It would not be a lie to say that art is found everywhere. Street art is basically visual designs that are located in public spaces for the viewing of all those who pass by. Street art includes a wide array of artworks which include graffiti, sculpture, wheatpasting, street installation and street poster art.

Street artists find their motivation from the growing field of urban art. Instead or designing on the computer or drawing on paper, street artists have literally brought art to the streets. The people in a community might not all be interested in visiting traditional art galleries and museums. Therefore, street artist tries to bring art to the community by making it public. Whether it is painting the park benches, or doing graffiti by the roadside or even redesigning public toilets and lamp posts, street art is bound to make all those who pass by take a second look at the intriguing work of art laid out before their eyes.

If you still can’t get what we are trying to say, take a look at the gallery below and be amazed at how simple things outside can be transformed into an amazing work of art. Although the government would beg to differ, but many street artists and even the public agree on how street art can carry a strong message and make our lives more colourful and cheerful at the same time. We hope you enjoy the collection of really amazing street art below!

Roadkill Spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants getting run over by the road.


Japanese Manhole Art

A manhole with a Japanese building on it.

Going for A Ski

Floor art depicting an icy slope.


A hole peeping into the alien spacecraft.

Funny Birds

Boulders by the road painted into birds.

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Funny Pole

A street pole being coloured with graffiti.

Galloping Horses

Horses running through the bushes.

Searching Around

A group of dogs scavenging for food.

Crossing the Desert

Camels crossing the desert.

Japanese Manhole Art

A manhole depicting a Japanese soldier on horseback.


Tiles on the ground modified into minesweeper.


Street benches depicted as dinosaurs

Mouse Outbreak

A group of mice escaping the sewers via a hole in the wall.

Colourful Beings

A group of brightly coloured ‘eggs’.

Street Transformers

Graffiti art featuring Optimus Prime and other autobots.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader in White.


A man smoking on the pendaflour light.


A girl cheerleading with grass as her pom poms.

Umbrella Tree

A tree made out of yellow umbrellas.

Coloured Wood

Logs by the streets depicted as colour pencils

Tiny building

An electrical box being graffitied as building.

Fish Bones

A drain cover drawn into a skeletal fish.

Green Means Walk, Red Means Dead?

The red colour traffic symbol being hanged.

Piano Steps

Piano doorsteps to a house.

Running Nose

A fire hydrant depicted as a running nose.

Down the Stairs

Calvin and Hobbes riding down the stairs.


A group of people and their pets fishing by the pond.

Crack on the Ground

A piece of street art which shows a hole on the ground.

Rabbit and Carrot

A drain hole painted to represent a rabbit.

Need To Get Out

A man trying to escape the drain hole.

Dead Pole

A dead pole with blood on the floor being overlooked by other poles.

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Tidal Wave

A tidal wave depicted by the side of a building.

Dog by the beach

A dog by the beach.

Mini Leaning Tower

A leaning pole drawed over as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


A piece of street art depicting a man falling on the ground.


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