’s meant to encompass.

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